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Are you losing your private medical practice because you can’t earn enough to keep it open? It’s because you were never told you needed a formal business education toreach your peak performance!
“They” taught you how to practice medicine, but not how to run a medical practice business, let alone a profitable one.

We are talking here about your need for implementing OFFENSIVE financial business weapons to earn what you want,
whenever you want.

You learn these proven and effective business weapons and how to use them on this site!

Article #52 - Nov. 2013

"The Ultimate Single Business And Marketing Resource Today For You To Rely On For The Duration Of Your Medical Career"
(Resource #2)

"What If You Knew Of One Invaluable Business-Marketing Resource  That Contains Everything You Need To Know To Run Your Medical Practice Business Profitably And Efficiently, Without Spending  $50,000.00 For A 2 Year MBA?"

What if that resource cost less than a "tune up" on your Porsche 928 and gave you more practical highly effective business and marketing information  to rely on than you will ever find in any Masters Degree Program in Business Administration?

Should you have such shallow thinking that can't comprehend the existence of such an all in one package of incredible medical practice business and marketing strategies and information without you knowing about it, you will taste the consequences of arrogance we all know as, "You don't know what you don't know". Hopefully, you are not that person.

First, let me remind you that the basic principles underlying all business success are the same for any kind of business you may be in. This package gives you that.

Second, the basics of all marketing throughout the world of business remain the same and vary only in the tactics and strategies applied for the specific purpose desired. So don't
get the idea that the business of medical practice is
"different" from all the others.

Where my reasoning and advice comes from?

My purpose for sending you in this direction is simple. Since no one has been able to coax, manipulate, push, threaten, or trick physicians in medical practice already to get an MBA, take time off (full course 2 years) from their busy career in medicine to do it, or spend about $50,000 while not earning money in practice for the business education necessary, it's a no-brainer reason.

Secondly, no entity big or small has seen fit to take on the obligation of encouraging college students, or even teaching college students that are headed for medical school, to learn the basics of running a profitable business, It's a no-brainer thought process.

Thirdly, none of the about 170 medical schools in the USA teach medical students anything about running the business
of medical practice efficiently, nor do they intend to do it. It leaves every graduating medical student intent on private medical practice with no choice but to resort to "on-the-job-business-education".

Predictably, all young doctors in this situation are doomed to some degree of medical practice failure such as under-earning during their careers and never able to reach the satisfaction and goals they sought. All must spend time soliciting information and ideas about setting up their practice business from those who never really had a sound business education (Other doctors, nurses, office workers from other medical offices). Is that information and help truly reliable? It's a no-brainer fact.

Fourth, in medical practice when a medical problem issue arises that you don't understand well enough, you would normally go to medical textbooks, medical literature, or speak with an expert, at least someone who has more knowledge than you, about the diagnosis or treatment. When a medical practice business issue arises, you should be doing the
same thing.

What's your "go to" resource about that? Do you have such a resource? Is your resource available always, truly helpful, provide you with proven and documented information and is always appropriate to the problem you have? Is your resource free or expensive like a business consultant?

I have to tell you that this resource for business and marketing that I'm recommending to you today fits your needs, is close to your fingertips, and this resource all-in-one package comes from the world's most prominent business and marketing strategist today. It's a no-brainer decision for you to take advantage of. If you don't believe me, who do you believe offers you better or more honest and reliable medical business information?


The Resource Is... 

Magnetic Marketing For The New Economy by Dan S. Kennedy

DAN S. KENNEDY is a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; advisor to countless first-generation, from-scratch multi-millionaire and 7-figure income entrepreneurs and professionals; and, in his personal practice, one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America. As a speaker, he has delivered over 2,000 compensated presentations, appearing repeatedly on programs with the likes of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), and many other celebrity-entrepreneurs, for former U.S. Presidents and other world leaders, and other leading business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, often addressing audiences of 1,000 to 10,000 and up.  His popular books have been favorably recognized by Forbes, Business Week, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine. His NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, one of the business newsletters published for Members of Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, is the largest paid subscription newsletter in its genre in the world.

Content *Tool Kit
     *Holiday Promotions Swipe File and CD
     *12 CD's Info + Instructions
     *Bonus CD Pack

Price $497.00 

Invest in your medical career future at: 

Free Money Making Marketing Package 
Value = $633.91

          Available at...   
       An additional perk for you...



Details of what you will learn and use
(adapted to medical practice business)

1. Tool Kit - 3 ring binder - 501 pages.

      Introduction: How MAGNETIC MARKETING content will
     change your medical business forever and why it will
     work in any business outside medical practice.

      A.  21 Ways To Look at Direct Marketing --defined
     as marketing to draw new patients, done directly from
     you to potential medical patients, usually sent through
     the US Postal Service. As of today it continues to be the
     most effective marketing method. You can adapt any of
     these examples below to your medical practice.

      B.  Teaching by example and instruction

      Section 1 - 36 examples of how to sell what
     you do to prospective patients.

      Section 2 - 22 examples of how you continue
     to keep your medical practice business  in
     the minds of your patients. 

      Section 3 - 24 examples of what you can do to
     provide special customer business  service to
     your patients.

      Section 4 - 44 examples of ways for dealing
     with other doctors in medical practice businesses
     which makes you "stand out" as the top person
     to interact with, like patient referrals. Two or
     three step letter campaigns to attract their
     interest to do business with you
      (join your medical practice).

     Section 5 - 44 examples of how professional
     practices attract new patients and increase income.

     Section 6 - 10 examples of strategies for
     targeting the patients you want in your medical
     practice, just like restaurants choose the
     customers they want to serve. 

     Section 7 - 10 examples of recognizing
     opportunities for ONLINE Magnetic Marketing,
     including how to write copy and ads to attract
     new patients, secrets of email marketing, how
     to use Google to get qualified patient traffic to
     your website.

     Section 8 - Resources you can contact who
     submitted these examples for more information
     and help. Report on "How To Develop
     A Marketing System" for your medical
     practice business. Report on "How To Turn
     Mailing Lists Into Money". Both
     reports written by Dan Kennedy.

2. Transcripts -  3 ring binder - 311 pages.     

     Introduction: Dan Kennedy explains what the Magnetic Marketing System does for you and how it works, as well as gives detailed instructions on what each of the 12 CD's teach you that you can follow along and make notes as you listen to them. Transcripts are meant to fill in the gaps and explain in more detailed fashion about the information provided on each of the CD's track by track.

3. Holiday Promotions - 3 ring binder - 93 pages.

     Introduction: Dan Kennedy provides you with holiday promotion resources that are unique to business and marketing that no one else publishes or teaches. These are REAL promotions built by REAL people for REAL businesses which should incite you to create your own promotions for obtaining loads of new patients.

     Three important and powerful ways they work
for you...

   a. They demonstrate how extremely effective
   Holiday Promotions can be for you.

   b. There are tips and actual promotions used
   by Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy that were highly
   successful in their own businesses and will work
   for you as well.

   c. Shows how promotions can be implemented
   into any business.

     Section 1 - Sample campaigns from contributors
     who have been there and done that.

     Section 2 - Promotions done by Bill Glazer
     during his 40 years in a retail business.

     Section 3 - Promotions from Surefire Marketing,
     Inc. Yanik Silver - creative, unusual, and effective.

     Section 4 - A reference chapter "Malibuism"
     taken from the book by Dan Kennedy--"Ultimate
     Marketing Plan". Regarding FADS and TRENDS.


This package of marketing materials tells you what you have to do in your medical business to remain profitable and financially stable in your medical practice business. You
would need months of reading other business books to gain the information provided here in this package all at once.

The basics of marketing are presented for your use. Understanding the fact that fads and trends that your
patients follow keep changing with time, should alert you to the necessity of your constant attention to the changing patient marketplace.

It requires you to be adapting to those changes rather frequently in order to keep your medical practice business at the top of your patient's list as well as at the top
of the list of those prospective patients looking for the
right physician.

If you don't make efforts to remain in constant contact with your patients, they forget about what you did for them. If
you don't continually market your practice to new prospective patients, your practice business will decrease and leave you in financial trouble.

If you disregard the need to do these tasks, find out how to accomplish them, and benefit from the business knowledge available to you today, you will never reach a level of financial independence, practice satisfaction, and career goals you had in mind at the start... guaranteed!

Because you chose it you are personally obligated to maximize your business knowledge and career capabilities. Because you chose your career path you are responsible to yourself and your family to do more than practice medicine.

You are responsible for maximizing your medical practice business as well. Face it, how you manage the business segment of your medical practice is the only means you have to magnify your career and income. It just doesn't happen independent of a sound business and marketing
workable knowledge.        

Your level of management of your medical practice business determines your revenue, your level of family support, and your ultimate goals for your career. It's not possible to continually use your numbers of patient visits as a legitimate means of defining your practice financial situation.

Patient attrition, self-burnout, and an enduring deep frustration with your practice is the result of forcibly seeing more patients and treating them with less concern because of limitations of time with each one. You may disagree about your ability to see more patients and maintain your quality of medical care, but research and facts speak differently.

The core principles

Balancing your lifestyle and your career is much more important today than ever. Our fast moving world and technology advances add more stress to every medical
doctor's already stressful activities.

Seeing more patients in your practice is definitely not the answer. Gaining a sufficient degree of business knowledge
and practical marketing methods is the answer to your dilemma and financial problems. These two factors determine the degree of success of any and all business ventures.

Whenever you start a business without business knowledge, you can never seriously expect anything more than mediocre or less results.

This Magnetic Marketing Package covers a great deal of the marketing ideas that work documented by the examples shown. You have to remember that underneath the marketing efforts there must be a business foundation that enables you to do the marketing productively. Behind a sound business foundation are patients that provide the income to make the business work efficiently.

Marketing provides the necessary number of patients to fund your business adequately, but unless you have a business system working for you, the income can't be maintained.
Poor business management destroys medical practices by
the thousands.

The three essential elements you have to conquer...

     1. You must accept and believe that you have unlimited
         capabilities to do things your never considered possible.

     2. You must convince yourself that your insecurity and
         fears become obsolete when you step outside your
         comfort zone.

     3. You must understand that doing everything necessary
         to maximize your practice, your potential, and your
         goals is critical to your greatest fulfillment and
         happiness in life.


 Business Nudges... photo of person sitting at desk with piles of paper 10 feet high around them

If you understand that you entered a medical career that demands your perpetual learning and increasing your skills for the length of your career, then you shouldn't be surprised about the enormous amount of paperwork that goes with your profession.

Some of that paperwork is just to keep up with current changes in medical practice. A  lot has to do with the business of private medical practice as you know. Stopping now and then to learn business principles and marketing strategies may look like this person in the photo, but as you implement business knowledge into your practice your income increases proportionally. There lies the real secret to successful
medical practice.

Article #52-A  

photo of Dan Kennedy, business expert

How Money Is – And Isn’t –
Made In Business

By Dan Kennedy of GKIC

“Nothing Happens ‘Til Somebody Sells Something"

I mentioned inside, that one of the people who visited with me at a recent book signing, Tripp Braden, does some work with Warren Buffet, and a lot of work in the private equity investment world.
He and I compared notes, as I have a fair amount of experience with client-companies sold and bought by private equity investors. He agreed with my chief observation: they are usually even more clueless than the operators of the businesses they acquire
about marketing.

Most of their improvement forays have to do with cutting “fat” and squeezing profits out of reduced costs, cutting a whole up into pieces and selling some, synergy with other things they own, and multiplying what’s working by pumping in capital. In other words, bean-counting and re-arranging of piles of beans.

They often bring a religious belief in the value of replacing entrepreneurs with “professional management.”  Apple is a great example of the fallacy of such faith – after forcing Jobs out, they later had to go beg him to return and reinvigorate  the moribund sloth the professional managers had turned the company into. Innovation  and marketing had been de-balled in his absence.

You can only go so far re-arranging beans.

It’s worth noting that when Lee Iacocca saved Chrysler from the edge of extinction, he did cut executive-suite costs with a bloody axe, he did re-structure company debt, but he also hastily created new products – including the first American made convertible put out in years and the mini-van loaded with cup-holders,  and he grudgingly stepped forward as commercial spokesperson to sell the new, radical warranty he wrote. If you ask him, as I once did, personally, what saved the day more than anything else, he says:  selling. Of course, Iacocca was a renegade his entire career. 

Since the 2008 crash, and now, you see a lot of TV and print ads for gold – gold bullion and gold coins, as well as silver, and numismatics, pitched as reassuringly tangible, hard assets you can hold in your hands, store in your vault. The best of the TV commercials are those starring the actor William Devane.

The guy who largely invented the whole business in the 1970’s was James Blanchard III, and if you can find a copy of his autobiography, Confessions of a Gold Bug, published in 1990, I strongly urge reading it, for many marketing, business, financial and life ideas. Blanchard was an ultimate  Renegade Millionaire. A visionary entrepreneur. And a phenomenal salesman – of his ideas as well as his business.  (Blanchard influenced me, by the way, in my evolving approach to my business. Specifically, check pages xi and 78-79 of his book.)

I’ve just completed a manuscript for a forthcoming book in my No B.S. series,  No B.S. Guide to Brand-Building by Direct-Response, co-authored with the Iron Tribe Fitness guys, including chapters from several others, and an exclusive interview with Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

As I worked on the book, and completed the final chapter, The Mouse And The Bunny, about Disney and Hefner, I was forcefully reminded that almost all great and powerful brands were raised up and driven by individuals who were both visionary leaders and outstanding salespeople, representing their enterprises.

This is true of brands that bear their names, like Disney, or brands that don’t, like Apple. I’m not fond of his late-life politics, but Warren Buffet is a terrific salesman for Berkshire-Hathaway.

Would you even know of the company were it not for Warren The Promoter?  Businesses and brands without a human face, a visible driving force, a visionary, and a convincing salesperson – ideally, something of a Barnum -  operate under extreme handicap. Achieving giant size, the need may be relieved. But it’s
still a handicap.

Mr. Gamble of Proctor & Gamble said, “Any fool can make  soap. It takes a genius to sell  it.”  What Renegade Millionaires know, that so many others do not, is that nothing happens until somebody sells something – and they’d better not depend on somebody else to do the selling.

NOTE: To receive $633.91 of free money-making marketing and sales information from Dan Kennedy and GKIC simply click the link below.

DAN S. KENNEDY  is a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; advisor to countless first-generation, from-scratch multi-millionaire and 7-figure income entrepreneurs and professionals; and, in his personal practice, one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America. As a speaker, he has delivered over 2,000 compensated presentations, appearing repeatedly on programs with the likes of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), and many other celebrity-entrepreneurs, for former U.S. Presidents and other world leaders, and other leading business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, often addressing audiences of 1,000 to 10,000 and up.  His popular books have been favorably recognized by Forbes, Business Week, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine. His NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, one of the business newsletters published for Members of Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, is the largest paid subscription newsletter in its genre in the world.

Articles © 2008/Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle LLC.

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In Every Issue...

My desire is to always offer you the business and marketing strategies that you will need if you ever wish to reach your maximum potential in the practice of medicine whether you are employed or in private practice.

My New  Book

"The Wounded Physician Project"

photo of the cover graphic for the wounded physician project
 Click on the image... for details

Do you really know
the core cause of the medical profession crisis we are in today?

No, it's not the government. 

 What are you willing to
do to save your private
medical practice?

The average medical doctor in the US practices medicine for 12,617 days and leaves a million dollars on the table during that time.

They never are able recognize that it was available to them during all those years because they lack a business education.

This book is unique because no other author has ever written about the primary cause and solution to today's increasing attrition of physicians and the demise of private medical practice.

Once the reader becomes exposed to the extreme and relentless series of strategic moves organized and implemented by our government to control healthcare, the reader will understand why all physicians must be provided with an academic
business education.

Secondly, the reader will discover the critical importance and practical value of a business education for practicing physicians. Today, most physicians struggle financially while running their medical practice business because of their reliability on their own
business ignorance.

The contents discuss all the benefits and advantages of business knowledge, how to get  it and use it, and quickly reverse the money crunch you are experiencing today.

You probably won't get much benefit from an MBA degree because it's not oriented to medical practice business that demands special knowledge, implementation, and decisions.
     The success principles of all businesses are the same, but the management of those business strategies have to match the passions, objectives, and diligence capabilities of each  physician.

The content is meant not only to inspire physicians to gain business knowledge, but also to get a very clear understanding about how fragile their medical career is to present day economic, political, and social threats.

The ultimate goal of all medical doctors should be to use their business knowledge as a offensive weapon against predators, both economic and governmental, to survive and grow using the business tools I continue to throw at you. It's the only offensive force that physicians have to use to remain in private practice.

I truly believe this is the one and
only solution
for maintaining solo medical practice. This is especially critical to the most popular option---cash only practice---for practicing medicine outside the government healthcare system.

  Order the book 

Available through your local bookstore's order desk or at these online bookstores:

Amazon .com
or by phone
1-888-795-4274 x 7879

I guarantee that the content will stick to your mind for as long as you practice medicine.

Show the world what you are capabable of doing... not what you were expected to do.


Words of Conscience

"Walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called."
---Ephesians 4:1

"A feast is made for laughter and wine maketh merry, but money answereth all things"
---Eccl. 10:19

Borderless Humor

"Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, "Lillian, you should
have remained
a virgin."

---Lillian Carter
(mother of Jimmy Carter)

Inspiration Time

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

---Abraham Lincoln

Views I Only Share With My Friends--

What my medical career
taught me...

Click Here... /span> and how it can help you manage your medical practice business at the highest level of expertise.

 Facts And Stats

1. Thinking of getting an MBA??
Articles and Reports about the quality of business schools are seen more frequently today. It seems that a few business schools have closed for lack of funds (no federal money) like the Moxie Center at UCSD.

An article in the WSJ Aug. 2015, by Ken Kuang states that "Moxie failed to teach the two basic survival skills for startups: understanding the concept of 'win-win' and how to forecast profits and losses." Many U.S. business school graduates can't create a realistic profit and loss statement.

This is why I have been repeatedly stated that physicians do not need and MBA, it won't help a physician in private medical practice because the MBA teaches about general business issues unrelated to the medical profession.

2. Business schools responses...
After finding weaknesses in business education programs several schools have begun...

A. Implementing business prog. with enterpreneurship programs

B. Providing undergraduate courses and concepts about business principles and mgmt

C. Creating of two different business ed. programs... regular MBA and Professional MBA

D. Summer business schools prior to the MBA programs

E. More about startup methodology because of the studies showing that prior to 1990 about 25% of MBA grads ended up in self-employed jobs and by 2010 only 5% choose self-employment.

P.S. Physicians have at least one big advantage. They work continuously in an entrepreneurial environment as a necessity for medical practice.

The big disadvantage physician's have is insufficient business education.

 Important Notices

Protect your private medical practice income using the strategies in this eBook, which  contains the keys to your medical practice survival.

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Buy yourself the most extraordinary experience of your medical career.

eBook,How to propel your medical practice income, cover graphic
"How To Rapidly Propel Your Medical Practice Income To Unlimited Levels In 6 Months"
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red arrow pointing to rightyou just don't know where to turn to get honest and reliable help with your battle to fight the external forces that compromise your practice revenue and growth.

red arrow pointing to rightyou want to improve your medical practice income dramatically in a short period of time.

red arrow pointing to rightyou prefer to find the means to reach your highest level of practice income
and productivity.

red arrow pointing to rightyou demand effective and reliable means for preventing the financial collapse of your
medical practice.

red arrow pointing to rightyou are determined to find ways to combat govt. fee restrictions that continue to increase.

red arrow pointing to rightyou recognize that what you are missing in your medical business are implementation of business principles and marketing strategies.

red arrow pointing to rightyou want to do it yourself and save a bunch of money.

red arrow pointing to rightyou are sick and tired of putting up with what you are being forced into doing with your practice to stay afloat.

red arrow pointing to rightyou are aware that no other physician author is making any effort to tell you what to do and how to do it effectively to reach your expectations you had for your medical career when you started.

red arrow pointing to rightyou understand the severity of being in a business without ever being taught the business knowledge to run it profitably.

red arrow pointing to rightyou insist on having a blueprint for your medical practice business that provides every key to your practice success at the highest level. 

References For Maximizing Your Practice Income

 Read every article published on my website (over 75 medical business articles)
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