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Article #23 - Jul. 2011

“Professional Practices—Check Points For
Generating Instant Income”

The secret to generating fast revenue is by
practicing within a business environment.

      Would you find yourself snapping to attention if someone threw a huge stack of money on your desk, said nothing, and walked out of your medical office without saying a single word?

     If you are a physician, professional health care provider, or other medical care provider with a small business, listen closely.  Many of you are struggling along financially and need help, or at least would be thankful for some new income strategies to implement into your business. 
     We agree that every small business owner today had better do something immediately to prop up their declining income.  However, even more than maintaining a level flow of income, a professional business must work at increasing revenues consistently, and long term.

     Every medical doctor continues to seek out methods to do that, experts to tell them how to do that, and resources that enable you to accomplish it. Those are not easy to find. 

     Medical practice small businesses suffer from being outsiders to most other kinds of businesses.  Doctors are isolated from the interactions of most other non-professional businesses, which does contribute to also being outside the circles of business education, new business strategies, and contacts with the business experts who can be of great help to them.

How do you find that kind of expert help?

     The fact that doctors are never educated in business principles during their professional education and training, moves them further away from the business help they need for survival. 

Consider these search options to learn medical practice
business and marketing...

  • Have you wised-up to the fact you are running an actual
    small business and have no reliable knowledge how
    to run a business and make it highly successful?

  • Have you taken on the responsibility of learning how to
    run a small business efficiently and profitably?

  • Do you read business books, take business newsletters,
    subscribe to marketing newsletters?

  • Do you attend business seminars for professionals outside
    the medical arena?

  • Are you aware of the names and histories of business experts
    who offer advice, teaching seminars, and personal
    business coaching?

     If you answered NO to any or all of these questions, indications are that you are a medical professional who believes the outdated dogma promoted by medical educators (you don’t really need to have a business education to practice medicine), or that you have no desire or intention to reach your full potential as a professional. 

     Chances are that you are happy with the mediocre medical practice you have now that is slowly going downhill.  You probably don’t even realize it's happening to your practice because you have no business standards to measure the changes that are taking place silently.

      Had you been doing a few of the tasks mentioned in the series of questions above, you would already know who to seek help from.  It won’t do much good to ask other doctors around you, because 95% of them are in the same boat as you.

     Business experts who are outside the health care industry and medical professions are the only ones who will give you everything you need to earn more in your practice.  Others with some business knowledge help, but only to give you new ideas that you have to learn to do yourself.

What do you need to reach your highest medical practice potential and profitability?

You need to create…

1. A business system implemented into every segment of your
    medical business

2. A reliable and workable set of business strategies to make
    each business system run on automatic

3. A written small business plan for your particular medical
    business type before you can do the above two steps

4. A long-term primary goal for your medical practice business
    and a series of progressive short term goals to reach the
    primary goal

5. A good foundational knowledge of business principles before
    you can create the four steps above

6. A firm commitment, sworn on your family integrity, that you
    will go to any extreme to take action on everything you
    have envisioned for yourself. Meaning, you intend to do what
    it takes to rise to your greatest productivity in your medical
    business and you won’t quit until you have accomplished it.
    The medical business can then run on its own without
    much management 

You start with #6 and work up the line. You can do it
yourself or pay an expert a lot of money to do it for you.

     These 7 major business systems below are commonly promoted because of their long standing value and reliability for growing businesses and creating instant income for owners. Thankfully, there are a few business strategists and experts who now provide the step-by-step process for anyone to follow and succeed using these systems.

What are the 7 Major Systems for generating instant income?

1. Prospecting and Lead Generating System... contact potential
new patients on a continuing recurrent basis

2. Internet Selling System... your business website attracts
interested prospects, captures their info, and convinces them
you have the right stuff

3. Your Sales and Lead Conversion System... once the first two
have pre-conditioned prospective patients, then you must sell
them on being your patient

4. Key Performance Reporting System... measurements and
profitability performance indicators that tell you how you’re doing

5. Your New Business Development System... constantly
identifying potential new patients, new sources for patients,
and establishing services that turn into a secondary source of income

6. Publicity and Media System... arrange for your medical
practice to have widespread attention in all the media formats...
business promotion.

7. Your Cash-Flow Generating Staff... ensure you staff is
empowered and instructed to make money for the business. 
They must understand that they are there to work with an eye
towards generating income.

     You can find more details about this overall process from a highly regarded business expert, Janet Switzer. Her full program runs about $797 and includes many bonuses. Contact them at Subscribe to her newsletter for a wider expanse of business knowledge. Her website is .

The author, Curt Graham, is a highly experienced business and marketing expert, copywriter, and entrepreneur who has been published in various media over 50 years while in medical practice and after.
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Article #23A


photo Dan kenney riding on a bull

Why People Fail

A series of No B.S.  Articles from Dan Kennedy 

"If Your Income’s Not Where You Want It,
There’s A Reason"

Your browser may not support display of this image. One of my earliest mentors had his office walls adorned top to bottom, side to side, with big, handwritten signs intended as cautions to others as well as reminders for himself. If you’ve ever been in a direct sales environment, you’ve probably seen such a place. Two of the biggest signs read “Thumb-Suckers Not Welcome Here” and “You Can Hire Spellers For Minimum Wage”.  

He was a millionaire, and in one company, held a commission record at the time of slightly over $1-million earned in 37 months. But he could not spell. And flaunted it. He said that, since you could hire perfect spellers for minimum wage, he preferred learning and thinking about more important things, things it was not so easy to pay cheaply for.  He was talking about the concept of value. Value is fundamental. In
boom times or tough times, in big business or small business or any kind of business, even in any occupation or career, the person who makes himself most valuable and creates the most value for others (as they perceive it and are willing to pay for it)
always prospers. 

If your income isn’t where you’d like it to be, you’re not creating enough value. His advice to me, said less elegantly than this, was to find and master something so valuable to enough other people that they will cheerfully pay just about anything for it, and devote all your time and energy to selling and doing that.  Most people who fail to achieve their aspirations in business do the exact opposite. They let themselves be consumed doing things of low value, then are surprised to discover they reap
small harvests.

To be fair, getting yourself organized and disciplined to be relentlessly focused on creating value by making yourself more valuable – daily – by always learning more, acquiring and processing more information, running more experiments, making more useful contacts; and by doing the most valuable things you can do is not an easy
task. I’ve written four different books that reveal different paths converging at this same point. Association with others working on this same skill is helpful. 
Dis-association from those not dedicated to this premise is also helpful. 

Which brings me to the other sign. He had zero tolerance for adults still sucking their thumbs. If you wanted to whine and cry like a baby when something didn’t go your way, you were told to go home, stick a pacifier in your mouth and hug your blankie.
At the time I’m writing this, the economy’s a bit tough and bruising and I hear too many adults who sound like babies.

Actually, it’s just one of those times that the entire economy woke up on the wrong side of the bed grumpy and is telling everybody: thumb-suckers not welcome here.  And this must be your personal policy, if you are to prosper and thrive while most others do not. Which is, incidentally, all the time; fewer than 5% have 95% of the wealth flow to them all the time; the disparity is just more stark, the judgment of
the critical marketplace more harsh and quick and visible at some times than others.

You need zero tolerance for thumb-sucking, personally, or by anybody you permit
in your world: staff, associates, vendors, even customers, friends, neighbors, media voices you listen to, authors you read. The power of association is an enormously powerful, irresistible force, for good or evil, for gain or loss, for growth or regression. You dare not discount or underestimate it. You can and should strategically use it
for advantage.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

The WHY PEOPLE FAIL articles are provided by Dan S. Kennedy, serial entrepreneur, from-scratch multi-millionaire, speaker, consultant, coach, author of 13 books including the No B.S. series (, and editor of The No B.S. Marketing Letter. WE HAVE ARRANGED A SPECIAL FREE GIFT FROM DAN FOR YOU including a 2-Month Free Membership in Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, newsletters, audio CD’s and more: for information and to register, visit:  

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