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Marketing And Business Article Archives

article A      “How to Recruit Your Patients Into Marketing Your Medical Practice For
Oct. 2008    You Without Them Even Knowing”

article B     "Marketing Strategies Mindset"
Nov. 2008

article C      "Advertising........A Wart On Marketing's Finger"
Dec. 2008

article D     “How To Improve Patient Compliance Using Persuasion Tactics”
Jan. 2009

article E      "Doctors: 7 Reliable Ways To Insure Your Practice Thrives---and That Are
Feb. 2009    Neglected By Others"

article F     "Your Greatest Asset Of Your Marketing Strategy Genius Can Kill Your Practice"
Mar. 2009

article G     “5 Steps To A Successful Private Medical Practice Business”
Apr. 2009

article H     "How To Position Yourself And Your Medical Business For Maximum Success
May. 2009    And Wealth"

article I      “Backup Plans For Your Socialized Medicine Career”
Jun. 2009

article 1      “Doctor... Start Your Medical Practice Marketing Engines!”
Jul.  2009   
  "News Flash"  Why People Fail- by Dan Kennedy 

article 2      “Marketing Your Medical Practice---8 Reasons To Make Time To Do It.....And
Aug. 2009      Watch Your
Income Accelerate."
"The Billionaire’s Secrets: OPM, OPR and OPC" (You may need them now,
                          more than ever.) Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 3      “Why Are Physicians So Determined To Shoot Themselves In The Foot?"
Sep. 2009  
" The Complaint Department"  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 4      “The Holy Grail Of Medical Practice Success—The First Step”
Oct.  2009   
"What Will You Accept?" Why People Fail-
by Dan  Kennedy
article 5       “No, It’s Not Your Medical Practice”
Nov. 2009   "
Will The Secret Millionaire” Arrive At Your Door?" Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 6      “10.5 Mistakes Doctors Make In Customer Service”
Dec. 2009   "
If Your Income’s Not Where You Want It, There’s A Reason." Why People Fail
by Dan Kennedy

article 7       “Why Medical Practice Marketing Must Follow The Economic Cycles”
Jan. 2010      "How To Get Rich In ‘Un-Rich Times’ "  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 8      “Lessons Learned From My Medical Office Business Mistakes” (Part 1 of 3)
Feb. 2010    " The Price of Negligence"  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 9       “Lessons Learned From My Medical Office Business Mistakes” (Part 2 of 3)
Mar. 2010    “Help! – I Can’t Get Out Of The Box I Put Myself In!” Now Is The Time
                       To Do It Differently 
Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 10    “Lessons Learned From My Medical Office Business Mistakes” (Part 3 of 3)
Apr. 2010    "Deposits. Withdrawals." 
Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy

article 11    " Medical Practice Business Transformation—Concierge Practice” (Part 1 of 2)
May 2010    "What Might Be Drawn Out, Not What More Can We Stuff In" 
Why People Fail
-by Dan Kennedy

article 12     "Medical Practice Business Transformation—Concierge Practice” (Part 2 of 2)
Jun. 2010    
"Watch The News. Make News"  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy        

article 13     “Referrals Should Be Outlawed—Just Too Difficult To Say Thanks”
Jul. 2010     " How To Make A Lot More Money, Fast" 
Why People Fail-by DanKennedy                   

article 14    “More Practice Income By Referring Your Patients To Yourself”
"Mystery Solved"  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy                    

article 15    "How To Use Social Marketing To Grow Your Medical Practice” (Part 1 of 2)
Sep. 2010   "There Are Two Basic Ways"  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy                   

article 16     "How To Use Social Marketing To Grow Your Medical Practice” (Part 2 of 2)
Oct. 2010    "If You Want More, Make Yourself More Valuable"
by Dan Kennedy                   

article 17    “How To Promote Yourself By Word Of Mouth—Yours”
Nov. 2010   " Two Sword-In-The-Stone Secrets"  Why People Fail-
by Dan Kennedy                   

article 18     “3 Keys to Medical Practice Financial Stability”
Dec. 2010    
"Blueprint For Prosperity"  PDF file article
by Dan Kennedy

article 19      “What Makes You Think You Know What A Successful Medical Practice Means?”
Jan. 2011     
"How To Get Rich In ‘Un-Rich Times"  by Dan Kennedy       

article_20    “How A Business System Prevents You From Being Incarcerated At
Feb. 2011      The Poor Farm”
"The Price of Negligence"  by Dan Kennedy       

article 21      "12 Essential Elements Of A Medical Practice Marketing System (Plan)"
Mar. 2011      
"News Flash"  by Dan Kennedy       

article 22A    “Marketing Your Medical Practice--Tips On How To Motivate Your Employees
Apr. 2011       To Help”
(Part 1 of 3)
"The Complaint Department"  by Dan Kennedy

article 22B    “Marketing Your Medical Practice--Tips On How To Motivate Your Employees
May 2011       To Help”
(Part 2 of 3)
"Lookin' for Luck in all the wrong places. "
by Dan Kennedy

article 22C   
“Marketing Your Medical Practice--Tips On How To Motivate Your Employees
Jun. 2011       To Help”
(Part 3 of 3)
"What Will You Accept?"  by Dan Kennedy

article  23      “Professional Practices—Check Points For Generating Instant Income”
July  2011

article 24      “QR Codes—Protecting Patient’s Medical Information”
Aug. 2011      "Professional Medical Ethics And The Biblical Forces Of Evil Temptation"
article 25     
“Medical Office Staff Training—Every Doctor’s Achilles Heel”
Sep. 2011    

article  26      “Persuasion: A Skill Doctors Use, But Know Alarmingly Little About”
Oct. 2011      "My Views"--After all those years I've spent in the medical profession:

article 27      “Doctors Who Change Careers Carry Their Business Deficiency With Them—
Nov.2011        And How To Avoid Doing Both”  

                         "Get Out Of the Alligator Pit At Least An Hour Every Day" 
by Dan Kennedy

article 28      “Are You Aligning Your Medical Practice For Future Profitability And Expansion?”
Dec. 2011     
"Gratitude As A Marketing Strategy"
 by Dan Kennedy

article 29      “Positioning: The Sum of All Marketing Strategies”
Jan. 2012      
"Mastering Your Inner Game" 
by Dan Kennedy

article 30     
“What’s Your Medical Practice Marketing Plan?”
Feb. 2012     
"The Power Of Mastery" by Dan Kennedy

article 31      “Risk Taking: Necessary For Medical Practice Business Profitability”
Mar. 2012     
"The Secret of Getting Referrals"
By Dan Kennedy

article 32      “Get Patient Referrals Is Your Key to Medical Practice Profitability”
Apr. 2012      "Now Is The Time To Do It Differently"  By Dan Kennedy

article 33      "How To Create A Referral Marketing Program That Floods Your Practice
May 2012        With Patients"
by Dan S. Kennedy

article 34      “How to Improve Your Intuition And Use It to Make Profitable Decisions
Jun 2012         For Your Practice”
"Seeing What No One Else Can" by Dan S. Kennedy

article 35      “How to See More Medical Patients and Make More Money By Working
July 2012        Hard—Not Smart!” (Part 1)
The Salesman And The Bean Counter"
 by Dan S. Kennedy

article 36      “How to See More Medical Patients, Make More Money, And Do
Aug 2012         It The Hard Way” (Part 2)
"On Achievement, Prosperity, and Envy"  by Dan S. Kennedy

article 37      “How to Outsource Your Medical Office Jobs to Reduce Overhead Costs”
Sep 2012      
"The Five Chief Frustrations Of Sales Professionals, And How To Avoid Them"
by Dan Kennedy

article 38      “Trust—How To Build It, Use It, Prosper From It”
Oct 2012      
"Test and Grow Rich" 
 by Dan S. Kennedy

article 39      
"Lack of A Doctor's Due Diligence Is A Major Cause of Medical Practice Failure”
Nov 2012         (Why Doctors Fail Series #1)
"The Truth about Quitting"  by Dan S. Kennedy

article 40      “Medical Career Goals And Objectives Are Programmed To Fail”
Dec 2012        (Why doctors Fail Series #2)

"Which Gets Read More – Ads Or Articles?" By Dan S. Kennedy

2013 Ezine Magazine News

article 41       "Personal Self-Imposed Limitations and Fixed Mindset"
Jan 2013         (Why Doctors Fail Series #3)

article 42      "Lack of the Power of Focus Means Compromise of Your Productivity, Practice,
Feb 2013        and Profitability" - (Why Doctors Fail Series #4)

article 43      "Physicians Violate Every Business Principle Known to Create Lasting
Mar 2013        Medical Practice Success, Says It All" - (Why Doctors Fail Series #5)

article 44      "Your Talent and Skills Are Not Enough: Only Business Team Building Creates The
Apr 2013        Highest Medical Practice Income" - (Why Doctors Fail Series #6)

article 45      "Employed Physicians Are Sacrificial Lambs Whose Robotized Job Is To Fill the
May 2013       Pockets Of the Employer" - (Why Doctors Fail Series #7)                     
                       "The Not-So-Secret Recipe"
--by Dan S. Kennedy

article 46      "Medical Student Perceptions of Medical practice That Reveal What The
Jun 2013        New Generation of Doctors Think"

article 47       "6 Serious Compromises of Your Medical Practice That Result From Your
Jun 2013        Lack of Business Knowledge and Marketing" - (Why Doctors Fail Series #8)
--by Dan S. Kennedy

article 48       "Your Frustration With Medical Practice Drives Patients Away"
July 2013        (Why Doctors Fail Series #9)
                       "The Path"
--by Dan S. Kennedy

article 49       “Are Doctors Choosing The Wrong Ultimate Business Goal?”
Aug 2013      
“9 Reasons Retirement for Physicians Has Become Virtually Impossible”

article 50       "Why Do the Secret Sources of 95% of Your Private Medical Practice Income
Sep 2013         Remain Hidden In Plain Sight and Neglected"
Oh The Dreadful Banality Of It All" 
--by Dan S. Kennedy

article 51       “Most Beneficial and Practical Medical Practice Information Resources (2013) for
Oct 2013        Every Physician and Medical Student Now In the Healthcare Profession”
      (Resource series #1)

article 52      
  "The Ultimate Single Business And Marketing Resource Today For You  To Rely On
Nov 2013          For The Duration Of Your Medical Career. "  (Resource series #2)
"How Money Is – And Isn’t – Made In Business" --- By Dan Kennedy

Dec 2013
        Next Six months I'll be writing another book titled,
                         "The Wounded Physician Project"

article 54      
“The One Reason Plans, Goals, Careers, and Maximum Success Rarely Are
Jun 2014         Achieved for Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals” (Part 1 of 2)

article 55      “Due Diligence Is Not Something You Think About, It’s Something You Do…
Jul  2014        You Might Call It Personal Analytic Research” (Part 2 of 2)

article 56       “Financial Parenting of Your Medical Practice”
Aug 2014

article 57      The Fatal Form of Physician Attrition
Sep 2014        "Get Your Marketing Ready For Those Most Likely To Vote YES" by Dave Dee/Dan Kennedy

article 58      “What’s the One Thing About Medical Practice Today That Causes You the Most
Oct 2014         Personal Misery and Disappointment?”
Being About Something More Than Chicken" by Dan Kennedy

article 59      “Marketing Effectiveness for Physicians Begins With the ‘Genius’ Tool”
Nov.2014       (Part 1 or 4)
"How Money Is – And Isn’t – Made In Business"-- by Dan Kennedy

article 60        “Marketing Effectiveness for Physicians Begins With the ‘Genius’ Tool”
Dec.2014        (Part 2 of 4)
"Hunt “Whales” And Get Rich…" ---By Dan Kennedy

article 61       “Prevent Medical Malpractice Suits by Applying the Same Principles as Used
Jan.2015        in Good Copywriting"
                       (Part 3 of 4– Copywriting)
"You Will NEVER Be Successful Without These In Your Business"
by Dan Kennedy

article 62       “How To Use Copywriting As A Marketing Tool For Your Medical Practice”
(copywriting Part 4)
[TEMPTATION] Three Not-Easy Steps To Fight It..." by Dan Kennedy

article 63      “How Your Perception of Money Can Destroy Your Medical Practice”
Mar.2015       "
If You Are To Dedicate Yourself To Truly Mastering Only ONE Category of
                        Knowledge, Only ONE Skill-Set, Only ONE Competence – What Should It Be?"

                                    by Dan Kennedy

article 64      “Direct Mail/Response Marketing”
"How and why you should create an information newsletter for your
                         medical practice"
by J. Palmer--GKIC-newsletter expert

article 65        “How to find an extra million dollars in your medical practice business”
May 2015      
"The #1 Thing Holding You Back From 7-Figures"
by Dan Kennedy

article 66      “Why Would You Tolerate Your Mindset That Destroys Your Medical Practice Profits?”
Jun 2015       "
Ten Marketing Rules To Live (or Die) By…Part 1" -- by Dan Kennedy

article 67      "Skyrocket Your Medical Practice Income by Expanding On A Few of Your Usual Office
July 2015          Procedures” (Part 1 of 2)
                        “Publish or perish.” by Dan Kennedy

article 68      “Skyrocket Your Medical Practice Income by Expanding On A Few of Your Usual Office
Aug 2015      
Procedures” (Part 2 of 2)
                       " Dan Kennedy on the 4th of July"  by Dan Kennedy

article 69      "Who to Fire and Who to Hire In Medical Practice Offices"
Sep 2015     
 "If You Are To Dedicate Yourself To Truly Mastering Only ONE Category of Knowledge,
                       Only ONE Skill-Set, Only ONE Competence – What Should It Be?
" by Dan Kennedy

article 70       “When Doctors ‘Feel Rotten’ There’s A Proven Way To Escape From or
Jan 2016          Prevent The Brain Pain”

article 71       “Bloody Wednesday That Will Change Everything For Physicians”
Feb 2016      
                        THROUGH TO TOP INCOME" 
by Dan Kennedy

article 72       “Preparing Your Kids for Self-reliance, Success, and Affluence”
Mar 2016         "

article 73      “Resolving the Conflict between Your Medical Practice and Your Home Life”
Apr 2016       "
The #1 Thing Holding You Back From 7-Figures"  by Dan Kennedy

article 74      “New Effective Way to Overcome Burnout in Your Medical Practice”
May 2016       "
How To Sell Better, Even If You Aren't A Skilled Copywriter" by Dan Kennedy