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Your access and use of this web site is directly and totally dependent upon your complying with the terms and conditions listed here. The ideas, thoughts, considerations, and information on this website is not intended to be comprehensive nor complete in it's scope. The author has made every attempt to insure the accuracy and credibility of all information enclosed.

The author, owner, and administrator of this web site, including Curtis G. Graham, MD do not make any expressed or implied warranties, representations, or endorsements whatsoever (including fitness of this information for a specific or particular purpose) with regard to our services, supplied information, and implied or express advice as to how the information on this web site is used.


It is entirely your responsibility to evaluate the correctness, usability, completeness, and opinions or advice relating to our materials, services, and communications. We accept no liability for any inaccuracies, omissions, incorrectness, or the consequences of these.

You assume the legal, financial, and acquired obligations of any and all damages, losses, and untoward results with regard to any claims you have against Curtis G. Graham, M.D. as a result of any conditions included herein.

It is entirely your responsibility to check any CDs, DVDs, or downloaded materials sent from our web site for viruses, worms, mal-ware, and any other Internet related illegal infringements to see that they are free of these problems.

We make every attempt to prevent such activities from happening, but with daily exposure to hacking interventions we cannot guarantee these will not happen without us knowing.

All materials and information in this site are intended to be accepted in "as is" condition. 
Curtis G. Graham, MD will not be liable for any damages of any type resulting from the use of, or the inability to use, information or materials available on this web site.


You understand and agree completely with the following. Even though the medical materials, information, and advice included on this web site is authored by a physician, the entire focus and intent are for educational and healthcare informational purposes only.

No aspect of these materials is to be construed as practice of medicine, or medical treatment advice of any nature for any medical condition. You must confer with your own doctor for advice and treatment of medical conditions. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

This web site contains medical information as well as health care information that is based primarily on the author's experiences, ideas, and beliefs. Some are future anticipations for health care. Many actual cases are discussed that totally cloak the identities of patients involved. More effort has been used to hide patient identities than those used in medical text books and medical journal articles available to the public. Strict confidentiality has been enforced.


The complete contents of this web site are protected under copyright and trademark laws of the United States and International territories. The owners of the copyrights and trademarks is Curtis G. Graham, MD and includes affiliates and third party licensors.

NOTE: You are not permitted to change any aspect of services, products, or materials offered on this web site. You cannot republish, upload, transmit, distribute, copy, delete, modify, reproduce, post, or cause these to be done in any fashion, any information or materials on this site that are intended for commercial use. This is meant to include text, graphics, formatting style duplication, code, and software.

You are allowed and have our permission to print, copy, duplicate, download, transmit, e-mail and archive any of the various areas and materials on the site only for your personal non-commercial use. This includes materials and information that may be given to others free of charge.

All proprietary or copyright notices must be left intact. Violations of our intellectual property is subject to prosecution to its full extent.

Information License: You agree that Curtis G. Graham, MD has the international, unending license, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to sublicense, distribute, transmit, reproduce, alter parameters of, and to also have the right to use any or all materials or information you submit to any public areas of our site, whether by e-mail, letter, or other documentable communication method for our commercial or other use.

In addition, you also agree to allow us to use your name in connection with your submitted materials in connection with all advertising, marketing and promotional activities related to your materials. You agree that you have no recourse against Curtis G. Graham, MD, for any alleged or actual unintentional infringement or misuse of any other right in your communications with us.


Links are working and helpful tools within a web site to expedite communication. External links route a visitor directly to a site somewhere else on the Internet for more information.

Our web site does not endorse, necessarily affiliate with, recommend, or approve of the linked sites. The content of those sites is totally independent of our control.

The information on those linked sites should not be relied on as accurate or all-inclusive. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of any nature as a result of your contact with those linked sites. Because external links become inoperative or non-existent, we are not responsible for notifying you of that event. However, we will correct the problem once we find out about it.

Marks can be logos, icons, designs, words, titles, phrases, or names. Displays of trademarks or branding designs belonging to other groups on our site does not mean we approve of the site, products, or materials. Alterations or modifications of such
marks is illegal.

PRIVACY POLICY (Use of your personal information)

Confidential codes, passwords, and protected information are a courtesy given to you out of trust. You agree to handle these bits of data as strictly private and confidential. Your access to such confidential information commits you to never reveal or permit the transfer of those to any other person whatsoever.

Your privacy protection includes your name, passwords, identification codes, e-mail address, and any personal identifiable information about you that we collect. The only information we collect is what you voluntarily give us. Your information is never sold, given, transferred, shared, or made available to any other person or group that are beyond our control and outside of our business requirements.

You may instruct us to reveal parts or all of your private information to others outside of our control, but only when we are able to confirm that the request is from you personally, and you understand that we would do this only if you understand that we do not accept any responsibility for any and every consequence of this action.

Understand that fulfillment companies (contracted to package and ship your products), distributor groups, publishers, mail management companies, and those individuals, groups, or companies who are required to complete our business with you (and any other customers) — must be made aware of some or all of your private information, in order to send you products that you purchase from us, to complete the transaction.

It includes any company, group, website, or business that provides information to you at your request, whether free or purchased, such as enabling you to download information, reports, ebooks, among others.

Questions, comments, ideas, and suggestions that you submit to us are not considered private or confidential, and can be used without obligation to you for any purpose and by any means.

Almost all communications sent by any public, private, or other means are exposed to hackers, recording devices, glitches in data transfer, and inadvertent errors made in addresses and digital transfer of data among others—can result in revealing your private information inadvertently before it is received by us.

Our understanding (because of that risk you are taking with your information) is that your information is already publicly exposed. Therefore, we consider communications that do not reveal your private and personal information as not confidential or private. This treatment of communicated information is the standard used worldwide and not selective of any individual or group.

COOKIES (Bits of information automatically saved)

Cookies are bits of digital Internet information that are collected from your browser/computer and then stored on your computer for us to use. It enables us to recognize you from prior contacts, see what you clicked on and were interested in, your IP address, and other data of how you use your computer.

You can prevent this and you can delete all the cookies that are there. When you go to the search bar and click the down arrow at the end of the search bar, you see a dropdown list of all the web sites you have visited recently. Cookies enable you to do that because your browser put cookies on your computer when you visited them previously.

We use collected information to enable us to send you newsletters, e-mail messages to assist you, ask for your help and feedback, keep you updated on new materials, give you first choice for items, or products before they reach the Internet public, among others.


E-mail has become the standard communication device for the world Internet. E-mail messages are exposed to hackers, can be pirated, may reach the wrong person, be deleted by filters without you knowing.  Infected attachments are worrisome, so you must filter these messages and other information carefully.

You cannot distribute the messages without permission of the sender. When you receive e-mail that is not yours, you can't copy or use it in any way, and must notify the sender.

Blogs are subject to the same abuse as e-mail. These sites have minimal restrictions compared to e-mail. Our blog is intended to be informational and inspirational only and is kept under the same strict rules of conduct as our web site.

SPAM POLICY (Unsolicited e-mail messages)

NO SPAM and zero tolerance of any use of it relative to our web site and the components of it is our policy. Any violation of our policy will result in the pursuit and prosecution of every violation using every parameter of the law and its enforcement. We aggressively approach such violations.

Definition of Spam: Spam shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

•   Sending of unsolicited information to anyone or organization who did
     not request it—and is not a personal friend or associate.

•   Hidden HTML links using our name (Curtis G. Graham, MD) with no
     visible domain.

•   Sending any e-mail with our names, or any variation of our names, to
     anyone on any list you have obtained.

•   Sending any e-mail using our names (including variations of) to any
     mailing list or opt-in list, safe-list, prospects, personal thank-you and
     confirmation lists, return address lists, news group, forum and bulletin
     board lists, and chat listings.

•   Sending anything about our site and information that has not been
     authorized by us for that specific use, or that period of time.             

The use of any form of spam by those groups or individuals, members or our site, affiliates, employees, contracted personnel or groups, insiders who have previously been authorized to use our links and names, will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.

Affiliate's commissions will be revoked, employees will be removed, contracts will be terminated, and all further authorized status will be terminated. Violators of this policy will be liable for any and all damages and/or losses that are a consequence of the infractions.


  •  Civil Liability (Contribution) Act 1978

  •  Defamation Act 1996, Section 1

  •  Electronic Commerce (E.C. Directive) Regulations
     2002 (SI 2002-2013 as implemented)

  •  COPPA

  •  Graham-Leach-Bliley

  •  HIPAA

  •  EU Directive

  •  Digital Millennium Copyright Act

  •  Unfair Contract Terms Act 

  •  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 1966-47 C.F.R.
     §§0.453 and 0.455

  •  Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. Part 35)

  •  E-Government Act of 2002—Section 207(f)(2)

  •  E-Authentication Notice—


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