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Are you losing your private medical practice because you can’t earn enough to keep it open? It’s because you were never told you needed a formal business education to reach your peak performance!
  “They” taught you how to practice medicine, but not how to run a medical practice business, let alone a profitable one.

We are talking here about your need for implementing OFFENSIVE financial business weapons to earn what you want whenever.

 You learn these proven and effective business
 weapons and how to use them on this site!

Article #68 - August 2015

“Skyrocket Your Medical Practice Income by Expanding On A Few of Your Usual Office Procedures”

(Part 2 of 2)

These are effective marketing activities any
medical office can do to magnify income and satisfaction, inexpensively.

(Continued from Part 1)

6. Updating your patients about your maintaining
your edge...

You do want your patients to know you
keep up with the knowledge and skills of your
profession… right?

One thing that often comes to a patient’s mind more often than not about their own doctor or about the doctor you referred them to the other day, “Are you in your busy practice taking the time to continuously maintain your medical skills and knowledge on the leading edge of your medical practice and specialty?”

About 99% of patients won’t ask you, but wonder about
if they are getting the benefit of top notch medical care. About 99% of physicians never tell their patients much about their efforts to keep up to date in medicine. So
how else can any patient find that out?

Patients dearly love to hear about what you are doing in life, especially in your medical career today. They want
to know or be assured that as a physician you do stay current with professional standards and requirements.

That verification communication is a dominant driver of
a patient’s loyalty and satisfaction in knowing they have made the right choice of a doctor. Increased trust and confidence in your capabilities is the result.

You see, most physician’s erroneously believe that doing these things is called “bragging”, conceit, arrogance, or waste of their time. When in fact they are
short-changing themselves in an ongoing fashion.

Patients today are much more perceptive and smart enough to see right through your mental curtain. They know more often than not whether you are B.S.-ing
them or are seriously letting them know your desire to
be the best doctor you can be.

Smart doctors recognize the benefits of revealing their recent upgrading of their skills, medical education conferences they attend and what new stuff
they learned.

Once patients know these attributes they tell it to
others. Patients get a certain comfort when they can
brag about their doctor being top of the line. Do you
think it would result in referrals of new patients? You
can bet on it.

In essence, this factor is a completely free form of marketing your medical practice.

7. Patient referral programs

     Do you really like having other doctors refer
     patients to you? Or are you so busy that you
     don’t need new patients?

If so, then you may have forgotten that your medical practice is always shrinking as patients leave your practice often for the usual personal reasons.

Your income consequently is also shrinking unless you continuously have a plan to have some new patients coming in at the same time. Remember what I said
above about “growing” your practice?

Throughout your private practice career you must always have many more new patients coming into your practice than leaving, to be successful to
the end.

So, what’s your plan to keep the doctor referrals coming in… even over years to come? Surveys reveal that about 60% of your new patients are referred to you by other doctors. Did you know that? Do you realize how critical that is to your own practice financial survival?

To manage a profitable medical practice business you must create a “doctor referral program”. The only cost
to you is the time you spend putting it together. It’s usually not an interference with daily practice hours. I have written an article on my website about how to do it.

The short summary about how to do it might be called “snuggling-up” to potential referring doctors. Think
about how you feel when you refer your own patients
out to other doctors and rarely get a “thank you” for it.

A frequent gifting system that says thank you for you, and one that is combined with holiday greeting cards or
other direct person to person communications or gifts is appropriate. Even sending a barrel of oranges to the
office staff of those doctors at appropriate holiday times creates a similar business attraction.

You’ll discover that many medical office referrals
originate with the office staff members, not the doctor. “Shall we refer this patient to Dr. _______?” You
should snuggle them also in a business way.

Having no referral promotion/stimulation plan results in practice suicide, at least financially. Ask the physicians who are now selling their medical practices to hospitals
about that.


8. Professional demeanor

     You do change your underwear at least once a
     week… right?

Business people around the world insist on the need for attire and manners that reflect the standards
universally accepted when business interactions are
being formulated. It is not any different from doctors dealing with patients… which is a business transaction. You provide a service and you get paid for doing it.

There are times when doctors are involved in medical situations that keep them up all night and may appear
in the office is scrub suits, maybe even splatters of
blood, but they are the exceptions.

Patients expect when you are treating them that your attire is clean and you don’t have foul breath and foul body odor. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can
you take care of patients properly, is the perception.

Your cleanliness has a direct influence on a patient’s healthcare. If a patient is distracted by your unusual behavior, attire, rudeness, interruptive voice, or phone calls that take you out of the exam room, patients feel neglected. They also feel that their medical care is less than it should be.

My wife and I once had a consultation with a middle
aged attorney who repeatedly kept scratching his
armpits all the while we talked. Apparently, he was consciously unaware of his actions at the time. But, it
was so disruptive that we left completely dissatisfied
with the consultation and remembered little of it.

Patient’s quickly understand your mood and hurriedness by what you say and do in the exam room.

The greatest test of your demeanor is during a confrontation with an unhappy patient. It usually means that you will lose that medical patient regardless of the outcome. A slow mature quiet response to the patient’s comments, if carefully managed, will appease the
patient enough to remain a patient of yours.

My three rules to crush a patient’s attack on me or others are…

  1. Ask the patient (person) to tell me exactly what happened, explain it clearly to me in detail.

  2. I respond by saying to them that “I have the capability of resolving this issue you have right now, if you help me understand what I need to do”. Is that what you’d like?

  3. What is it specifically that you would like me to do for you to satisfy you about
    this problem?

The result is like magic happening right on the spot. When I ask the first question the patient understands that I am serious about fixing the problem. In order
then to explain in detail what their problem or issue
is all about, they mentally must calm down.

Once they have completed all their description
(without my interrupting) about the issue, my reinforcement response (#2) confirms for them what
they had assumed about me at the start… that I’m
willing and able to resolve the issue immediately (whether I can or intend to do it).

Question #3 forces the patient to tell me the answer
to the dilemma without me having to guess about what
it will take to resolve the issue.

Sometimes it can’t be resolved and you may lose your temper along the way. I had a new patient, wife of a military member who was now out of the service, who attacked me verbally the instant I opened the exam
room door.

Her main point was that while in the military medical care, the military doctors convinced her that all of the civilian doctors would try to do as much as they can to earn more money from her medical care… do
unnecessary tests, procedures, and treatments.

After using up all my ammunition defending civilian doctors, and myself, I resorted to an artillery approach and bombardment. I knew that she could never be my patient under any condition.

So I sent my most devastating missile at her (in a very quiet voice). I want you to know that I am fresh out of the military myself and served for 6 years as a military doctor. I know you were given the wrong information about outside doctors.

What wounded me the most was that she never
seemed to hear what I just said to her… she was so
angry that whatever I said was like a sniper’s trigger
for her.

I told her that there would be no charge for the visit, turned around, and quietly walked out the door. You
see, I thought that I had the where-with-all as a very capable doctor to manage any sort of conflict I might
run up against without physical violence. Well, I didn’t. But, that didn’t exclude my mental violence that remained silently in storage.

In a suit, tie, white coat with a pleasant smile as you intentionally and gently shake the hand of every new patient while introducing yourself to new patients and
old patients who forgot what you looked like, you are prepared to meet the expectations of any patient, anytime.

Your demeanor should be matched to your reputation. Patients come to you for care because of the way you treat them, not because you are the most credentialed MD in America.

9. Surveying your patients

You would like to know how patients feel about
you and your practice… wouldn’t you?

How else would you discover what keeps them coming
to you all those years, what they like about you, and
what they don’t like about you? Maybe you don’t want

to know because you might not want to hear the truth? God forbid, you might have to change your ways to help meet what your patients expect from you.

You may believe you are doing everything right, but
what if you are irritating to your patients and don’t recognize it? I’ve known a lot of physicians who persistently do things that send a negative feeling about them to their patients.

There are a certain set of rules to follow when you
survey your patients, done in order to get your patient’s true feelings and honest responses.

  1. Surveys should never cover more than 5 questions.

  2. Multiple-choice responses have a greater
    completion rate.

  3. Surveys should not require patient signatures.

  4. Best time to hand a survey questionnaire to a
    patient is after the office visit and before they
    leave the office.

  5. Allow patients to leave and complete the
    survey at home when they ask. If you don’t
    let them, they will not complete the survey
    at all.

  6. Explain at the top of the page why you need
    to do this. It should always be to improve some patient benefit, not yours.

Patients are probably the only people who can give an honest view or judgment about how well your practice doing, short of spending a bunch of money to hire a person to evaluate your practice business functions, maybe even you.

Patients see things that need attention that neither
you nor your staff sees, because you are usually too
busy to pay attention.

A great deal of things occurs in your office that you,
the doctor, will never see or never find out about, especially if it’s related to staff foul-ups. The staffers
can keep it from you, but not usually from patients
that are standing right there witnessing it all.

I worked with physicians that had an office staff
member swindle $40,000, another about $15,000. Patients see the clues, but just keep quiet thinking
that the doctor already knows and is doing something about it.

Surveys are such an easy task to do and offer an extraordinary amount of information that will be
valuable to you in many ways. It’s probably too easy
and is why 99% of doctors never do it… they like to
do everything the hard way.

Since physicians never receive a formal business education and are expected to manage a medical
practice business profitably, doing surveys of you patients is even more critical.

You might save a lot of money that I lost. When I
finally discovered my front desk employee using my copier to print up a hundred of her church bulletins
for Sunday services for the prior several years. I
figured that it was my unexpected and involuntary
tithes and offerings to do the Lord’s work.

Become a “wise watchman” in your medical practice
and save a lot of money.


10. Newsletters

  You would want to have a powerful way of
  marketing your medical practice that is a
  powerful tool and is comparatively
  inexpensive… right?

Physicians in private practice have a captive audience
to preach to daily. We are so intimidating in our white coats that patients won’t get up and run out of the
exam room half dressed no matter what you propose
to them medically. And, they usually can’t get out of
the office without arranging payment for services.

This is why a newsletter works so well and saves you time enough each day to see another two patients. If
a patient reads about it at home they need much less coaching in the office. You can provide patients with handouts on medical topics, but few probably get read.

A newsletter gets to them by email or in printed form
at a time at home when they have taken the time to check their emails or open up the daily mail. Convenience increases reading rate.

The most effective format is printed on paper and
arrives in the mailbox because it’s personal, they can touch it, and it is trusted for valid healthcare information. You can do it all in your office or pay companies that print and send newsletters.

Newsletters are best sent once or twice a month.
When you create them yourself, you control the graphics, the content, and the medical articles and advice. As you know, doctors often have a completely different concept about what a newsletter contains. It reflects on your personality and integrity.

Patients view it like you sent them a gift and because you did this twice a month they know you care for
them, unlike nearly all other doctors.

The content can be a mixture of humor, tips, changes coming, top 10 mistakes, inspiration, puzzles,
answered questions, all related to healthcare. Or the content can simply be an article about a single
medical issue that patients should know about or that your patients often ask you about.

The marketing aspect of all this is better than one expects. The newsletter gets passed around at home among family, neighbors and visitors. Large medical centers charge for these newsletters and so can you. Digital education is evolving rapidly and the sooner
you become involved in this with your patients
the better.

If half of the people in the world have iphones, just
think of how you as a physician can make a difference
in healthcare everywhere by putting your medical info online. Already the iPhone is capable of taking the
place of every desktop, laptop, tablet, and other communication devices.

When you share your knowledge with your patients
you will have more patients refer more patients to
you. You will increase your income. You will catapult yourself out of the lower middleclass existence you
may be in today and into the realm of satisfaction because now you have a means to meet your financial obligations to your family and medical practice
and yourself.

Even more avenues are available to increase your income with marketing efforts done in your office.

Remember that every change you make in your medical practice is slow in returning the rewards. It often takes 6 months to see a significant change, but you still have to
keep pumping air into the system to make it
function effectively.

Private medical practice is not gone yet but soon will be according to all predictions. There is no reason not to take advantage of every marketing tactic and promotion that
you can handle meanwhile. If you take the time to read through all of my articles on my website (FREE) you will gather a couple hundred other new ideas for increasing
your income

Take the time to read the last two books I’ve written to
help you get ahead in a time when your future in practice seems dismal. You will have a far better understanding of how doctors got to this place, the causes, and how to get yourself out of the financial quicksand that our
government has put you in. / /
  (Available on now)

Call me up and talk to me if you are interested in my help. Use the phone number on my website and call between 9 AM and noon PST.

handwritten signature Dr. Graham


"Professional Probe"

photo of bull 
							pulling a car
Doing things the hard way for many doctors is a result of their being unaware of what things can realistically be done within their budget. This photo illustrates a creative low budget means for getting the job done.

Often the greatest benefits come from some of the simplest activities in your medical office that previously were completely overlooked as a means of marketing. When your marketing knowledge is insufficient to recognize how and when some office procedures and processes can be expanded into remarkable recruitment of new patients, you must become familiar with
marketing strategies that work. If you read my articles, you will learn them quickly.

You owe it to your patients and yourself to learn these business tactics and strategies. With good medical
practice incomes you can afford to acquire new medical skills and knowledge that attracts new patients.


 Article #65-A

Photo of Dan S. Kennedy, marketing expert

"Dan Kennedy on the 4th of July"

By: Dan Kennedy on: July 4th, 2014

I have a few thoughts, germane to what we are supposed to be celebrating on July 4th.

Judge Napolitano: “The  reverence we once held
for privacy – and private rights with it – is virtually gone.”

This is the sea change in America that will, at some point, be most regretted. We once  closed  our drapes. On Memorial Day, some nitwit actress, famous but not known to me, tweeted that, at 10 A.M., she had already  peed  in two different Starbucks’ bathrooms. Apparently quite an accomplishment for the young lady.

And this was reported by TV news media. Generations younger than mine, plus people of my age who should have better sense,
are trading privacy for living their own little reality TV shows, plastering everything all over social media, tweeting about their eating and peeing and screwing. Police security cameras in the streets are welcomed.

The ownership of unmanned drones by local police departments
has not sparked outcry. The daily demonstrations that information transmitted online is easily hacked and stolen – whether our most important military secrets or Bobby’s online banking – is not discouraging people, companies or the government from
this foolishness.

The IRS used as a political intimidation and hit squad against conservative groups, their organizers, and their donors would
have led to immediate resignations and firings, a special
prosecutor, a presidential impeachment a decade ago; now it gets
a shrug. Large numbers of college students actually signed a
giant thank-you card for the IRS, thanking them for cracking
down on the Tea Party.

They do not know the chief lesson of history: anytime you let
Them come for others, it is only a matter of time before They
come for you.  Back to social media: the collective narcissism of
this knows no bounds. It is possible only because shame is a
thing of the past. But worse, because, as the good judge said, our reverence for privacy is lost.

It is a denigration of what it means to have friends and to be a friend. It is an illusion. And it is a giant time suck. It is even, actually dangerous: burglars, kidnappers, child predators, identity thieves, etc.  love social media. It is one thing to do some of this
in a calculated and controlled way, to a target audience, for profit, or if a mainstream celebrity paid for your celebrity, by necessity.

It is another thing altogether for an entire society, an entire population to trade privacy for fake  fame, for a delusion of self-importance. Respect and prominence by achievement is, for
many, an unknown path. Instead, they know both casual and extreme self-promotion despite having no accomplishment and
no worthy activity to promote. Peeing in two different restrooms before noon should suffice.

All sacrifice of the individual is inter-woven. The home as
castle. What is earned, saved, accumulated, wisely stewarded
yours, and yours to do with as you see fit. Your business run by your rules.  Your health a matter only for you and your chosen doctor. Decisions about parenting, yours.

Every one of these fundamental rights is now being challenged, assaulted, criticized, ridiculed, ripped asunder and worst of all, voluntarily, even eagerly abdicated. Obama has said that
individual rights “must be balanced with the collective needs of society” – a kissing cousin to the statement “from each man, according to his ability, to each man, according to his need.”

In a poll, college students attributed that to Thomas Jefferson. It belongs to Karl Marx.  No, Mr. President, the  American idea has always been that individual rights are sacrosanct.  Make no
mistake: he has enunciated, with carefully chosen words, a
position he believes and that a growing number are willing
to accept.

The hairs on the back of their neck do not rise the instant they
hear such a thing said.  He isn’t alone. His re-making of what it means to be an American is a chorus, not a solo performance.
And ignorant, foolish, lazy masses are applauding.

Home as castle. Contrast this with warrant-less, no-knock
searches, warrant-less wire taps, expansion of eminent domain confiscations, unmanned drone surveillance. Your business
run by your rules
 Bloomberg telling you the maximum number
of ounces of Coca-Cola you may sell in one cup – although not capping the maximum size of a beer or milkshake. Obamacare dictating what employee  perks you  must  provide.  Your health – Obamacare inserts federal boards and panels, even the IRS.

 at a major city’s public school system, e-mail accounts were established for students as young as 8, with no parental notification, and when a parent strenuously objected, he was told
he has no say in the matter. Morning-after abortion pill sold over
the counter, no prescription, no parental rights. 

Hillary’s “it takes a village” morphed into “the village NOT the parent”, a Communist and Fascist approach. On MSNBC, the socialist network, Mellissa Harris-Perry, their Saturday propagandist, stated that it was time we force parents to give up
the out-dated notion that ‘Father knows best’ or that they own
their children, and recognize that other wiser, more educated,
more qualified people, as a collective group, need to control the development of America’s children.

They are not yours. They are America’s. They belong to the collective. She said it. The backlash was infinitesimal.

The war against the individual and individual rights is
well underway.

You cannot pick and choose these things as if on a cafeteria line. You can’t be for heavy-handed gun control or smoking bans and against monitoring of your e-mails or Obamacare-dictated
employee perks.  You are either for or against the individual. You are either for or against collectivism.

If you stop drawing your drapes, you’ll soon have no door, then, soon, no walls to call your own. Each and every thing, whether
you are personally, presently affected by it or not, must be
viewed through the prism of: does this strengthen or weaken the individual, the concept of the individual, the rights of the individual?

We only have a Republic if we will keep it, and we are letting it
be taken away at an accelerated pace.

So let’s get personal. You can at least make a decision to,
yourself, be independent, self-sustaining, to be a guardian of
yours and your family’s privacy to the greatest extent possible, to hold at-home classes and make your young ‘uns learn the differences between evil collectivism and the true American Way. Make them read and discuss  Animal Farm. Atlas Shrugged

You can resist a lot of the intrusiveness and surrendering of
privacy. I am not even connected to the internet, thus no online banking, no social media, no distractions from productive work.
If I had kids, they would have severely restricted and closely supervised computer use and internet access and they damn sure would not have I-pads or cell-phones: 2-way portals to sewage
and hazard.

And you can busy yourself getting so rich you can make a lot of your own rules. It is damnably hard to defend yourself against the collectivism assault if you are poor or just barely making it. That
is somewhat like my experiences with severe winter when young; my cars had bald tires, I lacked good winter clothing – one winter, my father and I shared one coat, I was ill-equipped to exercise
any control. I don’t mind those same winters now at all.

I have a lot of money. I have a proper 4-wheel drive, heavy, able vehicle with the right tires, good and even high-tech apparel and gloves, and if I choose not to leave my house for days on end, I have no need; I can make whatever of the world I need
journey to me.

You can buy  some privacy. You can buy  better security for your homes, property, family.  You can buy  quite a bit of autonomy.
You can buy  better quality advice and assistance, deal with a
private banker instead of clerks, a top-notch CPA instead of an ordinary accountant, a top-flight personal, concierge car mechanic instead of the dolts at the Goodyear store, a real clothier.

You can travel by private jet and avoid the crowds sick with colds and flu, the maddening lines, the TSA groping, the delays, the lies, the wasted time. You can live where you choose. These are all things you can  buy  with sufficient money. You can also  buy better, less toxic food. You can have special access to top-notch health care, as a donor to the right hospital. You can buy  influence.

On Father’s Day, Carla gave me a card made to look like a little plaque, gold letters engraved on a black background, that reads:  Awarded For Excellence In Avoiding Home Improvement Projects. I don’t even change light bulbs. I have a guy for that.

It is arguable that you should not be able to buy so much of this, when others are deprived of it simply because they lack money. How unfair! But even the luxury of such thinking is best bought. That’s why there are a lot of super-rich liberals; they got that way after  “getting theirs”.

They can now afford the luxury of liberalism, and can even dare advocate re-distribution and egalitarianism and even collectivism, knowing they are beyond its reach. This was Carnegie late in life;
it is Gates and Buffet now. I have sometimes been labeled as ‘The Professor of Harsh Reality.’ This is harsh reality: living with autonomy, independence and imperfect but the best possible security is bought and paid for with money. It is
unavailable otherwise.

Money changes much.  My friend Joan Rivers extolled the wonderfulness of living in Manhattan to me. I said: you don’t live 
in Manhattan.  You live in your over-size, luxury penthouse, with
a servant and an assistant, everything brought to you, your refrigerator stocked for you, your building secured, and when you leave, you walk only six steps outdoors, from door to limo, you don’t hunt for a parking spot or brave the subway, your limo lets you out at the door of restaurant or Bergdorf’s – where you have
a private shopper waiting, your limo takes you to your waiting plane. You live in Joan Rivers’ World. Not in Manhattan.

I also said: and I’m happy for you, that you do. You fought for it, you earned it, you earn it. Like the Republic is ours if we will
keep it, this is hers, mine or yours if she, I or you will keep it
for ourselves.

Getting rich enough to buy and own autonomy, independence and a good measure of security rarely happens by accident. It
is a decided upon purpose about how you want to live and how
you want to live differently, by your own rules, and what it will
cost to do so. I recommend, as a mini-course, reading the little book, The Narrow Road by Felix Dennis. It’s full of harsh reality about this.

This is the best  advice I have. I am grateful it was hammered into my head. You cannot control your own life and live as you choose unless and until you have the money to buy that control, keep buying it, and be virtually unconcerned with and uncompromising about the cost. Money buys choices.

The less money you have, the fewer choices you have, the less control you can assert, and the more vulnerable and in peril you are.  If you are poor, you must buy whatever soup is on sale and you’ve found a coupon for. You probably aren’t poor. But if you are not in a position of true financial autonomy, then the analogy applies. Flying your “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is actually an expensive proposition.

So, a few quick commercials. First, dig in, apply all you get from me and GKIC, implement with a sense of urgency. You may not have time to get rich slow and ploddingly. The walls are closing
in. It is getting harder and harder, the ways in which income is stolen from you before it can be converted to wealth are multiplying. There is no reason to fantasize this trend will reverse. Speed is of the essence.

Figure out your ‘number’, set a schedule up for its attainment, put yourself under pressure, work aggressively and assiduously to get there sooner, not later, and certainly not “whenever.”  Second, expand  your income sources – don’t just run harder and faster on the one wheel you run in. To that end, I will “plug” the upcoming  GKIC INFO-Summit.

This is a very, very real  portal to expansion of income sources;
to leverage of know-how and experience. People FREQUENTLY discover ways to QUICKLY create one or more incomes of 5-figure, 6-figure and even 7-figure worth attached to or outside of,
in addition to their present income(s) from their present business(es) at these annual Summits.

Such results are not the rare, freakish things that require four paragraphs of “not typical” disclaimer copy in 4-point type. They  are typical. But the INFO-Summit comes but once a year
and you can’t afford to let an entire year pass by. 

What separated and distinguished this nation from the one it
broke free of, and from all others, was the value placed on and
the commitment to individual autonomy. This “least likely to succeed” country was built by people who held that as an ideal.
This may have slipped the societal mind. But it need not
slip yours.

You can commit to personal independence, pursue it, and still
have it. I think it’s harder to come by and harder to keep, but
it is still within reach.

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Words of Conscience

"FAITH is the assurance of things hoped for, the assurance of
things not seen"

---Hebrews  11:1


"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through
with many sorrows."

---1 Timothy 6:10

Borderless Humor

"My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and then she stops to breathe."

--- Jimmy Durante



Inspiration Time

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to
stop me."

---Ayn Rand

Views I Only Share With My Friends--

What my medical career taught me...

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 Facts And Stats

1. Invalid addresses doctors etc.
Medicare screening probe has uncovered an enormous number of invalid billing addresses. About 34,000 providers have been kicked out of the program.
(WSJ-July 22, 2015)

2. Roughly 1.8 million providers of Medicare are enrolled in Medicare program, 8 million of those are doctors.

3. Doctors must have a current valid medical license to bill Medicare. The problem is that Medicare doesn't check doctor's licenses in other states where a doctor may have been censured by Medical Boards. An investigation found 147 doctors that had been censured.

Medicare paid 47 of those doctors a total of 2.6 million dollars. And because of the doctor's censured history they would have been prevented from becoming providers of Medicare patients.

4. Did you know that Germany is seeking foreign doctors to cure their deficit of physicians? (WSJ-7-21-15)



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Paraprosdokian Ideas

"To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many
is research."


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