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Are you losing your private medical practice because you can’t earn enough to keep it open? It’s because you were never told you needed a formal business education to
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Article #70 -  Dec. 2015

“When Doctors ‘Feel Rotten’ There’s A Proven Way To Escape From or Prevent The Brain Pain”

The cause is more often the result of a
calamity in their practice than a snotty nose.

No matter what the cause of that terrible unrelenting feeling, your medical practice business suffers it’s own business pain. The faster you can shed the rotten feeling the better the compliance of your patients, office staff, and those around you that day will be. I’ve had my share of that feeling in my practicing years and have seen how destructive it can be for you
practice business. 

You can’t hide the “rotten feeling” from anyone, even though you believe you can. Your body language, speech tone, and face expose it all. So if you can’t hide it and still want to continue your normal medical practice duties for the day(s), you need to have your own means of eliminating it fast.

Other than an illness that you can treat medically, there are many other more serious causes of a rotten feeling that are more damaging to your mental health, reputation, and interaction with those around you. When one day I received a legal notice that a patient had filed a malpractice suit against me, it took me all of the first day thinking about what I did that would have made that medical patient so hateful towards me.

The second day after that notice I had problems with depression about it all and that lasted over a week while I continued practicing. Trying to work harder, involve myself with jobs and tasks, did not help. I couldn’t hide from my guilt about it all or from the thoughts that automatically popped up in my brain intermittently. My self-induced criticism of myself for being such a bad doctor was emotionally intolerable.

It so happened that this lady was my patient and I had done a tubal reanastamosis on her following a prior tubal ligation elsewhere. That was two years ago. She hadn’t gotten pregnant in the two years and brought the suit against me. I specialized in infertility surgery and had done many reanastamosis procedures, mainly because no other doctors in the area would do them (insurance didn’t pay for these). The highlight of my practice over the years was doing infertility surgery because I loved doing it and good at it.

The success is always measured by pregnancy occurring. There are no guarantees of pregnancy after the procedure. Most of the time pregnancy doesn’t occur after such a repair, so it gives patients a chance to hope where there was essentially none otherwise.

Within a month after the malpractice notice my attorney told me that the case has been dismissed… she was pregnant.

Most of you have had some catastrophe in your practice comparable to this one and suffered similarly from it.  

One reliable way to resolve that “rotten feeling”  

The solution revolves around the idea of what John C. Maxwell, New York Times best selling author, speaker, leadership expert, wrote in “How Successful People Think. It’s called “deep thinking.” To most professionals the idea of taking time out to do some expansive and deeper thinking about issues they face, is impossible or not worth their time.

For doctors who later discovered they had picked the wrong specialty
it certainly would have been important at the time. Even the choice about where to start medical practice demands a lot more thought than most
give it.

We are never taught how to involve ourselves in deeper thinking. Yet in our lives the number mistakes we’ve made, wrong decisions we’ve made, and problems we’ve solved using the wrong strategies serve to remind us how important deep thinking is to our profession, success,  and lives. Everyone should read his books. 

Mr. Maxwell’s book tells you how to think deeply, because most of us have no idea how to do it. 

John C. Maxwell’s advice on thinking in depth 

1. Deep thinking is not automatic; you have to work at it because it requires a change in your thinking.

2. Expose yourself to good input by reading, tapes, spending time with those that are good logical thinkers and successful.

3. Don’t use emotions except to feed the process and create mental momentum. 

4. Shaping your thoughts requires using humor, humility, excitement, creativity, fulfillment, honesty, passion, change.

5. The spot to think deeply, anywhere you can concentrate on thinking. Most productive thinking comes within a team.

6. Thoughts need to be a habit and discipline… thinking often.

7. Cultivate the big-picture thinking… learn from every experience.

“Where success is concerned, people are not measured in inches, or pounds, or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking.” 
---David Schwartz 

8. Thinking evolves sequentially from visualization, to ideas, to focused thinking, to goals, to creativity, to realistic thinking, to strategic thinking, to possibility thinking, to reflective thinking, to questioning popular thinking, to questioning all your own thinking, to practice unselfish thinking, to bottom line thinking. 

9. Profit determines whether you are succeeding in business.

How all this fits into medical practice business    

We learn from human behavior studies and experiments on brain function that nearly all decisions we make are made on an emotional basis and later are rationalized by the other side of the brain that thinks in practical terms. 

The habit of emotional decision making makes for increasing our stress because the results are so frequently far off the mark of what we should have done. Surgeons rarely enter the operating room without thinking about the process of the surgery they are about to do. Pro and con factors pass through their minds, sometimes subconsciously, and remain in conscious range during the surgery.

Is this person too old to tolerate this surgery, or too unhealthy to survive post op? Even the physician who referred the patient to the surgeon has to think about that. Confound that with the thought that the patient’s desire is to have the procedure done regardless of the potential danger to themselves.  

In private medical practice physicians and other medical care providers have a responsibility to advise the patient honestly. That responsibility extends to your medical practice business management as well as to family matters. If there is no thorough investigation into all the ramifications of any decision, whether business ones or not, is the only way to truly modify the eventual results of a decision and to avoid the bad decisions we make.

The 14% of physicians that move to a different location each year revealed by the AMA survey results seems to indicate that 14% have made a decision without fully evaluating the consequences of the original decision, no deep thinking.

Physicians who choose the wrong specialty to pursue often stick with it rather than change to another and continue to remain unhappy, unfulfilled, and miserable. How many times have you made a decision and regretted it later? The reason commonly is because a person failed to uncover consequences of the decision and alterations that may have to be made later if this-or-that situation comes along.

Obviously, the extent of our investigation will not uncover all of the undesirable consequences of a decision we make, but you can eliminate many of the worst consequences by considering every aspect, good and bad, of the decision about to be made.

Successful people make a habit of considering everything they can think of—by deep thinking. If you set up your practice in the poor area of the city or out in the country-side in a small town, you can’t expect to earn a lot of income, have the benefits of locating in nice areas of the city, unless you have a “business system” setup that works.

If you decide to join another doctor or group practice sometime, wouldn’t you visit the doctors at least in person? Most split-ups of partnerships and groups occur because the doctor didn’t investigate it enough. I once contacted a doctor in AZ about an association with him. On the phone everything sounded fantastic and was right for me to pursue.

A doctor friend of mine practicing in that area told me just the opposite story about the problems with the doctor that I had spoken with about an association in practice with him. The hospital administrator confirmed those problems as well.

Doctors become suddenly disabled, die in accidents or from cancer, are restricted in hospital privileges, become incompetent to practice, go through a divorce, have a million dollar settlement of a malpractice case, lose their medical license, involved in a crime, etc. I’ve seen it all during my years. Lots of these terrible situations and their potential results can be identified early-on and save you major grief later.

You might want to go around to all the doctors locally and have a friendly conversation with them maybe on the premise of referring patients to them. Ask them questions about their careers and what has happened to them unexpectedly in the past.

Bottom Line Comments

There is so much more to developing deep thinking than I can tell you here. You can use the information in books written on the topic and alert your children to the process, encourage them in doing it, even do a few projects of deep thinking with them to let them have an experience with it.

I hate to admit it, but I would have made a number of different decisions about medicine in my life if I had known these things and used
deeper thinking.  

handwritten signature Dr. Graham


"Professional Prods"  

Many times it takes more time, energy, and work to avoid a task than to perform the task.

By rejecting any effort to thoroughly understand and uncover the majority of the consequences associated with our decision-making through deep thinking, we commit ourselves to management of the future results of those decisions, regardless of the severity of repercussions.

It is so much easier for anyone to avoid the consequences of our decisions if we have considered all possible outcomes
before-hand. I believe that none of us really take this issue seriously enough in our medical careers. It may be that that action is one of the reasons great numbers of physicians are not successful in their medical practices and careers.

 Article #70 - A

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It’s been 40 years or more since I replaced old-fashioned prospecting grunt work for a 100% measurable way to attract a predictable, reliable stream of ideal clients.

Success at getting qualified clients, customers, or patients has a lot more to do with understanding the real secrets of direct-response marketing…and a lot less to do with chasing after prospects.

Whether you are just getting started in business or you’ve been in business for thirty years… believe me, there’s nothing better than only talking to prospects who have already “raised their hand” specifically to TALK TO YOU!

To experience this kind of client attraction, the most important thing you can do for your business right now is to develop a reliable and predictable client, customer, or patient “Lead-Generation System.”

A successful Lead-Generation system should have the following components, several of which many (if not MOST) business’s overlook:

1)    A “Slam Dunk” Customer.  If you’re trying to target the entire world, you’d better be prepared to go head-to-head with big, dumb companies with billions of dollars to waste in the effort. Going after every possible person who could ever use your service is a fool’s errand.  Instead, step back and think about, whom right now, are your favorite clients… where do they come from? How do they act?  What do they read?  How much do they earn?  What are their hobbies?  What is it about YOU that they tell you they resonate with?  Getting a solid grasp on WHICH this person is, WHERE to find them and WHAT it is they truly desire that only you can provide … and for the PRICE you want them to be able to pay… is a crucial first step to your lead-generation system.

2)    A “Killer” Lead Generation Magnet.  You need to give them a clear reason to contact you and get that reason in front of your “slam dunkers.”  It should be something targeted to narrow down your perfect clients from the unwashed masses…this “thing” is an incentive for response we call a Lead Generation Magnet.  Many times these are informational in nature, such as reports, guides, books, CDs, webinars or even other kinds of gifts.  Obviously, the more desirable the magnet and its offer, the better the response you’ll get.  You generally want something that is directly linked to your business.  For instance, the investment company offering a free road atlas in exchange for a call in appointment would be better served by a free report detailing “The 5 Secrets The IRS Hopes You Never Discover that Can Save the Typical Family $5000 a Year in Taxes.”

3)    Answer the WHY You Question?  The question I pose is “Why should I do business with you rather than any other option including doing nothing?”  The answer is what we call your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and your lead magnet should make dead solid certain that the factors that make you different are clearly spelled out.  This provides fuel to the call to action (something else you need in your magnet, do NOT forget that critical piece) that compels them to act without hesitation, knowing that the benefit they seek can only be found with your products / services.

Don’t rely on hope, networking, or prospecting grunt work to get customers through your door or to your website. Create a lead-generation system that includes these key components to get them to raise their hands and ask for YOU.

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The content is meant not only to inspire physicians to gain business knowledge, but also to get a very clear understanding about how fragile their medical career is to present day economic, political, and social threats.

The ultimate goal of all medical doctors should be to use their business knowledge as a offensive weapon against predators, both economic and governmental, to survive and grow using the business tools I continue to throw at you. It's the only offensive force that physicians have to use to remain in private practice.

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