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Article #19 - Jan. 2011

“What Makes You Think You Know
What A Successful Medical Practice Means?”

 Each person has a different criteria for success which
commonly results in a level of success that is far
below their real capabilities and potential.

Yes, it’s an uncomfortable question to ask of any physician. But, do you know the incredible value of having the answer to that question? Most physicians and other healthcare professionals either don’t have an answer, let alone ever thought about it.

I suggest to you that your lack of having a reasonable answer is a strong indicator of your propensity to wind up being unable to fund your retirement plan, if you have one.  You likely will be unable to pay for your kid’s college education.  You are setup to discover that the expectations you had for your medical practice career are not even close to reaching those levels you planned on at the beginning.

If you have no idea what can be accomplished in a medical practice, measured by business parameters, you will never learn what maximizing your medical practice potential can provide for the improvement of your lifestyle, your goals, and your expectations.  Creating a business system in your medical practice and expanding it always will open those doors.

Significant business success has to be measured to be
of accepted value and worth.

An odd and unexplainable thing about this concept, something that has been persistently left out of the equation, is that there is no universal means of measurement that can be applied to either element contributing to your successful achievements and to all medical practices.  There’s no way to measure it, so you never know how successful in medical practice you really are, except by guessing.

It becomes evident very quickly that we may be trying to measure medical practice success or one’s professional career success using the wrong parameters.  However, changing your focus to the business of medical practice where every aspect of business can be measured very effectively, clears a way to define professional success in universal reliable business terms.  Is your practice really a business?

A medical practice doesn’t earn income.  A physician doesn’t earn income. 
A physician’s business creates the income.  Unless a physician has a deep knowledge about business and creates a business system based on well known successful business standards, success of any real and substantive nature is nearly impossible. 

Only by an understanding of the value of business marketing strategies to a medical practice, will financial stability of your medical practice be assured to any degree.

You may have the greatest medical knowledge and medical skills in the world and never come close to meeting the credentials for success, by any definition.  However, when all the knowledge and skills are spread over a sound business platform to begin with, there’s a chance of becoming wealthy and of fulfilling all your goals for your life and your profession.  Failure to accept your medical practice as a business is commonly the first big mistake doctors make. But, there’s more to this.

Your mindset concerning business—a crucial barrier to professional success

You’ve been brainwashed so thoroughly by the medical educational institution you graduated from about the uselessness of formal business education (Did they even stress a need for it?), you are being held hostage by your mind.  How can anyone else convince you that you must have that knowledge to meet any business standard of success? 

Sure, you just get out there and practice like hell, work like hell, and struggle like hell only to discover after a while you’re fighting a losing game all along.  Do you know how many physicians are losing their medical practices today because they can’t earn enough money to keep it going?  An
unacceptable amount! 

The crime is they have no idea how to stop it from happening (no business knowledge), and no idea what caused the failure to begin with (no marketing knowledge).  Think to yourself---“I need to be sure I have a good business education to assure my absolute maximum success in medical practice.” 

Why do you think doctors are known as “lousy business people?”  Because they are.  Your challenge is to get the necessary business and marketing education TODAY.  Doctors who are already doing that will be leaving you in the dust shortly, if you still aren’t sure if you need it.  Otherwise, good luck.

Are you simple minded enough to think that you can compete financially or fulfillment wise with other professionals in the business world, who already have all the business knowledge and skills needed, and you have none?  Well, maybe a lick and dribble amount at most. 

Small business owner’s without a college education on average are said to take home income twice the amount of income than the average medical doctor does (average physician earnings often quoted as around $80,000 per year).  What makes the difference is using business principles and marketing strategies, whether you believe it or not.

Convince me you have a highly successful medical practice

Over 95% of physicians who don’t "get it," now have a second rate mediocre medical practice and leave a million dollars on the table that they will never recognize during their medical practice careers. The reasons for that are numerous, which I’ve published previously. 

You need to have a clear goal setting definition for the degree of success you want, and the confidence in yourself to know you can accomplish it.  Never be satisfied with your hum-drum practice and what it now offers you, and you reluctantly accept.  Turn that around and you dictate the level of success you want by using your business and marketing expertise to do it. 

Keep reading my newsletters and you will find that knowledge you need.  Seek business knowledge from all of the resources you can find.  The most helpful and valuable business and marketing educational resources are listed on my website, the most recent are added to the list in my VIP Medical Practice Business And Marketing Membership Site along with other very helpful and informative materials not found anywhere else.

I only hope you are able to open your mind and see what possibilities I can see for your medical practice that you have been unable to see because of these barriers I’ve described above.

The author, Curt Graham, is a highly experienced business and marketing expert, copywriter, and entrepreneur who has been published in various media over 50 years while in medical practice and after.
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Article #19A


photo Dan kenney riding on a bull

Why People Fail

A series of No B.S. Articles from Dan Kennedy

"How To Get Rich In ‘Un-Rich Times’"

In the Renegade Millionaire System, I dispense this advice: #1: BE the Wizard, #2: BEWARE the Wizard. Wizards are very powerful, so it is better to be one than to be influenced by one.

Everybody welcomes the convincing Mystic. People so desperately wish to Believe. That there is a long lost, ancient or a revolutionary new Something: cure, elixir, formula for easy riches or happy relationships or better sex or children that mind or growing 12 foot high tomato plants; a gizmo that turns corn into fuel or tree bark into gold doubloons; an Answer Man, Seer, Keeper of Secrets. And in dark times,
this desire intensifies.

In dark times even kings subjugate themselves to the Mystics – which you know if you’ve studied history. People really don’t want rational explanations for how you do what you do, they prefer Believing that you possess Mystical Powers and Magical Secrets that you will use for their benefit. To underestimate the power of secrets and secret powers is to ignore how humanity has been manipulated, controlled
and ruled since its beginnings.

In these times, you can rise to greater heights of influence and power than at any other time, by turning up the wattage on your mysticism. In the dark, you glow. Doesn’t matter if you dispense investment advice or lawn care advice, are a dog whisperer or a presidential candidate, or a tax attorney or a mattress manufacturer – now, more than ever, is the time to speak of secret techniques and magic ingredients and unique abilities. To offer absolute certainty in an uncertain world. To declare unique and profound importance.

I’m speaking now about how you present yourself to the world.

If you sell a particular kind of mattress, you must present it as THE – emphasis on key word: THE – first, best, only “magic,” based on top secret technology invented for NASA and Olympic athletes – that relieves all back pain, delivers 10,000 more REMs per night, lets cellular structure rejuvenate thus slowing aging, helps you lose weight while you sleep; is THE secret to eternal youth and vitality. It must be
THE GREATEST discovery in medical science of this century. And you, as its spokesperson, must be the Grand Mystic of Sleep Science. You need an arsenal of Amazing Facts at your disposal.

You need practiced language and Profound Statements. You must convincingly promise THE Cure. For whatever ails them, economically, emotionally, physically. To advance your education, I strongly suggest getting and reading the book CHARLATAN. It reads like a novel but is non-fiction. Not that you should be a charlatan; I presume you deliver legitimate value in whatever you sell or do. But that you should use the techniques of the master-charlatans of the ages. Nothing less will do.

When a group becomes lost and frightened in a dark cave, the man with the only flashlight automatically becomes their leader. Key word: only. It’s time to present yourself as the person with THE ONLY flashlight.

The WHY PEOPLE FAIL articles are provided by Dan S. Kennedy, serial entrepreneur, from-scratch multi-millionaire, speaker, consultant, coach, author of 13 books including the No B.S. series ( ), and editor of The No B.S. Marketing Letter. WE HAVE ARRANGED A SPECIAL FREE GIFT FROM DAN FOR YOU including a 2-Month Free Membership in Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, newsletters, audio CD’s and more: for information and to register, visit:

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