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  Professional integrity when you see it, right here! 

     Welcome to the most elite and unique VIP medical practice business and marketing ezine magazine for physicians and other professional healthcare providers. It's targeted to those who recognize the critical importance of having  expert mentoring for their medical practice business success. If you already have a strong business education, you are a
rare bird indeed.

We stand accountable for promoting cutting edge medical practice business and marketing systems and strategies that will always provide you with the knowledge and business skills to leave your competition in your dust. 

Not only do we intend to make you excited about your capability to market your own medical practice and create efficient business systems, but also to provide you in an easily understandable format of marketing strategies and business principles adaptable to any kind or style of private
medical practice.

  All is provided on a highly professional no B.S. level
because we respect your ability to take action on the most
critical issues relating to your medical practice survival!

     Amazingly, you will be able to fill in the business and marketing
you weren't taught in medical school. Presently, your professional practice competition requires this knowledge. Your intellect certainly
desires the knowledge. Your life style depends on it... your family too.
You can deny this necessity all you want, but private medical practice is
more competitive than ever before in history.

So ask yourself...

                  -----Are you ready for this?

                 -----Would you love to know how the rich doctors get rich
                       (they won't tell you, but we will)?

What's coming Up for you that will make marketing your
medical practice a breeze...

  • Every issue of the ezine magazine reveals practical, trusted, and experience proven marketing information that any physician
    should know.

  • Information is formulated for use by doctors starting out in practice
    as well as for experienced physicians who need updated and reliable marketing strategies which keep up with present day trends and
    patient specific requirements.

  • Creative intelligent minds are full of new ideas which can and will
    be published in the ezine newsletter (with permission) stimulating interaction among all professional health care providers.

  • The ezine magazine is free at the present time but will become a
    paid newsletter in the near future.

    medical syringe and needle stuck into the center of a target 
    You are on target with this medical
    practice business resource available
    to you.



  • Please feel free to communicate with me concerning topics to be
    discussed, improvement in the newsletter structure or content, and
    other issues that will constructively benefit all of us.

  • I do not claim to be a marketing guru of world renown but I'll stand
    my ground with the best of them within all medical professional circles.

  • The ezine magazine is intended to be published once a month in the
    middle of each month.  However, depending on your needs and
    responses the timing, and frequency of publication will depend on
    several factors such as my personal schedules, feedback on usability
    and helpfulness of the information, and our intent not to be hassling
    you with huge numbers of emails.

  • The ezine magazine will be sent as an email to your email address and
    will be available in text and html format. Our email service provider enables you to change your email address anytime, unsubscribe, or respond to the email and ezine content as you desire.
    All email addresses that bounce are removed from our mailing lists. All those who list our ezine and emails as spam are removed from our
    email lists automatically.

  • Because of the Internet technology the incredible opportunities for
    using it for improving your medical practice income and efficiency has never been better. Consequently, the old marketing methods previously controlled by a limited number of affluent industries has dropped by the wayside. The little business guy or doctor is on an even keel with the
    big boys... thanks to computers and the Web.

  • With the assistance of this ezine magazine any physician will be able
    to do his or her own practice marketing and reasonable management
    of your medical practice business... at least you will learn enough to
    keep the non-physician marketers from leading you astray.

My personal comments about what I'm doing
this for...

      I have never been able to resist the desire to help people. I never considered ever taking up any other career that didn't involve helping someone. When it came time to retire from my medical career and after
I blundered through the first two years of retirement, I knew that
something had to change.

     Not only was retirement intolerably boring and non-productive, but
also left me feeling useless just sitting there with my head packed full of special knowledge and no where to use it or share it. 

     Now I'm not only using my medical knowledge, but also have
expanded it into the area of marketing and professional business
management, which is an itch that needs scratched. It's a way for me to
give back to my profession in a valuable way and It's something I
love doing.

     My wife has some disagreement with me about that, but she also understands my desire and mindset. We do take time out of our business
for the happy tweaks along the way. We have both come to the conclusion
that I am not a "workaholic" in spite of my pretending to be one... about
like I'm pretending to be retired.

     Remember, don't blame me when you can't spend all the money
you're earning in your medical practice by using the information I give
you. Our Advanced Medical Practice Business And Marketing Ezine Magazine is your cash cow... trust me on that!

  • Are you ready to get started today?

  • Don't you think it's a good idea to learn how to
     market your medical practice?

  • Wouldn't you feel much better knowing how to
    efficiently manage your medical practice business
    yourself, rather than trusting an $80,000 a
    year office manager making your decisions for you.
    Managing is not that difficult when you know
    how to do it.

    Remember -  you'd be saving yourself $80,000 a
    year and paying yourself with it.


     I know that most of you are not mentally ready for aggressively
managing your medical practice. I understand that because I felt the same
way in my own practice and for the same reasons. But, I can tell you
truthfully that I absolutely would do everything in my office differently than
I did... just to avoid suffering through the process of losing my practice for financial reasons (business ignorance) and not knowing how to prevent it. 

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     There has never been a more suitable time to start learning about marketing and medical practice business. Its value for your medical practice will never disappear.

     Would you agree it's a smart idea to do  in light of the current economic environment? Many medical doctors certainly do... why not you?  smiley face with thumb up

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