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Article #1 Oct. 2008                                     

“Doctor… Start Your Medical Practice 
Marketing Engines!”

     Want to increase your medical practice income by 97 % within 
a year using medical practice marketing strategies and tactics?

         Don’t just sit there while the government continues to siphon off your practice income day by day.  Take a minute to look at the personal advantages of marketing your medical practice.  If you aren’t a marketing expert or at least not very well informed about marketing, you can outsource that service to marketing giants who will do it for you, or you can do it all yourself.  You’re probably already applying the principles of marketing to some degree in your medical practice… and you may not even be aware of it.

          The kicker is that you have to be aware of a few simple things (a 6th grader could master in no time) about marketing strategies.  And that source of information and knowledge is quickly available online.  Just remember, if you outsource the physician practice marketing job, you'll have to work with a group (or person) you can trust to do what they say they can do for you.  How do you find that out?  You need to find the doctors already marketing their own practices and ask them for their advice. Then trust your instincts.

          Physician advertising has been visible for years in all areas of the media, but marketing your medical practice is a completely different
thing altogether.

The eight major mistakes that most doctors make concerning
marketing are... 

  1. Thinking that advertising and marketing are the

  2. The belief that marketing is ineffective and excessively

  3. Thinking you know as much about medical marketing
    as marketing experts do...

  4. Thinking medical practice marketing will reduce your
    practice “income producing” time...

  5. Thinking you don’t need another job and aren’t
    qualified to do marketing of your own practice...

  6. Not realizing the medical practice competition can
    easily put you out of business in 12 months...

  7. Not understanding that you’re running a business
    and must do as other businesses do to survive...

  8. Not taking time to look at what’s keeping your
    medical practice alive and expand it...

          Clearly, the Latino Hispanic marketing for medical practice is paramount to those Latino physicians who are increasing in numbers in our country and need to make every effort to succeed.  It's evident that the medical doctors as
a whole are far behind dentists, chiropractors, and other healthcare providers in marketing their medical practices.  

Aren’t you wondering what it is that you’re missing that they all know about?  Plastic surgeons are about the only medical doctors who are taking this 
challenge seriously.

          Their wives, husbands and families are delirious over being able to easily pay for their kids college education, to enjoy great prolonged vacations, and to actually fund their retirement plans early in their practice careers... let alone their investments.

          Now that I have a large amount of  marketing knowledge and skills, I look back at my 35 plus years in active practice and continue to beat myself up over how dumb I was about the importance of marketing my practice.  However, I do have the comfort of being able to push all medical doctors, even other kinds of doctors, in the right direction which can and will guarantee medical practice survival in the changing healthcare delivery environment.  Please take my advice and start your marketing transition now.

          If you are already  marketing your practice in a significant manner, learn new cutting edge marketing trends and new strategies, improve on the ones you now use, expand to additional marketing strategies and tactics.

            You are a salesman… whether you like the label or not.  Every day you sell something to each patient you manage.  Any physician who has any expectation or hope of somehow, in the end, finally arriving at some affluent place or status where failure in non-existent and medical practice success is abundant, is foolish. 

          Your practice income is critical to your life style. Would you agree?  Everything you do involves money in one way or another. Increasing profits in your practice increases your life opportunities, happiness and peace of mind.

Now, a bit of marketing education

          Advertising tells someone that a product or service is available.  The hope is clever wording and design in the ad will suck you into buying, or asking for more information (the hook).

          Marketing is a process.  It starts with an idea and ends only when a purchase is made and is not returned.   From one end to the other research, testing, copywriting, graphics, design, persuasion, emotional triggers, and feedback are essential.  Advertising is just a wart on the marketing finger. 

          Since our economy is now slanted to consumer wants and needs, nothing is more important in the doctor business than finding out what the patient wants and will buy into (like your instructions, advice, recommendations for surgery and treatment), and then providing that product or service.  And do it in a way that makes them so outrageously satisfied with you that they will happily do the marketing for you... for free.   

          The basic and effective principles of marketing are applicable to every business in existence.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  Once you get those in mind, you win.  It’s all a matter of deciding the value it has
for your practice.

The author, Curt Graham, M.D.  is CEO of L & C Internet Enterprises, Inc.  For over 35 years he has written medical articles, books, and reports for his own medical practice, is published in Modern Physician, is a “Platinum Expert Author” in EzineArticles.com web directory, and SelfGrowth.com Expert Guide for Health Education.

Begin your practice marketing the smart way.  The instructional marketing courses tailored for new doctors and those others who choose to increase their practice and income is at your fingertips.  Go here and check it out.

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Copyright 2005, Curtis Graham, CEO, L & C Internet Enterprises, Inc. 
All Rights Reserved.

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Article #1A     
photo of Dan Kennedy riding a bull                           
Why People Fail

A series of No B.S. Articles from Dan Kennedy

"News Flash" 

Britney Spears’ Mother’s Publisher Delays Release Of Her Advice Book, ‘Motherhood,’ In Light Of Britney’s 16 Year Old Sister’s Revelation She Is Pregnant

No, in case you missed this, it is a real news item. Incredibly, Britney’s mother did have a book of parenting advice and stories from raising Britney coming out, and it was not a “you might be trailer park trash if” joke book. It was intended to be taken seriously, and presumably would be and eventually will be by a media that has become, itself, a bunch of ignorant fools barely able to read teleprompters and in perpetual drool over celebrity. 

The fact that this is news at all speaks volumes about the sad state of affairs. But here’s what’s REALLY comical yet also instructive from this three way train wreck – the mother’s statement expressing puzzlement at her 16 year old’s pregnancy because, quote (honest) “she always came home before curfew.”  You may be smarter than a 5th grader or do math better than a chimp, but are you dumber than Britney’s mother? Laugh. But are you similarly guilty of such stupidity in the operation of your business?  Some corollary examples: 

Why should I spend all that money sending my customers a monthly newsletter, holiday and birthday cards, postcards every other week and weekly e-mails? They know where we are and what we do. I gave my front desk person the script and even went over it with her.  She’s a good employee who would never steal from me or agree with a customer that my prices are too high and refer them elsewhere or use time at work to shop on the internet. After all, she’s always here on time and never misses a day of work. 

How many more of these can I list? Hundreds. Of dumb assumptions used as excuses, for being cheap in marketing to past customers, negligent in managing employees, and more. If you can’t see the sameness of these and Britney’s mother’s asinine statement, you’re either being deliberately obtuse or you need an I.Q. transplant. Get this. NOTHING really
“sticks” anymore.

Nothing. With customers, you re-create relationship (or lose it) DAILY. As assets, they are increasingly perishable. ‘Customer loyalty’ is a fiction. Your ‘story’ is forgotten even if told repeatedly. They have other things on their little minds, liketoday’s Britney news up-date. There’s a book titled, I think, ‘Ideas That Stick’ – orange cover with duct tape; cute; but I do tend to forget and jumble its title. It definitely contains useful info about trying to make ideas stick, but even using every known strategy, you will only get stickiness, not
permanent stuckedness.  

With staff, the entire job is forgotten every weekend, the relationship with you is inherently adversarial, familiarity and longevity breed contempt, you never get what you don’t constantly inspect, your rules are viewed as arbitrary. In Lombardi’s day, players wore coats and ties in public because Vince said so. Today, Jimmy Johnson (who exited coaching) says, at the pro level, when the player is paid a fortune, he’ll do nothing without being sold on why it ought to be done, micro-policed in order to remind him to do it, and then it’s a 50-50 shot. 
What should be isn’t. 

To prosper you must adopt that as creed and act accordingly. Or you’ll be explaining your missed targets, lost profits, lost customers, mess evolved behind your back and even ultimate failure with statements as dumb as Britney’s mom’s.

The WHY PEOPLE FAIL articles are provided by Dan S. Kennedy, serial entrepreneur, from-scratch multi-millionaire, speaker, consultant, coach, author of 13 books including the No B.S. series (www.NoBSBooks.com), and editor of The No B.S. Marketing Letter. WE HAVE ARRANGED A SPECIAL FREE GIFT FROM DAN FOR YOU including a 2-Month Free Membership in Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, newsletters, audio CD’s and more: for information and to register, visit...


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