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Are you losing your private medical practice because you can’t earn enough to keep it open?  If so, it’s because you have never had a formal business education on how to profitably manage a
private practice business

You can't expect to efficiently run a business,
let alone a profitable one
!  You need help!

You learn these simple business lessons
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Article #63 - Mar. 2015

“How Your Perception of Money
Can Destroy Your Medical Practice”

Most physicians are financially destroyed by
of assuming that because they are physicians,  
money (patients) flows to them like a magnet.

     This perception about money and how it flows through our economy actually steals more money from our pockets than taxation of income by the government. Physicians are particularly prone to being misled by the powerful and outdated, even ancient, persuasive logic that physicians don’t really need a business education to be successful.
     That persuasive logic even today continues to be held
in esteem because of three simple disruptive behavior and belief perspectives…

1.   Medical schools never contradict the
belief that physicians don’t need a
business education… they just evade
the whole idea totally.

2.   Business knowledge is never important
to medical students until long after in
their medical careers it’s too late to
obtain it… because medical educators
don’t commit to the value of a business
education for medical students.

3.   The business of medical practice
“knowledge” is too much of a
distraction from real medical practice
time and effort to be worthy of attention… the greatest myth ever promoted.

     Other issues surface that are completely disregarded
by those who are business ignorant, like…

1.   Business and the transfer of money flow
is constantly changing both in business dynamics and financial trends.

2.   Economic trends and beliefs never stay
the same over time… which physicians
are oblivious to.

3.   Patient expectations and choices force changes in the business of medical
practice… causing practicing physicians
to always react retrospectively.

4.   Private medical practice can’t survive
without a solid business platform that contains the business tools necessary
to compensate for the economic
changes, the real flow of money, and
the intrusions of government.

     Each of these practice-destroying issues keeps
rumbling under the surface of your unconscious mind.
They unconsciously beg to be noticed but you are too
busy making money healing and curing your patients to notice consciously… something most doctors seem to do
by nature.
     The unconscious barriers to your attention about,
and regard for, what affects the business platform of
your practice are deeply fixed in your mind. What you consciously notice is an uncomfortable feeling like something is missing and you can’t quite put your
finger on it.

     My first indication that my practice was disintegrating under my nose was when my office manager informed me that there wasn’t enough money to pay all the overhead bills. I attributed that to a temporary seasonal drop in income that had happened before. But then the problem continued month after month gradually creating bigger money problems.
     My CPA who did all my accounting never said a word
to me about the dropping income trend. My corporate attorney who had set up my retirement plan and followed my practice income never said a word to me about the
drop in income that would affect my contributions. My
first step was to lower my own salary temporarily so we could pay all the bills. Nobody watches out for you…
but yourself.

     Never depend on your resource-people to alert you.

     The practice income continued to drop steeply and I
was forced to move to a tiny office where the rent was much less, and had to terminate a couple of my
employees. Finally I found it necessary to cease paying
the withholding tax to the IRS just to get by and keep
my family intact, even knowing the IRS would be after
me soon for paying up.
     Divorce, bankruptcy, and depression were part of my last few years in practice, while I failed to find an
employed medical position for over a year and was living
on credit cards and what office equipment and supplies I could sell to other doctors.
      All these last few years in private practice was a valid mandate for hopelessness. I had absolutely no idea what marketing was about; let alone how to do it. I had no
prior education about business principles or about how to manage a business.

      I just kept on accepting what circumstances handed
me. I saw no options except to become employed somewhere in the USA. I understood that I had only the knowledge about medicine that I could ever rely on.

I want you to think about what I just related to you because there are thousands of private practice doctors today experiencing the same sequence of events as I did. Most of them keep quiet about it, rarely reveal the circumstances to colleagues because of the shame of failure, and leave the community soon after.

The tragedy resulting from it leads to the increasing attrition of physicians.

     Today I can talk about all this unemotionally for the most part. The same process impacts all of the physicians
in the same manner. All you have to do is count the number of doctors who have been forced to sell their medical practices to hospitals all across our nation and become employees to understand the depth of the money problem in medical practice. And no one seems to be
doing anything about solving this dilemma... at least
try to.

     Regrettably, the hierarchy in medical education over
the last 4 decades have failed themselves… and the increasing load of evidence telling them that the source of the problem is money still doesn’t seem to get their attention. Any reasonably intelligent person can easily see that there is a need to somehow enable all physicians to earn the income they deserve.

     When I think about those days over again, now
knowing what the solution is, I become furious at my medical school’s total disregard for providing doctors a business education while in medical school. If it isn’t done then, it never gets done. Physicians simply won’t get the business education when it is left up to their own choice.

     My conclusion is that the medical-profession academics know that physicians need to have a business education to succeed at a level professionals deserve. They not only refuse to provide the business education but also refuse to make business education an important ingredient in the practice of medicine. Strange… since business is the basis for all private practicing doctor’s income.

     Another component of the debate is, why would
medical school academics refuse to tell the medical
students that they have to have a business education to really succeed, even if they won’t provide it themselves? It’s an arcane tragedy pushed on to all doctors today.

     Beyond that, the academics certainly understand that their disregard of business education has been
predisposing physicians to financial failure in private medical practice for decades. They have willingly been proponents as well as the primary cause of physician’s financial failure in medical practice.  

     When a physician like me didn’t know what I didn’t
know about the critical value of a business education and end up with a mind completely ignorant of the business ways out of financial failure, even the business strategies that prevent it in the first place… then whose fault is it?
So, I ask myself questions, to which I never found a
reasonable answer…   

      ---How do I suddenly get a flood of new patients
          joining my practice my income would
          improve rapidly?

      ---How do I get other doctors to refer me more
          patients right away?

      ---What is it that I missed, or did, or needed, or
          should have done all along prior to all this
          happening to have prevented it?

      ---Is there maybe one thing any “business-
          ignorant” doctor can do today to change things
          around financially under those circumstances? 
          In my opinion the answer is NO. But there is a
          way out for those who are willing to listen and
          read, then take action.

     Today I know the answers to all of these questions.
Back then, from the first day that I started my medical practice I should have been creating a doctor referral program and marketing my medical practice. How would any physician know that it has to be started when you
open your practice
and continued for the duration of your career? I didn’t know that. Now you know because I told you so.

      Learning how to run my practice as a business rather than as a place to treat patients, would certainly have prevented what happened to my medical practice financially.

      You can’t possibly run your practice business at top profitability unless you have the required business education to do it. Logic should reveal to you that the money you earn without business knowledge is meager compared to money can earn with business knowledge.

      You can earn some money practicing medicine as all private practice doctors know, but it will NEVER be enough under present day circumstances to provide everything
you plan to do with your career.

      How would you expect to do so without ever having
the business knowledge required for the most success
when all other commercial business owners and other businesses in the world require it to succeed? It’s neither logical nor substantiated by facts and evidence, you can’t!

So, it’s a money thing…  

     It took me another 15 years before I found out what had been missing in my medical practice way back then
and still is missing in most medical practices today… and shouldn’t be.  

1.   I had absolutely no business education or knowledge, at least not enough to even recognize what could have helped me.
      The solo medical practice I started by putting together bits of information from other doctors, their office employees, and the employees I hired, was nothing more than a mix of personal experiences that I thought at the time was excellent help.

The fact is that nearly all physicians in private practice have used this same means to set up
their practices… and are having the same results that I did.

It’s no different today. For those doctors who today are wading into the private medical practice swamp, relying on business advice and knowledge from those who have essentially no business education themselves surely contributes to
financial failure.

      Maybe it’s not as extreme as bankruptcy, but it’s enough of a reduced income to cause you to give up on prior career expectations and plans, forget about paying for your kid’s college education, and re-adjust your lifestyle down to a lower middle class level.
     Those consequences are common in the medical profession today among private practice doctors. It’s a money thing! Is this what you
signed up for?

2.   When you add the difficulty of running/managing
a private medical practice without adequate business knowledge, to the difficulty of managing money required by all successful businesses, it adds up to another dimension of financial failure.

You find that money becomes the one
common and necessary element required to accomplish all you ever intended to do in your career. When there’s not enough money
available, those hoped-for benefits won’t happen.
     It has nothing to do with your passion to do great things in medicine. It has everything to
do with business performance that enables you
to produce the income you need to do it all.
All that depends on seeing enough patients to produce the income needed.

What’s your understanding about the flow of money in and out of businesses?

     It would be a miracle to find even 5 medical doctors that understand this question. It rarely is discussed in public. We all know about earning money and spending it. But there’s very little concern about where it’s coming
from and where it’s going to as long as we grab a good
bit of it as it flows past us.
      The general consensus among physicians… that all money is derived from some sort of business entity and
that no one can do much in life without money is not debatable. Money is not the objective, but it provides the path to the objective.
      Another belief about money exists within the business community. Money is not scarce. There’s lots of money flowing around and is transferred hand to hand around
the world every day. The top 1% of the population
controls most of the money which leads us to believe at least in medical practice that we have a good opportunity
to get a hold of a lot of it. We have always been told that.
      We believe that hard work has its rewards and the harder we work the more income we have. What we didn’t count on was the reality of our government taking over
the medical profession… sometimes alluded to as the "healthcare industry." Neither did we believe that the
surge of medical technology would do anything more than make medical care better.

      Physicians find themselves under increasing government fee restrictions and regulations that are compromising their ability to earn enough money to pay
the bills. No matter how hard physicians work seeing 20 more patients each day than usual, they can’t keep up financially. Along with hard work is another detrimental consequence… burnout.
      Physicians have reached a time today that they are
out of money-earning options. Some have an outside income from a business they started. Many have family money to back them up. The majority of physicians today have an enormous educational debt to pay off, if they
ever can. That debt issue also compromises their income
for 15 years or more.

How does the flow of money have anything
to do with the private practice of
medicine today?

      Most physicians start a private medical practice and
try to gather enough medical patients to provide the
income for the practice.

      For physicians without a business education that process for earning money has become limited by government paperwork, limited amount of
time to see a limited number of patients each day, limited motivation and energy to keep up that pace over time,
and lowered fees to comply with regulations.

      The issue here is that physicians survive by doing anything they can to attract money to themselves and
their practice. Sometimes it’s illegal. It becomes a job of coaxing money back to them. The problem is that money has a mind of it’s own which is a secret that physicians
and others are completely unaware of. The flow of money goes to those who know how to treat money.

      The concept actually is completely opposite of what
you think. Most physicians today don’t get it. Physicians have to learn how to wade into the economic fog and dive into the current where the flow of money is going.

The old concept: I start my medical practice and sit there waiting for patients to come in the door without doing much of anything to stimulate them to do so. (business ignorance)

The new concept that all physicians should be using, and aren’t...
I start my new medical practice but now I have to do numerous patient-attracting campaigns on my own
out there to get enough well paying patients that will bring in enough income to provide me the means to reach all my goals.

       It’s a matter of positioning your medical practice and yourself in the path of the flow of money. You do that
by such things as starting your medical practice in an affluent area of the city, marketing your medical practice continually, establishing a great referral program that pumps patients into your practice from other doctors, and making yourself well liked in the medical and local communities.

      Money having a mind of its own recognizes that it
must go to businesses that know how to treat money.
This is someone that money likes.
      You give money to poor people thinking that it will
help them, but it doesn’t. You have to keep giving them money which disappears immediately with no lasting positive effects. It wastes money and that’s why money doesn’t flow there. Money flows to people and businesses who know how to use money to benefit many.

      For medical professionals it becomes a task of never depending on money to come to you just because you’re
a “good doctor.” That come-on stopped working decades ago. Gradually, physicians have learned ways that they
can step out into the path of the flow of money such as…

·        Starting their medical practice in as area
where patients have good jobs and who
make more money than most, is smart.

·        Choosing a medical specialty that is known
to be a high-earner specialty.

·        Begin a practice by partnering with
doctors already in practice that need help…
then have the money to go solo eventually.

·        Choose the geographical areas of the
nation where net income of doctors is
higher (usually in the Midwest).

·        Starting practice with an HMO and then
moving to private medical practice.

·        There are millionaire physicians who need
associates. They got there with a great
patient load and appropriate business knowledge.

·        By marketing your medical practice, you
are stepping out into the flow of money.
You appeal to patients with higher incomes
and the best job incomes.

If you don’t market to them they will likely never find you. Word of mouth and the telephone book yellow pages
ad will take you 20 years to build a good practice, and about the time you plan
to retire.

·        Intentionally making yourself well known
and liked in the medical community. You
attend social and charity events, you
volunteer to lecture in the community (commonly gain one new patient from
each event), you create a great reputation,
and you publish articles, newspaper articles, and newsletters to patients.

·        Since about 60% of your new patients come from other doctor referrals, having a
doctor referral program established is a
gold mine for attracting new patients.

     Why these things work so well for you is because it’s what most physicians rarely consider doing. It makes you outstanding in the community and most potential new patients learn who you are. You are intentionally seeding the local population for new patients.
     The more you do these things the more patients and income you will achieve. The more methods you use to
do these things the more effective it becomes. You know
this; you just never did anything about it.


The battle between your interests and
money flow

     Have you ever wondered why about 15% of medical doctors change practice situations each year (AMA
Studies)? They didn’t just one day quit and move elsewhere. They all made the decision based primarily
on their ability to adapt and accept what their practice situation required.
     Although there are many good reasons to change their situations, you have to remember that their decision to
be there to start with was made at a time when they were ignorant of the many deep potholes one finds in the road
to the business of medical practice. That 15% of doctors who made the wrong practice decision would probably
never have done it if they had had a business
education prior.
     Then, there are the many other reasons that are the result of income problems of one type of another.
Typically, many physicians make the decision about
where to start practice based on family demands,
recreation requirements, military service, dad’s influence, peers available to help them, and more.
     Often physicians make those decisions with no real concern about whether the financial situation might be unsatisfactory. Often it’s the result of a total lack of
due diligence.

     Young doctors often use emotions to make decisions that a good business education wouldn’t permit.

     The importance of starting practice where the flow
of money is already running through can’t
be overestimated.

     But for those of you physicians that are already
locked into a medical practice location and moving to another practice location seems beyond your ability to
cope with, you do have a reliable means to upgrade your present medical practice that a small investment in business education can quickly produce.

The myth about business education that
keeps most physicians bound and gagged

As most physicians do, you may well believe that the only way to benefit from a business education is to spend the time and money to get it ALL first and then you can
use it efficiently and profitably. Not true!
     Physicians naturally think that way because you were taught that you have to know everything possible about medicine to practice medicine. Not true!

     When you really look at how much you really need to know about medicine to practice your specialty today, you begin to see a comparison. Does an ophthalmologist need
to know what they learned about the vascular circulation
of lungs in medical school to practice ophthalmology?
Does an Internist need to know all the origins and insertions of all the body muscles to practice
internal medicine?
     Just think about all the medical education you forgot and how infrequently you are required to look up
something in medical care.

     It’s reasonable to say that at least half of all that you learned while in medical school you never will find useful
in your own specialty.

     It’s no different with a business education. You find
and use the elements of business that will work for you. You do, however, need to know what would help you the most, the segments of business that you should have knowledge about, and the elements that you would be interested in using to benefit your practice the most.

     How would you discover those things? You need someone with some business smarts, like me, to show
you your options and help you to accomplish them. I am ready to help you when you are serious enough
about accomplishing more, earning more with less stress, and have a real belief that business knowledge and implementation can and will change your life in
medicine completely.

You need to get over your assumptions about business

     The reason that taking on the task of a business education may seem so impossible to you is because your mind has had no exposure to how powerful a small piece
of business knowledge can be for you. The irrational tendency is to look at business education as if it requires years of learning and a mountain of money. That’s where you go wrong.
     It doesn’t require either. It surly doesn’t require
an MBA.

     What you can do with a small segment of business education may be all you need to accomplish. That can
be done easily by reading three of four books written by business experts on one element of business that is not only something you would like to do but also something that interests you. If it doesn’t work for you then you
find a second business method to try.
My God, for upwards of 8 years I have been telling you what options you have and how to use them efficiently in
your medical practice to make more money, feel better
about yourself, gain prominence in your medical
community, keep your practice growing, and apply
business strategies and tactics that can make you rich.

     What do you think my 75 or so medical business
written to you and published on my website for
your benefit is all about? The fact that all that expert
business education has been free should tell you that
they aren’t much value money-wise for me. I know that the information I put out for physicians is worth at least $250/month on a par with monthly consulting fees.

     Good, my rant is over, so let’s get back to solid information.

     My advice to you is to start thinking about doing just
a few business strategies, at least one anyway, to expand your medical practice without seeing more patients every day in the office… without being overstressed or burned out. Working smarter is the key. That’s where business knowledge runs rings around usual medical
practice productivity.

     You need to get over your mind pattern of avoiding business knowledge altogether. Who knows, maybe you
will find that starting small and thinking tall will incite a passion to take your medical practice business to
extremes. It would be terrible if you suddenly were wealthy… how would you be able to explain that to
your peers?

     I understand that within every skull, creative and ambitious thoughts occur... for some physicians more
than others.

     Your passion to continue practicing medicine will
return when you diligently apply what I have been
telling you to do all this time, otherwise you may be
among those physicians who can’t be taught anything
new, don’t wish to do any better, or can’t make a connection between income and the quality of doctor
you have become.

handwritten signature of Dr. Graham



"Professional Probe"

photo of large dog stuck between two trees

Can you relate to this photo? Most physicians can. Physicians suffer from a mess they got themselves into simply by becoming a physician... and at a time when we never even saw it coming.
     This situation is so close to reality today because physicians are also trapped by having absolutely no idea about how to solve their  financial problem of dropping income.
     If the dog pictured here squirmed around enough it would get free. But instead it quietly waits for help... the wrong approach.  Similarly, physicians could work themselves free of their financial worries by discovering and implementing a few practical marketing methods that allows one to squirm out of your financial bind... but most physicians don't do it.
     Physicians, who were born with the entrepreneurial spirit, too often don't know they have that capability. You need to be told you have it for some reason that I don't understand. Maybe it's simply that you need permission to step out into the unknown world of business where the answers are found. You have nothing to lose is you are already hurting financially.

Buy a few of Dan Kennedy's books on marketing; read them and apply the principles today.


 Article #63-A

Photo of Dan S. Kennedy, marketing expert

If You Are To Dedicate Yourself
To  Truly Mastering Only ONE Category of Knowledge, Only ONE Skill-Set, Only ONE Competence –
What Should It Be?

STANLEY BING is a funny, sarcastic, provocative guy. His books include  Sun Tzu Was A Sissy…What Would Machiavelli Do?....and  100 Bullshit Jobs & How To Get Them. He’s a long-time columnist for Fortune, a top executive at a giant corporation whose identity is a worst kept secret, and a very rich fellow with homes in NYC, LA, and Mill Valley, California. His latest book –  THE CURRICULUM: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Master of Business Arts  – is both tongue-in-cheek, dry humor and serious advice. The pie chart illustrations are good for a chuckle. I pulled two connected items from it for you…

His answer to “Do people ever really make it to the top without  an MBA?”   includes this list of people who got along okay or are muddling through  without their MBA: Disney, Jobs, Wozniak, Branson, Ellison, Dell, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Zuckerberg, Gates, Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx®, world’s first from-scratch female billionaire), and Ron Popeil. And Oprah.

None of these people went to business school. Most didn’t even graduate from college. I can add my own LONG list – notably including Greg Renker and Bill Guthy. Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. And me. Warren Buffet attended Wharton, but bailed, saying he knew more than his teachers.

Famous Wharton grads  do include top Wall Street crooks like Dennis Levine and Raj Rajaratnam. Bing admits to “cooking the books” to make his point – there are corporate titans with MBA’s from various learned institutions. But the point stands nonetheless, and it is particularly valid about   entrepreneurs.

Basically, to get an MBA, you surrender your visionary thinking and renegade-ism, akin to surrender of your humanity to get a law degree (some do recover) or surrendering opinions of your own in exchange for a marriage license (just kidding). After they create companies, entrepreneurs are pressed into putting MBA holders in charge, but you won’t find many great enterprises – or small, nicely profitable small businesses – created by MBA holders.

They are intellectually impotent, when it comes to creating.  So, what will  you find? – if you look for the shared, key item in Disney, Jobs, Branson, Ellison, Blakely, and  the majority of other entrepreneurial creators, builders and fortune makers? I give you
Bing’s answer, within comment on his own career:

“Ask any writer/journalist what he does all day. He writes for perhaps 20% of the day. The rest of the time is spent   selling editors on story ideas, selling  potential sources on the benefits – often illusory – of talking to them,   selling the finished story to their editors again, fighting for space in the paper or online media – which
is a form of selling, then going out at night, drinking and selling  projects to book editors. All day long, selling, selling, selling. 

Occasionally they do a little writing. Artists, too, their time branding, positioning, and marketing their stuff, to critics and gallery owners. Who would want anything by  Pollack or Warhol if it hadn’t already been branded, explained, super-marketed and pre-sold as a valuable object? The only person who was an absolute loser at
the sales part of his game was Vincent van Gogh, who produced several paintings a day for his entire working career and sold not one of them. He finally shot himself. That’s what happens when you suck at selling.”

NOTE: To receive access to the July Newsletter as well as $633.91 of free money-making marketing and sales information from Dan Kennedy and GKIC simply click the link here.

DAN S. KENNEDY  is a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; advisor to countless first-generation, from-scratch multi-millionaire and 7-figure income entrepreneurs and professionals; and, in his personal practice, one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America. As a speaker, he has delivered over 2,000 compensated presentations, appearing repeatedly on programs with the likes of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), and many other celebrity-entrepreneurs, for former U.S. Presidents and other world leaders, and other leading business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, often addressing audiences of 1,000 to 10,000 and up.  His popular No B.S. books have been favorably recognized by Forbes, Business Week, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine. His NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, one of the business newsletters published for Members of GKIC Insider's Circle, is the largest paid subscription newsletter in its genre in the world.

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My desire is to always offer you the business and marketing strategies that you will need if you ever wish to reach your maximum potential in the practice of medicine whether you are employed or in private practice.

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The average medical doctor in the US practices medicine for 12,617 days and leaves a million dollars on the table during that time.

They never are able recognize that it was available to them during all those years because they lack a business education that shows it to them.

This book is unique because no other author has ever written about the primary cause and solution to today's increasing attrition of physicians and the demise of private medical practice.

Once the reader becomes exposed to the extreme and relentless series of strategic moves organized and implemented by our government to control healthcare, the reader will understand why all physicians must be provided with an academic business education.

Secondly, the reader will discover the critical importance and practical value of a business education for practicing physicians. Today, most physicians struggle financially while running their medical practice business because of their reliability on their own business ignorance.

The contents discuss all the benefits and advantages of business knowledge, how to get  it and use it, and quickly reverse the money crunch you are experiencing today.

You probably won't get much benefit from an MBA degree because it's not oriented to medical practice business that demands special knowledge, implementation, and decisions.
The success principles of all businesses are the same, but the management of those business strategies have to match the passions, objectives, and diligence capabilities of each  physician.

The content is meant not only to inspire physicians to gain business knowledge, but also to get a very clear understanding about how fragile their medical career is to present day economic, political, and social threats.

The ultimate goal of all medical doctors should be to use their business knowledge as a offensive weapon against predators, both economic and governmental, to survive and grow using the business tools I continue to throw at you. It's the only offensive force that physicians have to use to remain in private practice.

I truly believe this is the one and only solution for maintaining solo medical practice. This is especially critical to the most popular option... cash only practice... for practicing medicine outside the government healthcare system.

Order your book today

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I guarantee that it will stick to your hands and mind until you've read it all the way through.

Thank you for your business.


Profitable Practice Tips

1. Excerpt from Dan Kennedy's article---"Be Thankful For What Most Never Grasp"

  "There is a link between the amount of defiance in you and in your business life and the amount of wealth in your bank account.
    A stubborn clinging to 'THE way things have always worked around here' is a fact of life that is occasionally frustrating, but is something for all Renegade Millionaires to be very, very thankful for.
    The fear, ego, arrogance, defensiveness, narrow-mindedness, intellectual sloth, and un-creativeness of the overwhelming majority of business people, from the shopkeeper to the Fortune 500 CEO, keeps offering up grand opportunity to the renegades. As Mike Vance said, "if you left leadership in the hands of the 99%, we'd still be reading at night by candlelight and commuting to work on a horse."
    Also fortunate for us, most grossly underestimate the power of marketing. They never seem to recognize that the most epic successes are not about the product or the service or their features, benefits, competitive superiority or price."

     Yes, he is talking about physicians as well. Which means as long as 99% of physicians remain unable to recognize the serious value of marketing, it opens the market wide open for the few physicians who do know what marketing their medical practice will do, and accomplish miracles with their practices.

---Dan S. Kennedy, marketing genius

Borderless Humor

"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups: alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat."
       ---Alex Levine    ; 

Truth or Consequences

"So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity."

---2 Corinthians 9:7

Interesting Facts

"Your tongue is the only muscle in your body that is attached at only
one end."

Inspiration Time

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!"

---Wayne Dyer      


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 Facts And Stats
You Should Know

1. Business Education:
(WSJ-2-5-15) Harvard MBA program is slow to teach management for a tech era.
Comment: Regina Herzlinger, teaches healthcare, meeting with non-MBA students and pushing to create a joint degree program with the business and medical schools. Harvard Business School lags behind Stanford and MIT concerning technology teaching.

2. New Antibiotic--(WSJ-Jan. 2015) Called teixobactin class---discovered by screening 10,000 strains of bacteria in soil. appears to be potent against most bacterial infections resistant to present antibiotics.


What Your Kids
Are Capable Of…

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When you want to understand
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Teach your kids these things

business principles,
--creative thinking,
--decision making,
--goal setting,
--faith in God,
the power of money


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Paraprosdokian Ideas

"Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier
to live with."


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