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Are you losing your private medical practice because you can’t earn enough to keep it open? It’s because you were never told you needed a formal business education to
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Article #72 -  Mar. 2016

“Preparing Your Kids for Self-reliance,
Success, and Affluence”

A college degree no longer can be relied on to get a descent
job or a degree of success like it used to. In the same fashion
the medical profession no longer offers a satisfying and
fulfilling professional life as it used to. So help your kids
find the path to what they were gifted to become.

     The greatest problem that parents have today is trying to, or learning how to, encourage their kids to think in terms of hope for their own future. There are ways to do that in a very
effective way.

     It’s nearly impossible to alter the mindsets of adults, especially physicians, and persuade them to open their minds to new ideas and sustainable information that contradict their mentally self-limiting and imbedded set of rules they live by. On the other hand kids are quite the opposite, minds wide open to new and different ideas that schools and colleges fail to fulfill.

     Just think about how much of an effect that you as parents could have on your kids and how that can reflect back on you in many beneficial ways. If your son or daughter could start a business in high school that would pay their own way through college by themselves, wouldn’t that be an overwhelming emotion to experience?

     You could then plan your own future and keep your saved-up retirement money for your own benefits, instead of being forced to use up all that money to pay for college and even support the kids who don’t get jobs and move back home.

     Remember that when you grow old and need to be cared for, having a son or daughter who can easily handle the issue economically would be a God-send.

     As it is today, college-grads can’t get jobs and often move back home, parents lose their long term jobs, retirements are obliterated to some degree, and success in life becomes questionable. These effects are evidenced in the new every day.

     The K to 12 schools today have become so weak in teaching the essentials that private schools are popping up everywhere that do teach effectively. Most don’t think about it, but the reality is that you can’t do much of anything today without money. All money originates from some kind of business entity. Wouldn’t it be smart for our schools to teach business courses…
but none do that?

     Similarly, why don’t colleges insist on business courses being required for graduation degrees? It’s a tragedy in education that persists unattended.

     Such things above are formidable reasons to take some action for the benefit of family as well as the kids themselves. It’s critical especially for doctors. Their income and salaries are dropping to the point where they can’t afford to send their own kids to college and many, maybe over half, have no retirement funds.

Most beliefs are derived from inadequate information

      One of the great improvements in education has been popularized in the last decade. It’s
called “ENTREPRENEURSHIP.” The word entrepreneur has been batted around so much that
it’s now boring to listen to. Most people, even physicians, don’t know what it means, or how it works, or what it was derived from.

     The interesting fact about entrepreneurship is that it has silently existed in humanity since
the beginning of mankind. Now it has been given a name and has risen to the top of the business world’s attention. Why? Because our society and those around the world are experiencing an economic crisis that will eventually crash.

     It’s another way (mindset) for every person to reach their maximum success using the power
of their human mind and intelligence rather than their allegiance to the promises of higher education and the rapidly fading industrial commitment to provide benefits and retirement for long term employees. The values concerning the issues of personal responsibility and self-determination that used to be held in esteem have eroded away.

     The “herd-mind” has taken on the belief that all people should be taken care of by our government, that the rich should give their money to the poor, banks and industries must be
bailed out when needed, and the catastrophic national debt does not have to be paid off.

     Anyone who actually believes that our government can be depended on to balance the
national budget and reduce the welfare system handouts is foolish and lacks the understanding
of what is happening today.

     Entrepreneurship is evolving in our society today because it’s a means for personal success, even survival, without having to rely on education and the industrial complex. It’s like entrepreneurship is the one reliable last resort that will have to replace higher education, which has become far too expensive to get especially when the accumulated educational debts are
nearly impossible to pay off in a lifetime of work.

     Think about how the mind of an entrepreneur works, in case you don’t fully understand what
it’s all about. You might say to yourself, “I know that for any problems that arise, any barriers
that show up, and any crisis that emerges in my life, there are solutions. I just have to find the answers, solutions, and appropriate responses that will solve those issues.” At first most don’t believe it.

     They can’t believe it because their minds tell them that it can’t be done. And that happens because of all of the self-created restrictions and limitations you have made in your life. Your pattern of thinking becomes a mindset you hold forever. You are your worst enemy.

     You don’t know your ultimate limitations, so you stop where you are now and tell yourself, “That’s the best I can do. I’m satisfied enough and comfortable enough to stay at this level.”
This is what is known as your “comfort zone” or “box” you put yourself in mentally. Only you
can ever change that.

     In a religious sense, you may believe that a life of righteous living gets you into heaven. However, nearly every theologian, Bible expert, among others explains that it only happens if
your faith is in Christ. Meaning that perhaps you don’t accomplish something, when you don’t follow the right path to get to it. 

     All of this requires an open mind, the ability to be open to all possibilities, and to consider
the new ideas being presented to you.

     The greatest tragedy in the practice of medicine is the erroneous belief that a business education is not necessary for success. True success is not limited to your “comfort zone.” Whatever your idea of success is, it’s far below what your capabilities are. It’s not my idea,
but I believe it. It’s the concept developed by most experts who research what success means at the deepest level.   

Medical doctors don’t believe it, so why would their kids

      If you don’t have the time, the motivation, the common sense to recognize your
responsibility to redirect your kids to a better path to follow, who will? I made that incredible mistake with my kids. I just let circumstances determine their path. My two sons were using
drugs already in grade school. I never knew that until many years later. In my OBG practice I
was gone most of the time so it was easy to avoid my family obligations. But you have the opportunity to do a lot better.

     If you as a physician believe that business knowledge is a non-issue, then what does that tell your kids? Ever though about that? You should.

     What is an absolute necessity, if you care about how your kids turn out in life, then at least provide them with the tools and resources to manage their lives much more effectively than
you have. Your choice may be to let others teach them, those who absolutely are interested in your kids future.

     Certainly public grade school and high school won’t do it. They teach kids nothing about
money management, business principles, business world, self-reliance, responsibility, self-discipline, communication and influence, or success.
     You could pick a college for them that is oriented towards business education. The
interesting conclusion I have come to about physicians lack of a business education is that
unless a college student or more importantly a medical student has been introduced to business principles and marketing strategies first, they will never know how important business
knowledge is to their medical practice, future, income, lifestyle, family obligations, and
success in medical practice.

     Therefore, medical students, without that factor in their minds, will not only believe the medical education dogma of, “You don’t need a business education,” is a fact, but also will
create a mindset that can’t be removed after medical school. To me that says kids must be introduced to business very early in life… starting in grade school if at all possible. Today
that can only happen in private schools, maybe.  

What should you do for your kids?   

      My experience tells me that you may be well beyond the time when anyone can convince
you that you need a business education, even if you only have a few years left in medical
practice. If you would like to get a business education the inexpensive easy way while
continuing to practice medicine, I can tell you how… a topic for future discussion.

     David Fagan, wrote a book titled, “Guerrilla Parenting: How to Raise an Entrepreneur,”  that can be a great starting place for coaching you kids about business and entrepreneurial thinking.

     David has created many successful companies, Icon Media Builder, Guerrilla Parenting Company. He has a passion to teach kids and parents about an entrepreneurial life. He was the former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing and worked with the Jay Conrad Levinson, a renowned marketing expert.

     He has a new TV show called The Hollywood Entrepreneur: Celebrity Business News.
Find it on Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS, Channel 45. College is not for everyone, is
his belief… and I believe it as well.

     It’s probable, judging from the impressive college student recruiting reports, that colleges
 have a need to reform education. College education will need to move from the liberal arts to much more narrowed curriculums to meet the job market requirements.

     David goes so far as to state to some parents, “You know what? You’d be better off
spending $5,000 doing a small business loan for your kids, helping them explore their
talent, than you would spending $50,000 or $250,000 on a college education.”

     For the last five years, David has hosted his own Young Entrepreneur Summer Camp, which
has been featured in Forbes. It’s a $4-$5,000 week long summer camp in California… for
age 11 to 15 kids usually. They don’t get lectures. They group and create businesses and all
that goes with running businesses with some coaching. The workshop experience is what brings out the talents and creativeness of kids. Their minds at that age are like sponges and are ready
to absorb anything thrown at them.

     The most efficient enemy of learning are the words “I know.” It also happens to be the exact words almost every doctor I come into contact with today. And it’s the perfect example of a
fixed mindset, unfortunately.   

     Another millionaire with an urge and passion to educate kids along business lines is Robert Kiyosaki. He has a program for educating kids about business that he doesn’t advertise to any degree. His recent book, “Rich Kid Smart Kid” is dedicated to parents and teachers
everywhere. To make a point, he focuses on a government study, of every 100 people at age 65, one is rich, four are comfortable, five are still working, 56 need government support or family support, and the rest are dead.

     Job security is now a laughable matter. Education is more important than ever. However, the issue is not a general education, but an education narrowed to the specific interests of
the student.

     Look at the medical profession education, for example. There’s an extraordinary amount of new and old medical information that no medical student is able to learn or comprehend. After practicing for a time the medical education they learned begins to slip away, hence the need for CME education, which should be limited to their own specialty.

     Bouncing from medical school into a residency program, skipping an internship, is the way
go get more doctors into practice sooner. The way to reduce the medical education knowledge
is to require first year medical students select an area of interest in a specialty and proceed to educate the student in that area only.

     Lastly, I want you to know about another means of introducing your kids to the most elite business education experience far beyond what can be found in the world today. Annually, the GKIC (Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle) business and marketing educational company now based
in Chicago puts on a SUPERCONFERENCE in one of various cities across the USA.

     During the year, the originator and creator of the organization, Dan S. Kennedy feeds the organization with outstanding business knowledge that is passed on to those who subscribe to their various newsletters and mastermind groups. The information is held close and not made available to others. Members can bring their kids and wife and employees. Cost about $3,000
each for non-members.   

     I have a few reasons for telling you about this GKIC group. First, I’ve been a member of it
for over 10 years and know its value to doctors. Second, once you place yourself in the middle
of one of these conferences you will never leave the group, ever. Third, the GKIC group has a special session for kids and young people that parents bring to the conference. It’s an
incredible opportunity for kids that is rarely found anywhere else in the business world.

     The kicker here is that the same David Fagan mentioned above runs the GKIC business education of the kids at the conferences.

     At the SuperConference are always famous celebrities, often more than two, that speak
and give their knowledge about their business.


     If I had had all the business knowledge that I have now, I would have become a millionaire
in medical practice many times over. You can do that yourself by using what I give you to
learn and add to that even more yourself when you get the itch you can’t scratch
about business.

     I would love to hear if I have helped any of you do better in your business. 

handwritten signature Dr. Graham


"Professional Probe"  

How do you manage your kids welfare, especially their education? Would you prefer to have them eaten up by business ignorance or be swallowed up in business knowledge?

Take my advice and insure that your kids, at any age, become business educated... as early in their life as you can make it happen.

 Article #72 - A

Photo of Dan S. Kennedy, marketing expert





Most small business owners operate in the dark when it
comes to price.

They guess at and ballpark what they should be charging. When
it comes to research, that usually means taking a look at what
the competition is asking and try to slightly undercut them. Cost analysis? That’s usually a panic move that results in reduced prices, which leads to smaller profit margins and jeopardizing
the future.

It’s time to shed some light on the mysterious and elusive topic
of pricing. Here are a few things you should know:

Competing on price can be hazardous to the future of your business. If you aren’t the cheapest, it makes no sense to be
“one of the cheapest”. Because those who shop price only are all going to go to the cheapest. Which leaves you out in the cold.

If you are in a commodity business, you must reinvent yourself. Find something besides price to be competitive. Maybe your service is second to none. Or your delivery or follow-up time
can’t be matched by the competition. Find something besides
price that you can use to leverage your business.

Not long ago a client asked me to create an ad. The client is a consultant in the restaurant industry. And the ad was for one of
his students. The student owns a gourmet pizza take-out and delivery shop. It’s located in a small city where they compete
with over 100 other pizzerias. And they are the highest priced of them all. They offer no special deals or two-for-ones. They
doubled their sales and their profits last year. Here’s the key
word that differentiates them from all the other pizzerias in
town: gourmet.

Don’t worry about so called “industry norms”. Most
business owners take a look at what their competitors are charging. They make note of the high price, the low price, and
end up setting their prices somewhere in the middle. As unscientific as it may sound, this is the way most businesses establish their prices.

Most selling occurs in a vacuum. If your selling process doesn’t, you need to change your marketing approach so that it does
occur in a vacuum before an actual sale happens.

There is “price”, and then there’s “presentation of price”. This means structuring what you sell, how you package it, how you market it and to what audience, how you deliver it differently
than the competition. These small, subtle differences allow you
to set a higher price, because a direct comparison to lower prices can’t be made. Why? You’ve built in value-added benefits and features to your product and service – something the competition doesn’t offer.

Avoid running your business on fear. Most business owners needlessly under price their products or services. They then try to overcompensate by raising prices – often too little, too late. They also make the mistake of ignoring opportunities to sell premium priced versions mostly out
of fear.

The price your customers, clients or patients pay is a result of the target market selected, perceived value, the value proposition presented, salesmanship, credibility, celebrity status, brand and buying experience. These are just a few of the factors that play into the buying decision.

The buying decision has very little to do with objectively
measured intrinsic value. If that were the case, diamonds would not cost any more than glass or coal. You can control and manipulate all the non-intrinsic factors. So you should approach price courageously and creatively.

A great way to build up your pricing courage is to do a little research and find out what else your clientele spends money on
 – and how much they spend. Also take a look at what the really affluent spend on a variety of goods and services. Items like an $800 putter for golfers or a home entertainment system that
costs many thousands of dollars are common among those who can afford it.

NOTE:  Powerful Price Positioning is this weekend’s web deal. It reveals seven tested and proven strategies you can use to
charge more than ever without experiencing any kind of price resistance. It’s loaded with plenty of tips and valuable nuggets
you can use to bump up your prices and start earning the kind
of money you deserve. Order yours by midnight Monday and
you’ll also receive a special bonus

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