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Article #48  July 2013        

Why Doctors Fail
Series #9 

“Your Frustration with Medical
Practice Drives Patients Away”

Your frustration is easily recognized by your patients
and creates doubt and mistrust in their eyes. 

You have 9 seconds to let your patient know that you are interesting, authentic and important to listen to. In the 1950’s the attention span was 20 minutes and now is scaled at 9 seconds. The speed of healthcare today for all the various reasons you understand has evolved into a revolution in the way medicine is practiced today.

The onslaught of being forced to repetitively keep adapting to the constantly changing patient and professional environments is overwhelming for any practicing physician. Now you have to cram all you have been taught to do into a time frame that any conscientious doctor finds inadequate to maintain quality of their services.

However, there are a few methods available to enable you to comply with the constricted time demands of the practice of medicine today which will help eradicate a good deal of your frustration.  

The only doctors who honestly understand the extent of the before and after transition of medical care over the last 50 years are in their 60’s, 70’s or older. Newer generations of doctors don’t have a clue about what the old timer’s challenges have been during those years in practice.

As a consequence of the persistent and increasing challenges, older doctors would rather quit medicine than continue in a profession handicapped by regulation and intrusions.

You already know that physicians are leaving medicine in droves at least 20 years before they actually intended to stop practicing. Consequently, the shortage of doctors today has become a serious problem that the medical educational system is unable to resolve.

They are tired of the struggle and the disappointments they have endured. Who can blame them for dropping out? Understandably, most doctors compensated for the changes by relying on increased rapport and
harder work.

This effort to try to keep their patients loyal to them as best they could eventually stopped working. Doctors have found no alternatives for handling the process of doing more in a shorter time productively. The good news is there's a way to do that today.

The new “fascination” approach resolves most of that dilemma...

Your medical practice failure here is one of finding reasonable and profitable alternatives. “I give up,” is the one most physicians have found to be the most beneficial. Quitting practice is quick and bloody but does not offer satisfaction either. 

There’s a new and efficient alternative available today that works in any business and has come to the forefront in the past few years. It’s a way to change your medical practice business based around who you are. It’s how your patients see you, not about cost and profits in your practice. Clearly, it’s a fishbowl effect for you. 

Patients today are attracted to you because you are fascinating in one way or another. Your skills, talents and medical knowledge take on a secondary role in the eyes of your patients. You win by becoming  fascinating, or in some way becoming celebritized. The Hollywood culture has invaded the healthcare industry and
our culture.

Today you should be thinking about marketing yourself rather than the fact that you can surgically remove a gallbladder in 15 minutes. Social importance has trumped all the talents you may have.

Patients perceptions of your value to them evolves by what they see you do and how you act around them. Patients don't ever see or learn how fantastic a surgeon you may be, even though you pride yourself in the quality of your surgical expertise. 

What patients see are the results of what you do for them that increases the quality of their lives.

Think about it. A good example is the “celebrity effect” on people. Fascination with celebrities has become an overwhelming influence on our thinking from presidential campaigns to medication advertisements in the media.

How many times each day do you come into contact with marketing efforts focused on what a celebrity believes, says, or does?

 Celebrities are fascinating to a majority of people and patients. Using celebrities and their fascination, works wonders for attracting customers, clients or patients. It doesn’t mean you have to sing, dance, and play
the guitar. 

When a doctor or any professional elevates them self to a position of recognition and prominence, (celebrity status) your patients interpret your prestige as going the extra mile for your patients. It reflects that you care (a social element thrust into the patient’s
decision-making equation)

Being known in your community by all the events you support, charity work, support of sport teams, leadership positions, and media coverage is someone your patients admire and want to be around.

Like it or not, your being seen in lots of places outside your medical practice positions you in a celebrity status. Patients want to be around such people.

It’s not what you do, but who you are and how you
perform in a natural way. You can fake it, but patients see through that façade in a second. When you pretend you are something you aren’t, you hate what you do and what you get.

Most practicing physicians today seem to ignore doing the things that build your reputation and expertise. That's not good enough. It has to be intentional
and deliberate. 

You can be fascinating by what you have on your business cards, office stationary and on the walls of
your office.

Every time I accompany my wife to see her orthopedic surgeon, I stop a few minutes along the hall to check on the newest placks, recognition awards, certificates of thanks, and photos of the organizations like the little league team he supports.

What’s fascinating to me is how this busy doctor can have the time to be involved in all these outside events, especially when I never could.  

Wouldn’t every patient feel reassured of your authenticity and trust seeing all those recognition awards? You can bet on that. This social push amps up all parts of your medical practice business. You are also in a position to choose the patients you want from the many that arrive at your office.

Do you have all your accolades easily visible on your office walls and in your patient’s view?

These are a few things you can do to build your
medical practice... 

1. Every time you make a public presentation, give a talk or lecture, someone in that audience will become your patient or at least refer another patient to you.

2. Every time you appear at a charity event and
support that event, you will attract
another patient.

3. Every time you volunteer to teach a class at
your local community college, you will get
another new patient.

4. Every time you volunteer for a local community project you will find a new patient
at your door.

5. Every time you support a political candidate
giving a campaign talk, you will eventually attract another patient.

Every person loves to connect with those having similar interests, no matter what they are.

Your patients are not shopping today for your expertise, but for who you really are. The profound expansion of social networks online is a reflection of how important it is to everyone in today’s world. Almost every successful business today is active within these social networks.

Being in contact with a bunch of real people any time of the day or night is somehow fascinating to everyone.

You would be wise to build your medical practice business around who you are, not what you do. 

Where did all this fascination system come from?  

The one person who researched, developed and teaches businesses about this means of maintaining and growing their business among the Fortune 500 companies today is a very passionate and intelligent lady named Sally Hogshead.

She has spent many years perfecting her system to the point that anyone can use it reliably and
repeatedly forever.

She teaches it and promotes it world-wide.

The value of her system has proven to be highly successful to the profitability of businesses.

Doctors often relate their medical practice to the universal commoditization of medical practice in the USA with over a million doctors all doing the same thing, practicing medicine. More precisely, you need to move to who you are in the profession which makes you different from all the others. 

You start by asking yourself two important questions. .. 

  1. How do my patients see me? Have you ever
    asked them?
  2. What do I see about them and their “behavior type.”
    (called "archtype"... explained later)

We all give off message signals 24/7. The trouble is that we have no idea what signals we give off to others, nor how they are interpreted by other people. Some are the words we use and the intonation of those words. Some come from the questions we ask, and even how we ask them. We give off body and emotional signals continuously, whether asleep or not.

Signals we project are unconscious and involve all
the senses.  

If we understood what signals we are giving off to patients, we would be able to improve our communications with patients in more
advantageous ways.

If we could understand the signals that our patients give off, then we could improve our perception of what they really want much faster. Being more sophisticated like this in what you do around your patients is far superior to what most doctors do today. 

The whole concept of signals we give off is well researched and proven to not only be factual but also quite important to all communication among people. 

The question is how do we find out what signals we give
off to our patients without our even recognizing it’s happening. That’s what this new approach to our patients exposes and how to use those factors to become better doctors. In turn, you attract new patients you likely would never have recruited.  

How does this fascination system work?

Sally Hogshead has created a question answer test with the assistance of other experts that defines the 7 critical fascination triggers which are specific to each persons life and personality.

graph, 7 triggers of fascination

graph, triggers effects

You may respond to one or several of these triggers (which the test questions expose) based on the many aspects of your personality and belief systems. When the test points out what your dominant triggers are, there’s a predictability to how you will respond to and handle
your patients.

graph, power of the triggers

All are useful triggers and no one fails the test. However, there is much more to the process than triggers. Triggers are controllable and predictable.

           Table 1.  Chart For Determining a Person's Archtype

graph, detemine archtypes

All graphs and charts downloadable from sallyhogshead.com are free.   

Next, your dominant trigger points allow you to be classified in one of 49 archtypes. This is a system that is able to measure the signals you send out to others. By cross-referencing your specific triggers with the chart of the archtypes, your archtype appears.

You are focusing on your own core values and not on external forces. It’s a psychological platform and you can easily learn how to leverage it. Your archtype tells you how you respond to your trigger points. Patient's archtypes are recognizable and directs how you
approach them. 

This system is used frequently by other professionals for their own business reasons.

For example, copywriters send the test to their clients, place them in their archtype category and then are able to do a much more satisfactory job of doing copywriting that is more pleasing to their client. Knowing the trigger points of a client enables the copywriter to use the words, flow, context and intent that matches the client’s primary dominant triggers.  

Implementing such a system into your medical office is not difficult to do. Every new patient you add to your medical practice is given a form to fill out which includes contact information, prior medical history, and etc. The survey or test form for this system can be completed by your patients at the same time and coded to their medical record.  

The advantage you have doing this provides a much clearer understanding of the behavioral patterns of each patient archtype and the best means of interacting with them. Your office personnel will have the
same advantage.

The results of the process allows you to get to the patient's problems much faster, treat them with less resistance, and create a quicker rapport with your patients at the same time. 

The advantages include more than you might think. 

By improving your patient communication in a fast
moving medical world, you will...

  1. Create better patient loyalty and trust
  2. Be able to provide medical services much more satisfactory to your patients
  3. Patients will send you more referral patients
    (free marketing)
  4. Be one of the rare physicians who provides
    healthcare far superior to others and in a more efficient and rapid manner
  5. Recognize your patient’s medical issues specifically and provide treatment most likely to be agreed to by that patient
  6. In the long run become a much more competent doctor and receive many more patient referrals from other doctors
  7. Reduce the risk of medical malpractice actions against you

Therefore, when you know the triggers your patients have, or recognize the signals they are sending out to you, you are able to get to their medical problems and treatment faster, see more patients than usual and fascinate them over and over with your clear understanding of them. 

Learning your individual strengths and using them in presenting yourself to your patients (marketing yourself) is powerful and productive in medical practice. The unconscious signals your send to your patients, once you know what messages you wish to send to your patients, can be consciously controlled.

Do you usually always seem to be in a hurry in the exam or consult room? Do you take a few seconds to greet your patient or even begin with a handshake?

Are you quick to respond to your patient’s phone calls for help? You know what aggravates or pleases you when you visit your doctor, so start there with your efforts to send the right silent messages to your patients. Do it even if you only have the average “8 minute office visits” where other doctors could care less. 


This approach to your patients provides you an alternative means of reducing your frustrations with medical practice—instead of quitting. Your own subtle and silent signals being sent to your patients may be killing your medical practice without you ever recognizing it. It’s an infection that most employed physicians eventually seem to get.

Whether you believe this is worth the effort to implement or you feel that you don’t have enough time to make it work for you with your patients, the exact same wrong signals you are sending to your peers, friends, and those you meet may also be having a significant negative impact in your social life as well.

The tragedy is that great numbers of professionals go through their whole careers wondering why they have trouble with retaining patients, friends and respect from their peers.  

You may be a doctor who is well aware of this phenomenon. Understanding your archtype and personal triggers, regardless of the value it has with treating your patients, is something that should not be shrugged off. It truly affects every aspect of your life in one way or another. It’s a fact that can’t be denied.

On the other hand, you may still be in the arrogance phase of medical practice. You know….the time when you believe you have all the tools you need to reach the top and stay there. Then, what do you have planned for yourself when you lose your self-importance and need to rely on some other virtue, trait or characteristic to hide your insecurity? 

A critical aspect of a successful medical practice is to know who your patients are, what they are thinking and what they want.

A foundational function of marketing your medical practice today is to follow the society trends in order to meet patient’s demands. When you’re aware of what’s influencing your patient’s so strongly, you can relate to them on a mind-melting level platform (you are connected instantly).


  1. SallyHogshead.com  (Hog Blog)
  2. Howtofascinate.com
  3. Fascinate, book by Sally Hogshead 

The author, Curt Graham, MD, and experienced physician, author, marketer
and expert in medical practice business and marketing strategies, motivator
of professionals in the business world, published widely in web article
directories, in Modern Physician and Medical Economics Magazines, and
author of  four books available online from his website.
Discover how to
make your medical practice flourish and exceed all expectations with simple business and marketing strategies.
Click this link now : http://www.HowToPropelYourMedicalPracticeIncome.com
© 2013, All Rights Reserved




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 Business Nudges......

auto 1920s, loaded with kids and baggageThis 1940's advertisement is a clear example of how much a physician's image has changed over the last 70 years. It was a time when it was a privilege to be seen by your doctor regardless of his personality, habits or beliefs.

Today, our profession is a commodity promoted by big government to serve the healthcare of the masses regardless of personal medical career goals. The competition for survival in private practice now is relegated to the complete opposite of the 1940's.

In essence, doctors must become a much better salesman by promoting themselves instead of their products or services. Survival today in medical practice has become a medical service dominated by the social dynamics of a society that expects physicians to bow to the religion of celebrity to survive in private medical practice.


photo of Dan Kennedy

Renegade Millionaire

"The Path"

By Dan Kennedy

I want to tell you a few things about DIAMOND Luxury Member Dr. Dustin Burleson, who is also a client of my client, Silver Member Jay Geier, and is or has been a client of my Titanium Member Dr. Tom Orent. Dr. Burleson is a Renegade Millionaire orthodontist.

He found me as so many have via referral-of-sorts from another thought leader. In this case, Gold Luxury Member Jimmy Vee’s mention, in a book about marketing for dentists, of Bill Glazer’s book, which in turn referenced my books – and, as Dr. Burleson put it, once he read one of mine, he was hooked, got them all, and has been an active follower ever since.

I call this “swimming upstream to discover Dan”. It’s how a lot of GKIC Members got here, and it is neither as accidental or random as it may sound. That’s not my point here, but I wanted you to understand The Path itself; how Renegade Millionaires operate. They are much like cats given a ball of yarn; they look for any loose end and unravel it. They are always engaged in curious discovery. They are interested in the genealogy of ideas.

The minute they encounter a smart person, they are curious about what other smart and potentially useful people he has around him, behind him, and what other smart people influenced him; then, when they find those people they are again interested in what other smart and potentially useful people they have around them, behind them, and what other smart people influenced them. Etc.

This often leads them upstream. It may be two or twenty strings before they find something in the unraveling that contributes greatly to their progress and wealth. Occasionally they unravel an entire ball only to find nothing there. This never dissuades them from methodically unraveling the next one. If this is not your earnest behavior, know that it IS for Renegade Millionaires.

Dr. Burleson aggressively used everything he could learn from me and GKIC and the others – even that which had no direct connection to an orthodontic practice. He brought ideas from diverse fields, places and examples outside his profession to his practice. This is key. Few breakthroughs bubble up out of an already made pot of stew, but most people just keep re-heating the same stew.

For example, from the GKIC membership model itself, and discussions and observations here about membership concept, ascension, upsells, exclusivity, stretching the top of the pyramid and more, he turned what began as a USP into a premium offer: no more than 12 people per month can buy the guaranteed privilege of never having to miss any time at work or have the child miss any time from school or after school activities in order to get all treatments and complete their orthodontic process – meaning, if an appointment must be after hours or at dawn, so be it.

He sells this for $2,000.00 over and above the orthodontic case fee
. This year, he has sold all 12 positions every month. 12 x 12 = 144 x $2,000.00 = $288,000.00. Since inception, he tells me this has brought in an extra $1.2-million.

He has, of course, done Renegade things. Violated his profession’s norms, created price strategy, positioning strategy, place strategy inconceivable to most of his peers – and judged critically by some. While most orthodontists have resisted having to market directly to patients (rather than relying on table crumbs fed to them by general dentists), Dr Burleson embraced the opportunity. All Renegade Millionaires, by definition, do Renegade things.

He has moved himself away from the “doing”, into the marketing. There is a team of doctors. The practice has grown from about $1-million in 2009 to over $6-million in 2012. He never stops hunting – for the next big thing, and for hundreds of little things. Thus, he was at my Trust-Based Marketing Training, at Mailbox Millions Training, is coming to the New A-to-Z Info-Biz Blueprints Training.

He was at Jay Geier’s event where I spoke last year. He told me, if I ever offer a high-level mastermind group for all kinds of entrepreneurs, he’s in. Less and less “doing” and more and more rain-making is an important part of The Path.

Trump stopped actually doing his deals quite early – he has had George Ross, who many of you heard and met at a GKIC SuperConferenceSM doing the doing. Walt had Roy and a handful of insiders executing his visions.

He has also moved into Leverage, by selling his know-how and experience. He has an info-marketing business, providing orthodontists with resources, training and coaching, with an ascension pyramid, with a $17,000.00 price point at its peak. Going from success at a core business into info-marketing in the same industry has been a Path that I have put many, many people on, as their move to Leverage.

Essentially, a winning “package” of advertising, marketing, etc. can only take a single business like an orthodontic practice so far, and 100% of the money from it has a practical cap; using that same “package” to take some money from hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of others’ individual businesses offers Leverage.

All Renegade Millionaires employ some sort(s) of Leverage

Gene Simmons is rich because he retained all of KISS’ intellectual property rights and all the licensing, creating royalties from, as he puts it, everything in a KISS fan’s life and death, from condoms to caskets. Trump, also big licensor. Hefner, as well.

Big direct marketers get Leverage from their lists. They must build customer lists, but by renting them and exchanging them, they create a 2nd income stream from the same asset they have no choice but to invest in 2nd Income From Same Asset is a common leverage “secret” behind a lot of wealth. 

Leverage is not new. Mark Twain taught another Leverage Strategy that I’ve used a lot, in his Tom Sawyer story. Another I teach: Simultaneous Present AND Future Bank Deposits.

This is The Path. There is no mysterious map secreted away from the world. There is no code to break. But understand, The Path is not constructed of options from which you pick and choose. It is a Path.


NOTE: To receive $633.91 of free money-making marketing and sales information from Dan Kennedy and GKIC simply click the link below. https://gkic.infusionsoft.com/go/newmifge/drgraham  

DAN S. KENNEDY is a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; advisor to countless first-generation, from-scratch multi-millionaire and 7-figure income entrepreneurs and professionals; and, in his personal practice, one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America. As a speaker, he has delivered over 2,000 compensated presentations, appearing repeatedly on programs with the likes of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), and many other celebrity-entrepreneurs, for former U.S. Presidents and other world leaders, and other leading business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, often addressing audiences of 1,000 to 10,000 and up.  His popular books have been favorably recognized by Forbes, Business Week, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine. His NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, one of the business newsletters published for Members of Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, is the largest paid subscription newsletter in its genre in the world.

Articles © 2008/Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle LLC.

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The IBM supercomputer called "Watson" is now being used at Sloan- Kettering cancer center NYC to come up with the best treatments of cancer and managing cancer.

Not only is the supercomputer with its huge medical database used for decisions about cancer treatment but is also used for decisions about endoscopic surgery, diabetes management, and pain treatment.

Lesson: Medical decisions based on Watson database info


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"Bitter Pill"
Forbes, Jan. 21, 2013

Article written about patient satisfaction surveys related to Press Ganey survey dominance.

Our government has chummed up with these survey groups and creates ratings of doctors based on what patients say in the surveys.

Now employed physician's salaries are becoming dependent on their ratings. To maintain the higher salary and ratings reports have revealed that some doctors have resorted to "Vicodin Goody Bags" given to patients mainly in the ER setting to bolster their survey ratings.

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