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Article #53  Dec. 2013

"Intuition Provides You With the Ability to
Save Time, Energy, and Stress In Your
Medical Practice Business"

Everyone is born with intuition—an inherent ability to obtain extended information about people, places, things and situations without using logic, physical senses and prior knowledge. Seven intuitive senses of intuition help you save time, money and energy in business.

1) Intuitive seeing flashes, pauses or rolls images in your mind’s eye or “out in space”, without using your physical eyes. The images appear in visions and dreams. You rush to an important meeting and intuitively see a vision of a truck driver swerving next to your vehicle on an interstate. Twenty seconds later, the event transpires. You slow down, avoid an accident and reach the meeting in time to close a profitable deal.

2) Intuitive feeling rocks feelings or sensations within your body, without external stimuli. You meet a potential business associate for the first time and intuitively feel good vibes, without knowing much about her. Good vibes indicate a successful association, whereas bad vibes indicate a troublesome association.

3) Intuitive hearing drops sounds in your head, throat, heart or “out in space”, without using your physical ears. You intuitively hear sounds cluing you to accept or reject financial investment opportunities. A “hand clapping” sound means yes—it’s right for you. A “door slam” means no—it’s not right for you or it’s a scam.

4)Intuitive knowing pops information in your head “out of the blue.” You intuitively know what clients will request before they speak. You get a minute or two to strategize your response.

5) Intuitive tasting emerges tastes in your mouth, without you ingesting any substance, such as food, liquids or medicine. You intuitively taste sweetness and sourness while creating a competitive ad campaign. Sweetness signifies when you’re on target. Sourness signifies when you’re off target.

6) Intuitive smelling infiltrates scents in your inner nose or “out in space”, without using your physical nose. You intuitively smell fresh roses or rotten eggs regarding product shipments. Roses indicate promptness. Rotten eggs indicate delay. The latter scent notifies you in advance to find alternative methods.

7) Intuitive speaking erupts truthful, inspirational, wise, prophetic and problem-solving sayings without you thinking about what to say. You abruptly joke about your computer crashing near a project deadline and it happens. Fortunately, you backed up your sales and inventory records.


Intuition helps you save time, money and energy in business through one or multiple intuitive senses that daily communicate intuitive messages to you. Heed your intuition and reap the savings.


© 2006  Published in the Fall 2006 issue of the Gary Hill and Associates Community Guide

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