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Article #67 - JULY 2015

"Skyrocket Your Medical Practice Income
by Expanding On A Few of Your Usual
Office Procedures”

(Part 1 of 2)

" Forget the medical office business stuff that you
already hate to do. Rely on the easier task of
upgrading several of your common office
procedures to highly profitable processes.”


It sounds like something that’s almost too easy… doesn’t it?
Then you wonder why you didn’t think about doing that
yourself. Well, don’t worry about that because you were never programmed mentally to recognize the everyday secrets most other business educated people have learned and you never found out about.

I’m going to tell you about how to do that today so stick with
me here. As you know every improvement made in any
business takes time and effort to show good results. It’s a great time now to use your creative mind that you already use to diagnose and treat medical problems that hide from you.

You already have an entrepreneurial mind; otherwise you could not make-it in the medical profession. You solve medical
problems in one way or another that at the start had no solutions, and you do it almost every day.

Doctors face and solve those kind of problems all the time. The amazing results of doing these things fit any physician, any
age, any location, in any kind of medical practice.

I can’t help but believe that these suggestions for most of the older doctors, business haters, can make a miracle happen in their medical practice that hasn’t happened in the last 20 years.

Take these marketing suggestions and run with them
for a while, see if I’m right.

Several methods are available to influence patients to help you improve your income. As ridiculous as it sounds, you have to
ask them.

Consider these office approaches to encourage patients to help you (earn more money).

1.     Messaging to your patients…

2.     Educating your patients…

3.     Gifting your patients…

4.     Customer service…

5.     Applauding your patients…

6.     Updating your patients…

7.     Patient referral programs…

8.     Professional demeanor…

9.     Surveying your patients...

10.  Newsletters…


1. Office communication with patients outside
the office...

You frequently have contacts with patients… right?

Most physicians have several means of connecting with their patients including phone calls, emails, texting, fax, direct mail, and short wave radio (think Alaska).

The purpose here is to keep in touch with patients frequently. It means you remember them and recognize them as friends as well. Emotionally for patients you are telling them that you care about them.

You show that by sending them birthday, holiday, and special occasion cards. Patients often forget when they saw you last, what it was for, and what benefit they had from the visit.

The effort creates loyalty to you and your practice. It prevents them from changing doctors and makes it much more difficult to change if they decide to do it. You retain more patients than other doctors because you do
such things.

The loyalty and retention keeps the income from patients in your office rather than in another doctor’s office.

You often give medical information to patients… right?

The motivation for physicians today, having to survive under increasing fee restrictions, is to see more patients each day to increase income. Without patients, you don’t survive in the medical profession. Worse, you don’t earn any money. Even worse, you become a liability to your family.

You just don’t know any other way to earn income in your practice other than seeing more patients. You were never taught any other methods, strategies, or techniques about how to earn money in your practice.

The primer for recruiting new patients is the fact that when you see many more patients each day you don’t or can’t take time to educate your patients about their medical problems, which patients are starving for… and disappointed about.

Consequently, most physicians don’t do anything much to ever education their patients. So when a doctor does make that effort, he or she stands out from the crowd in the patient’s mind.

When your patient tells a neighbor or friend or work associate that you explain medical things thoroughly like no other doctor does, they recommend you as a doctor. And it doesn’t cost you a penny for that referral. Word spreads fast because this “overly” extraordinary doctor becomes known in the
community rapidly.

When you do things that other doctors are not doing, you get the patients. It’s a fact.

2. Educational handouts

You can’t take the time to tell your patients everything you would have liked to tell them about their health
problem… right?

If you’re too busy, at least prepare medial handouts for your patients to read, take home, and expose others to what you wrote. This same result happens more frequently when you have a newsletter to send out to your patients, which I’ll discuss later.

Although patients often use their computers to look up
medical information, it may be hard to understand and they often don’t trust what is written there.

When the same info comes from their-own physician, the opposite is true. And that runs up your credibility another
20 notches in the mind of your patient. Less than 1% of physicians do anything like this. They wonder why so many
of their patients move elsewhere.

It takes time to do this and can be done outside of office
hours at home with your bare feet up on the coffee table and sipping on your favorite brew. The cost to do this is
negligible compared to the cost of losing another patient.

It’s been touted that every loyal patient produces around
$400 to $800 income for your practice every 3 years, excluding surgical procedures.

A medical practice of 2000 private patients would produce about $800,000 every 3 years… and this is at the low end
of incomes. So if you earn about $200,000/year as an employed doctor, you may be facing a nine-to-five job with
a fixed or declining salary over time and have no possibility
of earning more in your job.

There is strong evidence and predictability that there will be less doctor jobs because of shifting the healthcare load to midlevel providers under the Affordable Care Act.

Consequently, salaried doctors will discover their salaries decreasing very soon. No wonder the stats from the AMA
and SK&A Company reveals that 14% of doctors move each year. You and I know why… right?

Why wouldn’t doctors quit medical practice? They could have made lots more money in another business career.

     3. Gifting your patients

     Don’t you sometimes surprise patients by some free-to-take
     items on the counter at the front desk? Patients remember
     that well.

Doesn’t everyone like to receive gifts? That thought may
seem trivial to you but it’s an effective factor for improving your relationships with patients. The common mistake
being made with gifts is to give them something that is
either contrary to good medical care (candy) or is
essentially a useless object (tiny plastic toys).

Gifts such as nail clippers, combs, pens, key chains, staple removers, and nail files are just a few that are available
online and won’t break your bank. Even if patients ignore them, the gesture of your giving remains in their minds.

When they go to other doctors they likely won’t see any
such thing being done, yet it is an influential gesture.

Some physicians take the time and money to celebrate with their patients once a year. All patients are invited to an
all day festival in the local parking lot, pony rides for the
kids, free food, lots of music, magic tricks, adult games, etc.

If you want to be known in the community, this is an
excellent way to get new patients. I know a few of these doctors that do this. They all track their wins and losses
from the project and always come out ahead financially.

Don’t forget that this gifting is even more important when
applied to your own medical staff. When they receive a gift from you that’s unexpected, you can bet on them telling patients and everyone about it.

This is a real demonstration of your attitude towards people.
If you do such things for your employees, then patients will certainly know that you are a doctor that treats your
patients the same way.

Remember that patients don’t come to see you because of
your medical knowledge and skills, they come to you because of how you and your office staff treat them personally. If
they are insulted or spoken harshly to just once, they will
seek another doctor that same afternoon.

If you contact the patient and apologize immediately, you might keep the patient longer. The problem is that as the physician (you) won’t hear about the bad treatment of a patient at all or much later. Other employees will not spill
the beans about it.

4. Customer service

You always try to make patients as comfortable as possible when they are with you in the office… right?

The rude awakening for most physicians is that they need
to do a lot more customer service for patients. For instance, how does your office staff treat patients when you aren’t present? Actually, conflicts with the office staff are
responsible for the loss of most patients… not you.

Take time to overhear how your staff members talk to
patients on the phones. A thorough re-education of how to
talk on the phone to patients may be needed.

Most doctors are totally ignorant about what customer
service is about in any business. It goes much further than talking nicely to people. Sometimes a spontaneous decision
to help a patient without being asked is necessary.

Many patients are in pain, are disabled, have mobility problems, and responding to their distress is essential… at
the right moment and in an appropriate manner.

The most effective customer service is a house call. Rarely
do doctors do that today, but you have a responsibility to see that a patient gets into your office safely and also helped
back to their car if need be.

Telephone courtesy is paramount, even if the patient is
angry, intolerant, manipulative, and demanding. Your staff needs to be instructed on how to manage these kinds of issues. What and how a patient is spoken to on the phone is the difference between losing a patient, especially a new patient, or not.

Have a real person answer the phone when your office is open… not a robot or an answering service. Your availability
is critical to customer service improvement. Don’t keep a patient “on hold” if possible, because it often leads to forgetting them or they somehow get “cut-off” by accident.

No staffer would do that on purpose… would they… really?

Don’t delay your phone calls back to patients if possible. Letting patients know that you return all calls between
certain hours of the day, which allows patients to make themselves available at the hour.

Someone on staff should be accountable for prioritizing your phone messages relative to urgency and liability danger.

Not returning phone calls tells patients that you don’t really care about them at all.

     5. Applaud your patients

You do have at least a few patients who have made their mark in
the local community… right?

Recognition by others is an essential element of a person’s
self-esteem. You will discover that there are patients in your practice that are well known or celebrities, make news in
the newspaper, are involved in events and happenings that make a difference, and accomplish wonderful things.

Celebrating your patient’s success, regardless of what that
is, should be acknowledged by you. Not only do those
patients relish recognition you give them for their activities, but also your unexpected compliments, especially from a
busy doctor, is something they will remember well.

Have a bulletin board, put up their newspaper story clipping when you discover their hidden talents, skills, or interest.
You are in essence promoting their fame to your other
patients and marketing their name and business (if any). Reciprocity is the key to this behavior model. You do something for them and they feel the obligation to do something for you.

It’s the perfect occasion to ask your patients to refer other friends, neighbors, and family to your practice… have them
call for an appointment or information.

Often these patients are moving in higher social circles and would refer higher quality of patients to you. Most potential high quality patients are associated with affluent people looking for a “special” caliber doctor. You’re it, when you
take time to develop this lead generation source of patients.

If you get only one new patient a month, annually it will increase your income by a few thousand dollars. You know
it’s important because you lose patients from your practice
and need replacements.

When you want to grow your practice, you have to maintain many more new patients coming into your practice than
those leaving.

It means that you have to maintain a log in your office of every new patient and every patient leaving your practice to even begin to understand whether your practice is growing
or declining. Believe me, you definitely need to know those statistics. It’s the primary cause of physicians ending up with financial problems and have to sell their practices
to hospitals.

Zig Ziglar, a famous business expert, said, “If you
help enough other people get what they want,
you will get what you want”.

Comment: The last 5 money making suggestions will be continued in the next ezine issue.

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"Professional Probe"

photo of toddler trying to lift 200 pound barbells You may believe that marketing your private medical practice as well as managing the business of medical practice is impossible for you to handle, like the toddler in this photo. It isn't.

You can handle it because you already have an entrepreneurial mindset that you use daily to seek out solutions to health problems your patients walk in the door with.

You are used to being confronted with symptoms and disease signs that seem impossible to do much about, but you engineer the solutions yourself or with your peers.

After my latest education in business and marketing, I discovered that we all are very capable of accomplishing more in your medical career than we thought possible.

At the time I left medical practice, knowing nothing about business or marketing, I had the strong belief that I had accomplished much more in my medical career than I ever expected. Little did I know that there was much more hidden from me to be had.

The same hidden resource is still hidden for 99% of all physicians, dentists and even attorneys. None of those other careers know any more than you do about running a business profitably.

I can't say for sure, but probably 99% of them also resort to on-the-job learning about what you should have been taught in the beginning.

And that method has been failing miserably, at least for physicians, for decades... the disheartening torment today is that the one resolution to the problems we see today with doctor attrition has been totally ignored by academics.

Providing a business education along with the medical school curriculum is the dangling medical education cure of the century.

I hate it that I now have to look back at the medical education system that continues to throw physicians out into private medical practice completely unprepared for adapting to the constant changes in the business of medical practice.

My military experience confirmed for me that it is not a good decision to send soldiers into battle without any ammunition. Same thing in my opinion.

Competent Doctor + Business Ignorance = The Success Myth

Competent Doctor - Business Ignorance = The Factual Truth
The myth about ever reaching your optimal competency, skills, income, capabilities, goals, expectations, and satisfaction with your career. Of that I am sure!

 Article #65-A

Photo of Dan S. Kennedy, marketing expert 

Four ways to add quick profits to your business…

“Publish or perish.”

That’s what Dan Kennedy and Matt Zagula say in their new book,  No B.S. Trust-based Marketing.

Dan continues, “Even if you are a proprietor of a local hardware store, landscape company, home remodeling company, etc., …you need to write and publish your own book as well as other information media such as newsletters, special reports, how-to-guides, and more. Anyone who seeks trusted authority and advisor status will publish, or perish.”

In an age of diminishing trust, establishing credibility and authority are increasingly becoming key factors to success. And there’s no doubt that published authors are considered trusted authorities.

In chapter 7, Dan starts out by saying that Matt Zagula points out that “author is in the word authority.”

But before you start thinking you need to run out and write a book, I’ll let you in on a little secret: That is not what I, nor Dan are suggesting here.

There are many things you can publish. In fact, information products don’t even have to be written. You can create video and audio information products too. Or create an audio program and have it transcribed to create a book or report.

Here’s a sample of some of the info-products you might want to consider for your business:

  • Newsletters
  • E-books
  • Special Reports
  • How-to Guides
  • Lists of resources
  • Insider reports
  • Expert interviews

Information products establish trust and credibility—making it
easier to sell your core products and services at premium prices.

In addition, here are four additional reasons why you should consider
adding information products to your business...

  1. High profit margins.  Consider that people value information differently than they do physical products. For example, the cost of an iPhone is worth a set amount. But an information product that
    promises to double your income in 90 days is worth a subjective
    amount to each person considering purchasing it.

    Combine this with the fact that you can create information products
    at a very low cost (especially if you create digital products that consumers download) and you have an extremely high profit margin.
  2. Create enduring information products once, get paid on them forever.  When you create evergreen information products they retain their selling power year and year. That means you do the work once
    and make money year after year.
  3. Easy and low cost distribution.  You can create an e-book or a
    video series or special report with very low costs. You can use video, audio, and PDF files to create low-cost information products and with inexpensive distribution channels such as email, you can distribute
    your products instantly, automatically, easily and inexpensively.
  4. Eliminate commoditization.  In a world where commoditization is a problem, you can set yourself and your business apart by leveraging your knowledge to create information products. Plus while there may
    be products similar to yours, there is virtually no competition for your product because no one knows exactly what you know, nor will they present it in exactly the same way you do.

    That means your info-product will be unique and won’t exist in any other place. You can also use your info-product to set your business apart even further by incorporating your unique selling proposition throughout your product.

    For example, if your unique proposition is that you are the only health club that includes a custom diet for your customers, you might want
    to talk about the benefits and importance of combining proper diet
    with exercise throughout your info-product.

Increase your credibility and authority this year by creating an information product. You’ll find it a low-cost way to increase your income  and set yourself apart from your competition.

NOTE: Want more insider information on how to leverage marketing and sales to improve your business?  Click  here to claim your special free
bonus of $633.91 worth of marketing materials.

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By: Darcy Juarez, GKIC - Dan Kennedy


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 Facts And Stats

1. Thinking of getting an MBA??
Articles and Reports about the quality of business schools are seen more frequently today. It seems that a few business schools have closed for lack of funds (no federal money) like the Moxie Center at UCSD.

An article in the WSJ Aug. 2015, by Ken Kuang states that "Moxie failed to teach the two basic survival skills for startups: understanding the concept of 'win-win' and how to forecast profits and losses." Many U.S. business school graduates can't create a realistic profit and loss statement.

This is why I have repeatedly stated that physicians do not need and MBA, it won't help a physician in private medical practice because the MBA teaches about general business issues unrelated to the medical profession.

2. Business schools responses--
After finding weaknesses in business education programs several schools have begun...

A. Implementing business programs with entrepreneurship programs

B. Providing undergraduate courses and concepts about business principles and mgmt.

C. Creating of two different business ed. programs... regular MBA and Professional MBA

D. Summer business schools prior to the MBA programs

E. More about startup methodology because of the studies showing that prior to 1990 about 25% of MBA grads ended up in self-employed jobs and by 2010 only 5% choose self-employment.

P.S. Physicians have at least one big advantage. They work continuously in an entrepreneurial environment as a necessity for medical practice.

The big disadvantage physician's have is insufficient business education.



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red arrow pointing to rightyou are sick and tired of putting up with what you are being forced into doing with your practice to stay afloat.

red arrow pointing to rightyou are aware that no other physician author is making any effort to tell you what to do and how to do it effectively to reach your expectations you had for your medical career when you started.

red arrow pointing to rightyou understand the severity of being in a business without ever being taught the business knowledge to run
it profitably.

red arrow pointing to rightyou insist on having a blueprint for your medical practice business that provides every key to your practice success at the highest level. 

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