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"Become a medical business and marketing genius---just by reading!"

Click on your choice of a book we have listed on each page and go direct to to have it delivered.  A world of elite business and marketing knowledge at your fingertips.

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Page 1  Books by Dan Kennedy
 Books by Maxwell Maltz, MD
Page 2  Books by Jay Conrad Levinson
Page 3  Books by Jay Abraham
Page 4  Books by Michael Gerber
Page 5  Books by Other Business and Marketing Experts

Please note: Of the 386,000 books about marketing and business listed on, I have listed below the few that I consider the best.

Section #1-- Dan S. Kennedy Publications:

Not only is Dan Kennedy the top business marketing strategist in the world, but also is the most read author of information about business strategies in the world. His intellectual genius as a teacher, entrepreneur, and consultant keeps him in great demand by many of the large corporations, even though his focus is towards helping small business owners who need a no B.S. approach to curing their business problems and transforming their businesses into highly productive
income machines.

 Best of the Best




Section #1A -- Maxwell Maltz, MD (Dan Kennedy coauthor)

Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon, authored his marketing materials in 1960's with a very dramatic twist.  He described a profound inter-relationship between how the mind works and how it relates to how we behave, especially within the business and marketing arenas.  His writings have never been refuted to this day and are widely accepted by present day experts.  They are classic ideas which still stand today. 

  • Do it yourself.
  • Easy and quick strategies.
  • Cost metered to your needs.
  • No sacrifice of patient time.
  • Increase your practice income by 200% or more in the next
    6 to 9 months.

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