"The Business of Medical Practice"

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"If You Have Ever Felt That Your Medical Education Institution
Has Let You Down, business-wise... You're Absolutely Right!" 

Dr. Graham

"Are you a doctor, or other professional healthcare provider, who has come to realize that all your time, effort, and money spent on reaching your medical practice objectives is far off the mark?

Are you aware of how the rich doctors get rich?
Well, here's the place to learn how it's done
efficiently in a profitable business way."

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Your financial struggle may be because of what you never learned or been told about running your medical practice business!  By quickly learning a few business principles and implementing them as a System into your private medical
office practice, you can become financially independent yourself. It's a "right here" and "right now" opportunity.

Can you imagine how you would feel if your medical practice
income actually exceeded your expectations, covered the costs of
all your personal desires for your lifestyle and family obligations,
and you never had to worry about money again?

  • Are you thinking that it could be something important to know?
  • Is that something you had in mind when you entered medical school and strongly desired?
  • Are you ready to make that happen today by uncovering the facts that all millionaires know
    about profitable business?


     I don't care where you are in your medical practice career, what you've been told or learned about running a small medical practice business, nor what level of practice success you think you
have attained...

... this Medical Practice Business Secrets Book will open your eyes to the financial realities of medical practice business. This book's content will show you how you can easily double, even triple your practice income within a year... or even less.

It's not a quick fix. It's not for every doctor. It's for physicians that give a damn about meeting more than your medical practice expectations, more than your financial obligations require, and more than just being a good doctor when you can be a fantastic doctor. You know I'm right!


"The Business of Medical Practice"
(Often unknown or disregarded facts and business principles
that you were never taught but that are the foundation for all
successful businesses)

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This book is limited to those medical professionals who
are looking for practical medical practice
financial business solutions.

It's a fact.  Now that I've practiced medicine over over 38 years I can look back and see the $million dollars of practice income I certainly left on the table because I was never taught these business principles, how to manage a medical office business, nor what marketing did that would benefit my medical practice.  As is true of most of you, I didn't know what I didn't know. 

From 2015 on, you need to persistently fight these destructive outside forces that day-by-day push you into the financial ditch. Look at what factors that continually restrict your medical practice income and prevent your medical practice from remaining financially solvent... for the rest of your medical career.

  • Increasing government restrictions of medical fees.

  • Rising medical malpractice premiums.

  • State legislatures refusing to pass malpractice reform (caps).

  • Medical schools continuing to graduate doctors who are totally
    unprepared to run a medical practice business with profitable and
    successful business precision.

  • Increasing medical practice competition in urban areas.

  • Rising practice competition with managed care systems and
    midlevel healthcare providers.

  • Documentation of decreasing physician incomes over last 10 years
     (about 7% on average by AMA reports).

  • The impending critical destructive threat facing you from
    the Affordable Care Law (it ain't over yet)... essentially forcing all
    physicians into employed positions because of educational debts.

     You can run, quit, move, sell, complain, or suffer on your
knees as a victim... or you can transform your medical practice
for a small but important investment of your time and money. 
Hopefully, you are inspired to do something about it today
and from now on!

You are intelligent enough to understand that this quest
requires your unending effort over a significant period of time...
not a quickie fix that disappears overnight. If that seems too
much to ask of yourself, then continue on in your mediocre
level of living and fulfillment.

Consider these truths about medical practice...
if you have an open mind...

1.  If you understand why other successful commercial business owners laugh about your almost absent knowledge about business principles and strategies, will you do something about it?  Do you truly understand why they laugh at you, and have a right to do so?

2.  Does it bother you that most successful non-professional small business owners earn incomes with much less education and training far above that of most physicians? What do they know that you don't?

3.  If I can convince you how to transform your medical practice business into a proven "system of business" which allows you to earn more and work less, would you want to know more about it... right now?

The mistake being perpetuated by physicians in their medical practices over decades is well known by business experts... yet ignored by over 95% of physicians. Wouldn't you like to know what that is and how to avoid the same mistakes? Having left a million dollars on the table by the time you retire is not something you want to remember or regret.

"The Business of Medical Practice" is the introductory Book that explains medical practice business systems well and gives you solutions right at the start, which you can build on!


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You may be thinking, "I don't need
this stuff."

If so, then the investment of about 20 dollars would better be spent at Applebee's restaurant on their "two for twenty dollars" current meal offering.  The rewards from their offer is only a couple hours
of appetite comfort.

However, the rewards and ROI (return on investment) from my information are framed in years, impact your life and profession forever, and is worth a hundred times more than the information will find anywhere else because I've been through it myself.

Remember, there may be a single idea, a paragraph of acute significance to your practice, or the exact strategy you have been looking for that may be the one item that not only rescues your practice, but also provides the one thing you have needed to rise to the top of your career... let alone your income.

Just another thought... please go to Michael Gerber's book,
The E-Myth: Physician
, read it through, and then you'll recognize the value of my Book to you long term.

If you don't have the $19.97 that the Book costs, then you are worse off financially than most physicians, and you should use that money to benefit your family and church.

I have to believe you are well aware of the present health care reform bill that, if not repealed in 2016-18 will change everything in the practice of medicine. This threat to your professional career should be an immediate call to action for you. This Book can provide you with the ammunition for that battle.

What are you planning to do...  now that the ACA is in full
force, you have even more serious decisions to make. Do you have a

plan B

If all physicians are required to work within the new healthcare system,
then the transformation of your private medical office into a well oiled business machine will be mandatory... to even begin to
financially survive. 

If physicians are not required to join the new government
healthcare system, what options have you decided on?

  • Quit practice?

  • Change your specialty?

  • Change your profession?

  • Continue to remain in private practice and not join?

  • Narrow your practice focus to high-paying procedures?

  • Make a dash to get a medical administrative position?

  • Move into medical research?

  • Practice in Canada or Germany?

  • Join an HMO and ride with the current?

  • Concierge Medical Practice?

  • Marry a beautiful wealthy spouse and retire?

Admit it!  Whatever you decide to do will result in reduced income at
least in the short term. However you slice it, your personal knowledge
about basic business principles will remain important to your control of
your financial destiny. That's because business principles are universal
in application to any business. The secret is knowing how to construct
a business system that works on automatic.

My Book and information gives you an advanced handle-on
that issue.

In addition, you will read about why you're at the place
you're at presently with your medical practice...

  1. An understanding of how you wound up in this insecure position to
    begin with--a reality lesson well worth remembering in the future.

  2. A detailed description of how to structure a business system in
    your medical office that no one else has told you about.

  3. Tactics for leveraging much more work and efficiency out of your
    medical office staff members that you haven't heard of before.

  4. Ten Actual mental steps required to move your mindset from
    imagination to reality... and all successful business people use.

  5. Keys to interacting with your office staff that accomplishes

  6. A realization that you can make the transformation of your
    medical practice into a life long productive business system. One
    that is capable of adapting to changes in the marketplace at any time.

It's An Incredible Opportunity... Be The First!

     You have the opportunity today to be the first physician in your area to have a jump start on the transition of your practice into a highly lucrative business. I know you don't want to look back in a year or so, or even months from now, and discover other physicians around you have discovered this information and have left you in their dust.

Who else has made the effort to clue you in?

     Has anyone else made the effort to slam you hard enough with realities to make
you aware of what honestly is required to make you successful in medical practice business far beyond what you have previously accepted as the best you could do in practice volume and income?

This Book is a time tested afterburner for powering you far above
where you have been and well beyond what you ever thought
was possible... no B.S. here!

     This unique medical business information is not only well camouflaged on the Internet where it is not easily recognized, but also is threaded through business resources that physicians rarely take time to research or pay attention to. Unless
you purposely make an effort to access and implement business principles,
including marketing, into your medical practice, you will be following
the old saying...

" If you continue to repeat the same process over and over,
you'll always wind up where you've always been."

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My Guarantee
Should this report not meet
your total satisfaction your
entire payment will be
refunded, no questions asked. 

You are welcome to keep and
use the digital product with the perspective
that it will become useful to you in the near future when its real value becomes quite apparent.

Refunds end in 30 days from date of purchase.


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The real truth that corrupts your personal values, disables
your medical career goals, and limits your capabilities for
ever reaching financial freedom in private medical practice.

  • This book is the grass roots for combating the increasing threats to
    private medical practice by means of fee restrictions that continue
    to increase.

  • Learning the unique medical practice business principles, strategies,
    and tactics starting now will guarantee your practice survival
    in the future.

  • What it all comes down to is having enough income to take care of
    your family, pay all your business and personal bills, and have enough
    left over to pay for your retirement and the kids education.

  • You will only have enough income if you implement a sound business
    system into your medical office. Not doing it will result in a
    lower middle class existence
    with no ability to live the lifestyle you
    have worked so hard and long to achieve.

  • Practicing as an employee of some other entity is often the result
    of private medical practice failure... unless it's a personal choice. 

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