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Are you losing your private medical practice because you can’t earn enough to keep it open? It’s because you were never told you needed a formal business education to
reach your peak performance!
  “They” taught you how to practice medicine, but not how to
run a medical practice business, let alone a profitable one.

"We are talking here about your need for implementing OFFENSIVE financial business weapons to earn
what you want whenever you want."

 You discover these proven and effective business
 weapons and how to use them on this site!

Article #71 -  Jan. 2016

“Bloody Wednesday That Will Change
Everything For Physicians”

Never mind worrying about how to maintain the
integrity of your private practice income, just plan how
you are going to restructure your private practice
on a sound secure business platform.

When virtually all of the economic gurus have independently reached
the same prediction about the upcoming economic system crash,
physicians who practice due diligence will likely be able to continue
their practices.

Physicians that are focused only on earning more money in their jobs or practices in the near future should consider the advice of James
Choose Yourself.”  It may help you to realistically see what
will happen to you and your medical practice when the U.S. economy is floundering in an $18 trillion dollar debt that it is not able to payoff.
It’s terminal and happening now. It’s not repairable regardless of all
good intentions.

Your survival in medical practice of any type will be totally dependent
on how smart you are about following trends in the world and national
economy, which most physicians actually don’t. In case you haven’t
noticed that you are standing on the edge of the financial cliff for the
final time, you need to do something. You need to look at the evidence
and logic of that fact.

You may believe that economists have been yelling about this for years
and this is just another of their scare tactics. All evidence indicates this
time that
they are right. Are you willing to trust your intuition? Hope it
all blows over?

If you have been paying attention to the gradual disintegration of most
of the effective and reliable solutions to the economic problems, you
may understand that our government and the FED have already erased
all viable alternatives for our medical and economic survival. Many of
my medical practice business and marketing articles over the past 6
years discuss this probability. Now I believe it. It scares the hell
out of me.  

I may be retired now but when the social security checks stop coming in and our inflated money can’t buy a loaf of bread, I won’t be able to hide anymore… just like you.

Think in terms of your financial survival, not in terms
of maintenance of your medical practice

For what it’s worth to you, what I see happening in medical practice in
our future may move you off your “comfort zone” finally. I recognize
that physicians without a business education may be impossible to
convince to do anything. At least two-thirds of my newsletter
subscribers never open my emails and will become victims of the
economic crash.  

An economic crash will change the medical profession completely.
These are the tragedies that you may face… 

1. When the government runs out of legal tender (money), all medical institutions that survive on government subsidies will
go out of business. This means that medical schools, HMO’s, hospitals, and other medical facilities will go out of business. Employed physicians and healthcare providers lose their jobs overnight. Private practice physicians are in a much better
position to survive.

2. Sources of paper money are gone. Work and businesses must
rely on other means of payment, either through services offered
or something perceived to have great value… like gold, silver, or trade items. Big businesses today carry great debt and will fail,
jobs gone, no way to earn money to survive. Are you preparing
for what might happen?

3. Food riots and crime will flourish… depending on the length of
time it takes to initiate recovery and building a new government.
The only source of medical care will be by individual physicians
who have planned ahead for continuing their profession.

4. The coming economic crash will be world-wide. Countries
whose currency value is based on the international standard (American Dollars) will be useless… that includes most large countries with large debt and have the largest economies. One is
not able to help the other.

5. Some consolation comes from religion. For the world-wide Christians and Jews, Bible prophesies offer them reasons for hope
in that God’s power that  delegated authority to human
government (Romans 13:1-14) means that our economic crash
has a purpose… makes it easier to accept. For other religions and their beliefs, consequences result relative to their divine belief structures and gods that never physically existed on earth.

6. Confirming your own belief about where we are headed in our nation and with our profession by researching the Internet and
other media would be wise if you have never done that. I don’t intend to do that for you, but I can give you some valid and
available resources that I have followed for many years. It’s why
I believe I will see this tragedy occur in my lifetime.

I think everyone with a brain knows that the national debt escalation at
the present must be eliminated somehow. There are only a few ways to
do that… one way is to convert our money system back to that backed
by gold so our paper money value is maintained and get rid of the FED.
It’s a good start.

The other way is to let the economy explode and pick up the pieces.

Getting rid of the national debt owed is another more serious
and overwhelming problem.

Our citizens, concerning national debt solutions, will never tolerate...  

1. Reduction of the national budget to levels that could enable
paying off debt. Citizens would not tolerate absence of road
repairs, decreased or absence of utilities, dirty drinking water,
lack of newspapers, Internet, and TV, among many others.

2. Even congress would not tolerate a large reduction in pay. Any congress member who votes for massive drops in government distribution of tax monies would never be re-elected. It would be much more benefit to restrict all congressional terms to one term. 

Knowing that they are only there for one term, means they can
feel free to enact legislation that’s good for the country and not
for getting re-elected. Long term congress members come out millionaires… they don’t earn that much, so how do they get rich? You and I know.

Re-election is their means to wealth for them... and access to the fabulous retirement they give themselves. It provides incentives
to give out government money freely to get the votes necessary
to be re-elected. Government does not earn any money, it usurps
it by taxing.

3. Education would be limited to those who are wealthy. The population of students in higher education would minimize

as the majority of colleges and graduate schools would disappear
for lack of financial subsidies. Our 174 medical schools would
likely decrease their student numbers by 50 percent… same with hospitals and their medical staffs.

4. Unemployment would skyrocket from the collapse of industries
and then how would anyone afford anything? We could expect
the onset of desperation among the citizenry. Banks would not
make loans so they would have to close.

People in desperation will always turn to begging, theft, and
criminal action. Gangs quickly control everything. Police forces disappear and our military will be too small to deter aggressors.

Common sense tells me and you that private medical practice
doctors have the edge, if and when all hell breaks loose 

What will all of the unemployed medical doctors do when they no longer have a job? That will happen. We just don’t know how soon.

At the same time those doctors who were forced into medical practice employment because of need to start paying back educational loans or some other reason, lack business knowledge  and experience... the financial and business decisions was done
for them as employees. 

Essentially none were ever provided a business education. Nobody told them it is what’s needed for the other half of private medical practice (business of medical practice). Doctors already with private practice business experience have that small advantage.

Doctors who recognized the need and went out and got a business education have a huge advantage because they are business equipped to start a new business and be successful anytime... and in any kind of business.

What you should do starting today to protect yourself, your
practice and your family are…

1. Subscribe to the Wall Street Journal or another highly regarded national newspaper.

I have yet to find any newspaper even comparable to the Wall Street Journal that prints the important current world news each day (Sunday-none). It's well written in understandable terms, and presented in sections of interest. I discovered that I could go through it just reading the headlines of each topic and gather in my mind how the world is changing.

The ones that seemed of interest to me I read the small print below the headlines. Over time it’s not difficult to notice a dominance of issues that permeate the news… like our nation’s freefall to debt chaos presently.

I daily confirm my thoughts about what causes the barrage by watching the TV news on FOX. Then I read several of my investment letters I get most every day. When they all happen
to report on the same topic, I’ve got a hit, and follow it more. 

I believe that business must be taught in K-12 schools, in college as a requirement for a degree, and offered to everyone later in
life. For example, the WSJ has a “student” edition that you
should make available to your own kids… high school and
college students.

Get them to read it daily and it will open their minds to the world around them. It’s something that parents and schools don’t do today and should… even for physician’s kids because they can
keep you up on the happenings that you don’t take the time to read about. And it’s a admirable way to educate your kids well beyond the average student level.

2. Subscribe to investment "research" newsletters   

There are several that I recommend and subscribe to myself (see below). One thing you must avoid doing is to subscribe to investment information from a stock broker or investment company that don’t do their own research on economics and the
stock market.

Brokers bend the information they get from the research companies, only to get you to buy stocks and bonds

You need to subscribe to the research companies in the economic marketplace that don’t sell you stocks and bonds. They provide
the research you need to make decisions on your own. They do make recommendations, but not until they have put together the research data they send to you that qualifies for a recommendation.

I happened onto a medical doctor who works with an investment research group, Dr. David Eifrig Jr., trained as an ophthalmologist. He’s a member of the Stansberry Research Advisory group headed by Porter Stansberry.

The firm is highly regarded in the market and is constantly publishing new research on companies and the actual stories behind each company, how it grew, and why it succeeds.

Dr. Eifrig publishes a newsletter, Retirement Millionaire. He is the only medical doctor that I have found in the investment advice business. I trust him and what he advises.  

The Stansberry firm has many research experts who also publish a research newsletter. Steve Sjuggerud, True Wealth Matt Badiali, The Stansberry Resource Report.  James Altucher, Altucher AdvisoryPorter Stansberry, Stansberry Investment Advisory. All of these contain excellent advice and recommendations.

The next newsletter you should consider contains what I want to know
about our national economy. What I like about Jim Rickard’s newsletter, Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is how he exposes the hoaxes, lies,
and bad information relating to the investment and economic

Some of his economic tips are wonderful investments that are kept
hidden from the general public… like his report about the Canadian
Social Security
system that Americans can piggyback into legally and
earn far better income for retirement than most investments. 

The story is that Canada started a government run Canadian Pension
Plan in 1965. In 1997 the system was turned over to a private run
group of experts because Canada could see that their government
system was unsustainable just like ours is now. The private plan took
off like gangbusters and has continued it’s climb since. A loophole
enables Americans to get into the new private Pension Plan Fund.

Many Americans are now in the Pension Plan. Take Aaron Parks, a
retired truck driver from Casper, Wyoming. After realizing that U.S.
Social Security wasn’t the answer, he found out about the Canadian
new pension plan and opened a passbook savings account with them.
He invested in bonds to help provide what he thought he would need.
Now he rakes in an average of $3,650 per month. That impresses me because my U.S. Social Security is $1,500 a month. 

Paul Hanworth, Prescott, Arizona, career in sales now rakes in $3,800 a month. Nigel Ballard, an oncologist from Maine, rakes in an average of $4,400 per month. 

Another opportunity is the Oxford Resource Explorer. This newsletter provides good content regarding learning how foreign governments influence our national economy, how they cause us problems, and what alternatives are best for investing and keeping our money safe.

Contained in a recent issue was a complete explanation of the
“Petrodollar” that I knew nothing about, but I knew it was important to
our economy. It began with Nixon and Kissinger agreement with the
Saudi Arabia. Basically it was an agreement that the buying and selling
of oil would all be based on the American dollar... the most stable value
of any other paper money in the world. But that is also changing. 

Now almost every oil producing country has joined in. This was a springboard solution coming out of the U.S. government because of the termination of the “dollar” based on the gold standard. A formidable
mistake we suffer from still today. 

The next investment research group newsletter, Personal Finance. This company has been beating the market earnings for 40 years. Paul Ash, president of the company, relies on it’s research to advise clients on
special elements of the economy. Imagine 11% yields and zero taxes.
They seem to work in the everyday utilities field. They provide many free information reports about investing conservatively. 

Bill Bonner, president of Agora Inc., and editor of “The Bill Bonner
has a deep interest in protecting America. Watch the video at…


These newsletters subscription prices are a bargain today. They run from $40 to $99 per year, depending on your choices. All have free reports on important economic issues if you subscribe.  

I have no idea how many of you ever read or are even interested in investing, owning stock, or playing with “puts” and “calls,” but I do
know that most physicians seem to care less about learning to make the right business decisions for themselves. This attitude is in direct contrast
to how physicians make medical treatment decisions… evidence based
sound medical decisions. It seems like due diligence stops there
for doctors.  

I thought this information would give you a head-up about finances and
the economy that are critical to your decision making for your career. You certainly know that our economy can’t sustain itself. You also know that there are some reliable preparations you can do to sustain your medical practice and career, should the economic bubble burst.  

Hopefully you gathered a some smart ideas from this article… at least
ones you intend to checkout. I’m not an expert in investing and advising people about investments. All I can do is tell you where to start and
about what I have discovered during my business research.

I want you to know about the aspects of private medical practice that
not only are critical to your practice decisions but also are very important
to your future in your medical career. During my nearly 40 years in
medical practice I completely missed the boat about investing, because
I had no idea what to do or how to do it... now I know.

Some of you will be disappointed with this article topic, because you just want all the "how to" stuff related to marketing your practice and
increasing your practice income. But you will eventually discover that
there are many external forces that directly affect or interfere with
practicing profitably that can be more important to your success than
you presently believe. Stuff that no one ever told you about during
your education

handwritten signature Dr. Graham


"Professional Probe"  

When it comes time for you to fight should the economy crash and the bad stuff begins to happen, you will need the temperament of a wolverine day and night.

Call me a peddler of bad news or worse, but anyone with a brain has already viewed the violence of desperate people everywhere in the world captured on camera and shown on television. For the majority of Americans who have never been exposed to combat or have never been a victim of crime, most will wallow in their belief that our nations serious problems will eventually be resolved by clear thinking leaders in our government.

If they had some knowledge about history and the countries that have been through the gauntlet in real life, they would have a different view of our future and become prepared soon.

 Article #71 - A

Photo of Dan S. Kennedy, marketing expert





It doesn’t much matter where you are in your business at the moment. You can be a well-established pro who knows his income ought to be higher. Or you can be a beginner coming out of the gate and trying to make your way…as long as you have your thinking straight and are serious about your business, you can hit the 7-figure income mark.

However, there are three “uncomfortable truths” about why most small business owners never will.

Truth #1: The highest income people tend to get paid more for who they are than what they do.

You are not entitled to a high income. Just because you have your law degree…your doctor degree…your certification in whatever… and 25 years of experience…etc. This does not mean you will automatically get paid more.

Think about athletes. NBA player Derrick Rose who plays for the Chicago Bulls is one of the highest paid athletes—even though he has been riddled with injuries most of his career. Tim Tebow, whose NFL career never put him in the same category of the best athletes in the game, made millions in endorsements. Why? Simply for being “Tim Tebow.”

So building up who you are is vastly more important than what you do or your competency level.

Truth #2: The path to more, more easily obtained and better customers/clients/patients, and consequently better fees, higher income, and more opportunity is NOT in working to become a better “doer of your thing.” It’s in working on your BUSINESS.

In other words if you are focused on becoming better and better and better at being an auto mechanic, a speaker, a dentist, a you-name-it…thinking that this will lead you to better clients, better income and a better life, well you are self-sabotaging yourself from joining the ranks of millionaire status.

There is no such automatic link, warranty or entitlement. It’s just not how business works. Nor is there a threshold that can be met and crossed before you are entitled to good money.

So the first quantum breakthrough in status and income is making the mental, emotional and actual shift from “doer of thing” to “marketer of self.”

The second quantum shift is moving from “doing work for money” to designing, developing and building a business. By business I mean, a process for monetizing your skill-sets, managing your customer/client/patient relationships, expanding your range and diversity of income sources, and developing assets.

But the most important point to grasp here is that technical excellence does not automatically bring excellent income.

Power is what brings it. That is having customers/clients/patients seeking you out, paying your fees without resistance, status, top income, and wealth.

Power is rarely give in recognition of skill. It is taken by application of business principles. Business owners who refuse to learn these principles, who turn their back on them in favor of working on becoming a better “doer of their thing,” who will not control and use them, are doomed forever to always be seeking (“work”) and rightly worrying that the big payday may never come.

Truth #3: An old one: The definition of INSANITY is: doing the same things the same way over and over again while hoping for different results.

You need to be willing to look for and accept a different approach—even a different concept of yourself and your business. That different approach may include a fundamental change in the way you think of yourself, your role, your business, and the way you present yourself to clients.

Some of it might feel uncomfortable. It certainly will be different from what you see others in your same profession/business/category doing.

At the risk of being obvious, one way you fundamentally increase your income is by increasing your value to those who pay you money. But most business owners invest all their energy in only one means of increasing their value: “doing their thing” better.

This is akin to trying to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthier only by reducing the quantity of calories, carbs and fat you eat—with no changes in physical movement, exercise, food choices, nutrition, nutritional supplementation and mental attitude management.  Yes, you can lose some weight by doing just one thing to further and further extremes, but as any dieter will attest, you hit a wall when no more pounds can be lost even if you eat nothing but a leaf of lettuce with a squirt of lemon for dinner every night.

Sorry, but getting better and better and better at your “thing” will slam you into an income barrier and will NEVER lift you over that wall.

You need to increase your value to your clients/customers/patients in multiple ways in order to multiply your income and demand for your products or services.

If you want to leap-frog to a much higher income, then you must master marketing of yourself, use a more sophisticated approach to your business and your work with customers and focus on learning the strategies that are proven to catapult wealth.

P.S. Find out why what got you to 5-6 Figures will sabotage you in getting to 7-Figures and how you can join the “7-Figure Fraternity” including:

  • The steps I’ve used (and coached many others on) to achieve a seven-figure income from zero.
  • What you need to do to transform a 6-figure business into a million dollar (or more) business.
  • Income multipliers that will help you reach the 7-figure mark.
  • How to identify and erase the income barriers blocking you from the elusive million dollar income.


  Mental Quackery 

 Positive Attitudes reflections









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My desire is to always offer you the business and marketing strategies that you will need if you ever wish to reach your maximum potential in the practice of medicine whether you are employed or in private practice.

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 What are you willing to do to save your private medical practice?

The average medical doctor in the US practices medicine for 12,617 days and leaves a million dollars on the table during that time.

They never are able recognize that it was available to them during all those years because they lack a business education.

This book is unique because no other author has ever written about the primary cause and solution to today's increasing attrition of physicians and the demise of private medical practice.

Once the reader becomes exposed to the extreme and relentless series of strategic moves organized and implemented by our government to control healthcare, the reader will understand why all physicians must be provided with an academic
business education.

Secondly, the reader will discover the critical importance and practical value of a business education for practicing physicians. Today, most physicians struggle financially while running their medical practice business because of their reliability on their own
business ignorance.

The contents discuss all the benefits and advantages of business knowledge, how to get  it and use it, and quickly reverse the money crunch you are experiencing today.

You probably won't get much benefit from an MBA degree because it's not oriented to medical practice business that demands special knowledge, implementation, and decisions.
     The success principles of all businesses are the same, but the management of those business strategies have to match the passions, objectives, and diligence capabilities of each  physician.

The content is meant not only to inspire physicians to gain business knowledge, but also to get a very clear understanding about how fragile their medical career is to present day economic, political, and social threats.

The ultimate goal of all medical doctors should be to use their business knowledge as a offensive weapon against predators, both economic and governmental, to survive and grow using the business tools I continue to throw at you. It's the only offensive force that physicians have to use to remain in private practice.

I truly believe this is the one and only solution for maintaining solo medical practice. This is especially critical to the most popular option... cash only practice... for practicing medicine outside the government healthcare system.

  Order the book 

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I guarantee that the content will stick to your mind for as long as you practice medicine.

Show the world what you are capabable of doing... not what you were expected to do.


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A belief is only a thought you continue to think. A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought, and you have the ability -- if you try even a little bit -- to begin a new pattern, to tell a story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction.

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red arrow pointing to right you are sick and tired of putting up with what you are being forced into doing with your practice to stay afloat.

red arrow pointing to right you are aware that no other physician author is making any effort to tell you what to do and how to do it effectively to reach your expectations you had for your medical career when
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red arrow pointing to right you understand the severity of being in a business without ever being taught the business knowledge to run it profitably.

red arrow pointing to right you insist on having a blueprint for your medical practice business that provides every key to your practice success at the
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