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Article #44   Apr. 2013

Why Doctors fail---Series #6

“Your Talent and Skills Are Not Enough: Only Business Team-Building Creates The Highest Medical Practice Income”

A team of people can achieve far more than the sum of the total of the individual’s skills alone.
 Wikipedia—2003 survey (HOW-FAR)

If you discovered what factor it was in your medical practice business that’s holding you back from a much higher practice income, you probably would do something to eliminate it… right? The problem is a hell-raiser that, unfortunately, is almost never recognized by physicians

in private medical practice as a significant benefit… if
ever even considered.  

“Teaming is the engine of organizational learning.” 

The problem: The concept of a “team building” being a fundamental strategy for driving productivity, propelling income, and increasing efficiency for physicians in a
private medical practice business is rarely taken
seriously by doctors.  

It’s one very profound strategy that drives most
businesses well beyond any expected level of success.
Your playing on any sports team earlier in your life
should have already made the benefits of team efforts obvious to you. 

You aren’t alone. This one issue likely reduces the
incomes of over 95% of doctors in private medical
practice and they don’t recognize it.  

If you’ve practiced for a few years, then you are also seeing evidence in your own office of all the symptoms pointing to lack of a true team development effort
backing you up. Yet most doctors find that it’s too much
of a strain to replace employees that are persistently sucking you dry and eating up your profits one way or another, such as...

  • Repeatedly late to work
  • Are gone out of the office often for
    personal reasons
  • Treat your patients poorly
  • Never seem to finish a task
  • Disregard or forget your instructions
  • Fail to offer any ideas for improvement
    of your office

And, you keep on paying them anyway… ”Cause it ain’t that bad of a problem.”

Dan S. Kennedy, business expert, often expresses his advice about employee management, “Hire only
employees that are profitable to you... fire the rest.”
If you don’t, you are giving consent to yourself to
accept a significantly reduced medical practice
income forever.

How’s a “team” differs from the employee group you have now?

“A team is defined as a group of people with
a full set of complementary skills required to
complete a task, job, or project.”

  1. Team members operate with a high degree of interdependence.
  2. Share authority and responsibility for self-management.
  3. Are accountable for the collective performance.
  4. Work toward a common goal and shared rewards.

Commonly you’ll find present medical office employees
that work independently, but by using their knowledge from previous employment positions to do the job you
ask of them. They feel no accountability for collective performance of the whole office crew, only
for themselves. 

Each employee works for their own objectives, not yours. There are no common goals or shared rewards they are working for. Your employees don’t have a clue about
what teamwork (experiential education and training) is
all about nor what it accomplishes that they could share
in as well as become more valuable as an employee.

What does a team accomplish that your medical office employees will never accomplish?

Benefits of, and why the interest in, team building and development in a business environment...  

  1. They can generate a wider range of ideas and
    innovation than individuals.
  2. They are able to motivate themselves.
  3. They can bounce ideas off each team member.
  4. They often take more risks than individuals.
  5. They have a range of personalities such as workers,
    thinkers, leaders who contribute the right balance
    of skills necessary to achieve high performance.
  6. They support each other and are not just
  7. They can be a support mechanism which
    provides mentoring and allows others to grow
    in self-confidence and reliability.

If you have the individuals with the potential to create a high performance team, just imagine what they could achieve for your medical practice productivity and bottom line. Read more about this at www.callofthewild.com , a recognized British Business Coaching Company and the www.HarvardBusinessReview.com .

Designing a successful business team

As you might expect, productive teams are composed of required elements to attain the desired business results. First you must properly structure your team, and then select the right type of team member profile that fits the task. You wouldn’t recruit people who hate marketing
to do a marketing job. It means you have to know how
to recruit the right members.

Required elements for team building...

  • Team Goals: Goals must be clear and specific
    because the focus of the team activities is organized around those.
  • Commitment: All team members must be fully committed to achieving the specific goals of that
    team… no personal agendas allowed. One rotten
    apple will ruin the barrel of apples.
  • Trust: Successful teams must trust and rely on
    the other team members for advice, feedback,
    and ideas.
  • Mutual Respect: Trust is not present among
    team members unless they adhere to mutual
    respect for each other.
  • Communication Intensity: For efficiency and
    speed of action the communication among all
    members must be a high priority so that at any one time every member knows what the other members
    are working on and the progress being made
    by them.
  • Specific Roles for Each Member: This process enables each team member to understand exactly
    what they have been assigned to do and avoids duplication of activities, saves time, and keeps
    each member focused on their turf.
  • Shared Rewards: Team members must be involved
    in establishing team goals and understand that they have a stake (in the eventual results) that is
    significant and impressive. You decide on what that
    is, or those are.

Don Hofstrand, co-director of Ag Marketing
Resource Center, at Iowa State University,
describes several types of teams... 

  • Functional Team: All team members play on a
    team, but don’t play as a team. Example, each
    baseball player has a fixed position and carries out
    the functions of that position by themselves. It’s
    the same model as an assembly line activity. In business it’s the same relationship as between
    a supervisor and employee.
  • Hierarchy Team: Team members work in unison
    but require a leader. In football it’s often the quarterback or defensive lineman. Each member
    has a fixed position but follows an established play plan. Jobs can be done quickly and efficiently
    because of high flexibility. Each team member functions independently but in unison with the team.
  • Organic Team: Basketball Team members have a preferred position, cover their teammates, and
    adjust their play according to the strengths and weaknesses of other players. Organic teams display synergy, uses the strengths of other members to minimize the weaknesses of others, but requires considerable self-discipline and tamed ego
    control. This is the strongest team model.

    This type of team has members who know how to
    carry out the responsibilities of any other team member… a common factor found in most medical doctor offices. Each employee has an intimate knowledge of the others, which enables them to
    quickly adjust to disruptions, emergencies, and disgruntled patients.

With this background information about team building
and how they work to improve business growth,
efficiency, and productivity, you can begin to formulate your ideas about implementing these elements into
your own medical practice.

How to implement teams into your medical
practice business

For small business or private medical practice offices the average 2 to 8 employees limits some of your options for creating team functions within your practice, but leaves you with at least two excellent opportunities.

First, you would best advised to implement an office
team composed of every employee you have into a
top rate team with a single assigned goal to accomplish.

A few highly important goals could be to create a marketing system for your medical practice that can be then used for years afterward, create a unique system
for doctor patient referrals to your business, or create
a powerful patient recruiting system directly from the community and from your own patients.

Second, create a team using the employees from several medical offices. Those doctors would have to agree to cooperate in the process and all the offices participating could then benefit from the process as well as yours. The prime advantage to all the medical offices involved would be that the system devised by the team effort would be taken back to their offices and taught to the other employees… a-win-win.

The great benefit to the team members is that they are involved in an “experiential training and education
process which would give them a knowledge that would qualify them for the best jobs in the best offices later on… as well as the highest salaries.

Once you have selected the special people for your team building ideas based on their personal commitment to maximize the goals you have in mind, you have the task
of training the team about what you intend for them to
do and how you want it done.

It goes without saying that you (the doctor and boss)
must be knowledgeable about team building work
activities and processes, how to lead them through the team training process step by step, and be able to
support the business team on a continuing basis.

It may be a big job for you, but the end result will likely blow your mind as to how fantastic your medical practice will become over time.  

It’s not a pipedream. It’s a method for you to rocket your medical practice quickly to the top. The proof of the value of using business teams for the improvement of any business is beyond debate.

Your extraordinary advantage of doing what 99% of
other doctors are not doing puts you in a position which allows you all the opportunities for expanding your
medical practice business that other doctors won’t have
or ever know about. 

As with any medical practice small business plans for improvement, it begins with hard work and considerable time spent. Once your team has reached the goal you
set, you are at the perfect spot to do the same thing
over again, often with the same team that no longer
needs trained, with a new goal to go after... one after
the other.

When you are familiar with the essentials of creating a business team, you can then modify them to meet your practice needs.

At present your employees work in a segmented job environment with the often usual and inadequate communications with each other, distaste for helping
each other at times, and agenda to work towards their
own ends.  

You can try to use your present employees to build a
team, but you must remember that you will have to
first remove all their personal agendas in their work, persuade them to work as a team dependent on each other, create their trust in you that they may not have, remove their previous work habits, and most
importantly, be sure they are all committed to the
goals you give them.

Another option is to hire experts in business “team building” and “team development.” Their obligation to
you is long term. They don’t simply jump into a project, teach and train your team, and leave the rest to you.
You can imagine the cost for this being done for you,
but it certainly would be worth the cost to any
medical practice.

The bottom line is that you have to be 100% committed
to the process if you intend to use business teams for improvement of your income. Otherwise, don’t do it.
You will be very disappointed if you are not completely committed to the process from the beginning and for
long term.


Persuading stiff-necked medical doctors to use well documented and reliable business team methods is about as easy as asking them to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

The same is true about persuading physicians to get an MBA sometime before they enter private practice. There is no denial that having both available would put you in the top 1% of practicing medical doctors in our country… in earnings and career satisfaction.

The truth is that with ObamaCare in effect it will be so restrictive to private practice doctors in the future that the only way you will survive in private practice financially will be to grab and use these kinds of ideas and methods I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t told you about yet.

One such method that can permit you to survive, in my opinion, is Concierge (cash only) medical practice. Two of my articles in the article archives on my website discuss this method.

The physician mind today is not about finding more chores to do outside of seeing patients, understandably. The ferocious pressure on you to give up private practice and become a physician employee is overwhelming.

However, we older doctors know that the freedom to practice medicine as we choose was key to deciding to become a doctor in the first place. What motivates the new doctors to become a medical doctor today?

It was such a privilege to be able to practice medicine at a time when freedom to practice as we liked was possible. For that I am thankful.

The author, Curt Graham, MD, and experienced physician, author, marketer and
expert in medical practice business and marketing strategies, motivator of
professionals in the business world, published widely in web article directories,
in Modern Physician and Medical Economics Magazines, and has three books
available online.
Discover how to make your medical practice flourish and
exceed all expectations with simple business and
marketing strategies.
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Using your present employees to build a team for your medical practice may demonstrate to you that your present office staff may be entirely different than what you expected.

Nursing them along may eventually end up a stinking mess.

However, when they are all are tuned in to the same objective and all work together uniformly using their God given various talents, you will be obligated to continue your supervision and instruction until the end goal is reached. When your team is dressed out in similar office uniforms, it's even more impressive.


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